Our Brompton Bike History

Brompton Singapore History

Our Brompton bike history began 13 years ago when we represented Brompton bikes and accessories in South East Asia as an official distributor. Our store was located at 231 Lavender Street, Since 2006, we have never left Lavender Street and we are now still located on the same row of shophouses at 259 Lavender Street. We worked to build the Brompton brand in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. In 2018, Brompton UK decided to take back the distributorship from Mighty Velo. It was part of their worldwide exercise to take back countries that had built their Brompton brand over the years. As a result, they are now marketing and selling direct to consumers in Singapore. 

Our popular Brompton Technical Workshops 

Mighty Velo is the first and only bike company to organise regular large-scale Brompton Technical Workshops for the past nine years. We used large community halls to accommodate fifty to sixty participants each time. We taught our customers how to maintain their Brompton bicycles. Our quarterly Brompton Technical Workshops were well known for our scrumptious buffet spreads and making new cycling friends. Our regular bike customers even helped out as workshop elves, teaching new Brompton riders how to maintain and service their Brompton.

Mighty Velo was also the first in the industry to get customers to pose with their new bikes at the store and to post these happy photos on social media. Each time a customer bought a foldable bike, we would ask if the customer would pose with their new bike for us to post it on our Facebook Fanpage. Most customers do not shy away and are very happy to be part of the MV community of cyclists.

We never started the business trying to tap on the current pool of cyclists. We began with the premise that everyone can be a car driver, a cyclist, a pedestrian, a scooter rider at different times of the day and week. So we sold Brompton foldable bikes to mostly non-cyclists or people like ourselves who had stopped cycling when we were kids. Brompton customers loved to take photos of their bikes during their bike rides.

Mighty Velo’s Cycling Trips

We organised many road trips to Thailand and Malaysia to cycle on Bromptons. We also organised weekly night rides in Singapore for our bike customers, be it on a Brompton, a CarryMe or Birdy foldable bike. After the ride, our final rest stop was usually a crowded Jalan Besar coffeeshop and Changi Village hawker centre. We would have a big meal before heading home in the wee hours.

Cyclists gathered for a group photo at the Brompton Urban Challenge Singapore 2016

We organised the first Brompton Urban Challenge four years ago. 40 Brompton cyclists scouted the country for clues and completed challenges within a time limit. It was crazy fun! The sun was blazing and all riders were racing against time to get back to the final destination. They won prizes like the Brompton bags.

We also participated in OCBC Cycle roadshows for at least 6 years, showing the Brompton and Birdy performance foldable bike. People would visit our roadshows to test ride the Brompton and Birdy and we would offer special roadshow packages for new customers.

The Royal Wedding Brompton

Brompton started with the very first limited edition bicycle called the Royal Wedding Brompton. This limited edition bike was truly a limited production with only 300 bikes made in Cement White. It had commemorated the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Princess Katherine of England.

In Singapore we received only 30 such Royal Wedding Brompton bikes. And we shared 15 of these limited edition bikes with our Indonesian dealers.

We ended up with 15 Brompton Royal Wedding bikes and only managed to keep one till now. In the past 12 years, many more limited edition bikes have been produced and sold. These included the Jubilee Brompton bike, the Barca or Barcelona Edition Brompton bicycle and the London Edition. Many bike collectors have bought the various limited edition bicycles and resold them for a healthy profit!

In the recent years, new limited edition bikes became harder to come by and yearly production bikes are made instead. The Black Edition is an example. It has been made for some years now and each year, a limited quantity production is produced. Sometimes, certain limited edition bikes were only available in small quantities only at Brompton Junction stores worldwide.

Mighty Velo opened Brompton Junction Store Thailand

We set up the Brompton Junction Store Thailand about five years ago in Bangkok to much local fanfare. The Junction Store Thailand sold London Design Festival limited edition bikes in unique colours. Unfortunately the political turmoil then greatly affected business. So we had to close the Junction Store about four years ago. It was the first Brompton Junction Store in South East Asia.

All our foldable bikes are MRT friendly

Like the CarryMe foldable bike, CarryAll tricycle and Birdy performance foldable bike, the Brompton foldable bike can enter public transport in Singapore. It folds and stores into a taxi car boot. Like the CarryMe and Birdy performance foldable bikes, it can fold and roll in public spaces and train stations without having to carry it around.

Mighty Velo specialises in bikes and tricycles that can be folded, rolled and carried around conveniently.

Our Brompton Bike History
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Our Brompton Bike History
Our Brompton bike history started when Mighty Velo Singapore became synonymous with the Brompton bike brand for the past 13 years.
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