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Folding Basket

This folding basket is designed to fit the front carrier block. The Brompton basket is a large, open-top container, ideal for shopping. Its shape is maintained by a simple bracing frame which folds flat for storage. Please note: not compatible with the "S-type" Brompton. Capacity: 24 litres; Dimensions: 420mm (w) X 300mm (h) X 280mm (d) Price: $125

Game Bag

Developed in collaboration with British luggage maker Chapman Bags. It consists of one main compartment, a padded laptop pocket, two zippered bellows pockets at the front and one side pocket.


Available in Olive Green and Mustard Yellow.


Price: $525

S Bag

Smaller messenger-style bag with a low profile and plenty of compartments, as well as a bright lining and water-resistant zips.


A removable front panel allows the S Bag to be personalised; choose from classic black, a panel made of recycled fire hose by Elvis & Kresse or one of our limited edition vinyl prints.


Capacity: 20 litres;

Dimensions: 420mm (w) X 260mm (h) X 170mm (d);

Comes with a shoulder strap and a high-visibility rain resistant cover.


Price: $250 (with a Graphic flap: Union Jack and London City)

O Bag

O Bag is one of the waterproof series bags that Brompton offers.


The Brompton O bag comes with the finish and functionality you would expect from Ortlieb and is offered in seven colours.


Capacity: 20 litres (approx);

Dimensions: 500mm (w) X 300mm (h) X 150mm (d);

Comes with a shoulder strap, no need for a rain resistant cover.


Now: $210 (50% off)

Usual Price: $420

Available in:

Available in:

Mini O Bag

One of the smaller waterproof bag series from Brompton.


The Brompton Mini O bag comes with the finish and functionality you would expect from Ortlieb and is offered in seven colours. Comes with a shoulder strap.


Capacity: 7 litres;

Dimensions: 280mm (w) x 270mm (h) x 180mm (d)


Now: $95 (50%)

Price: $190

B Bag

Made of tough nylon with 5 mm padding to give a degree of protection for your Brompton when travelling. The base is reinforced, and has integral castors; there are extra pockets, and it comes with a shoulder strap as well as handles. Packs down flat for storage.


There are wheels attached at the bottom to allow you to drag around.


Price: $375

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