B&W Travel Case

Introducing the B&W travel case for your Brompton bike.


  • 360 degree swivel wheels
  • Lightweight feel with extendable telescopic handle and high quality inline wheels.
  • Shell case made of high-impact ABS material
  • Surrounding aluminium frame
  • Two lockable cliplocks
  • Outward belt embedded in the case shell
  • Can also be used as suitcase

Price: $399



Interior dimension: 625 mm x 610 mm x 240 mm


Outer dimension: 700 mm x 640 mm x 330 mm


Packing dimension: 710 mm x 645 mm x 345 mm


Weight: 7 kg


The dimensions stated are width x height x depth for a closed upright case or closed upright bag. Specifications are subject to modifications without notice.



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