Off Yer Bike - Fabric

The Off Yer Bike handle is constructed in three distinct sections. One large pad, one small pad and a strong, robust thermo moulded rubber handle.


Made of waterproof and strong synthetic fabric with high quality leather backing. With a strong robust thermo moulded rubber handle that allows the user to carry the bike from either side when folded.


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Available in:

Off yer bike carry handle

Price: $85


Off yer bike OYS carry handle with D rings

Price: $93


Off yer bike OYS carrying strap

Price: $20



Red | Blue | Green | Orange | Brown | Yellow


Made in UK.


Off Yer Bike - Leather

Now you can carry your bike around with the Off Yer Bike carry handle!


Into the train, onto the bus, up the stairs and down the stairs, whether folded or unfolded.


Handmade in UK. By a Master Craftsman, Jim Barrett.


Off Yer Bike carry handle

Price: $138



Black | Brown



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