Kinetic Trainer

For Brompton


What is a Kinetic trainer for?

A trainer that allows you to cycle indoors day or night, rain or shine.


These Kinetic trainers are specially configured for Brompton bike.


If you are interested to have it for your big-wheel bikes (20” and above), you can purchase it with the upgrade kit!


Watch the videos to understand how the trainer can be useful.


Benefits of having a Kinetic Trainer for your bike


1. Convenient: you can watch TV, read or listen to the radio, with your own private Kinetic gym.


2. Indoor environment: exercise in comfort, whether rain, shine or haze.


3. Fitness: maintain a regular exercise routine despite poor weather.


4. Extended use: your Brompton can be even more useful now with indoor cycling at any time of the day!


Made in Germany.


With 30% off,

Price: $595

Usual Price: $850