Foldable tricycle for kids and adults who cannot cycle

Girl riding CarryAll Foldable Tricycle

Did you know that there is a foldable tricycle that is specially designed for kids and adults who cannot cycle? And that it is the only foldable tricycle in Singapore and the world? This tricycle has three wheels, one wheel in front and two rear wheels. The rear wheelbase of this foldable tricycle is wide and sturdy for extra stability in cycling and turning corners. It is known as the CarryAll foldable tricycle. The CarryAll is designed to fold and unfold within seconds and the rider can roll the folded tricycle. The rider does not need to carry the tricycle into public transport, juts roll it into the MRT gates.

While many people get to learn to ride a bicycle at a young age, there are others who never master cycling. This person cannot cycle or balance on two wheels or is afraid of falling.  You can balance on the CarryAll tricycle because it has three wheels.

A tricycle has three-wheel instead of the usual two, making it super stable to ride even without good balance. The CarryAll barely looks any different from a bicycle at first glance, aside from the extra rear wheel!

The CarryAll is also the only foldable tricycle designed for kids and adults who cannot cycle. It folds quick and easy and stores in your car boot to take on rides along the beach or at the park. These are the physical benefits of the CarryAll foldable tricycle:

 1. You can ride it even if you do not know how to cycle or cannot balance

The CarryAll foldable tricycle is ideally designed for those who cannot cycle and who cannot balance on two wheels.

It has a large rear wheelbase, making it very sturdy and stable so you will not tip over when making bends and turns. This is new found cycling freedom for those who cannot ride or balance on a bicycle. So with the CarryAll foldable bike, anyone can just hop on and pedal away!

2. It’s great for active seniors who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle

The CarryAll tricycle is appropriate for active seniors who are looking to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is good as a form of exercise as it is easy to ride. It is also very safe for older folk as it only offers one speed. One speed makes it easy to concentrate on just cycling!

Riding the CarryAll compact foldable tricycle is a great form of light exercise. It is not strenuous for seniors and fun those who enjoy a spot of sunshine while cycling.

The CarryAll tricycle does not require any carrying or lifting when the CarryAll is folded. This is because there are wheels that allow the user to roll the tricycle around when it is folded.

3. It is also suitable for children or young adults with special needs  

The CarryAll has a large wheelbase, and this provides extra stability for the person riding it.

It is perfect for children or young adults with special needs or attention deficiency disorders who want to cycle with their parents. It is safe for them to ride and they will not tip over or lose balance.  Due to its large and stable wheelbase and single speed function, it cannot go very fast and the speed is controlled. Children will also find it fun and not intimidating to cycle the CarryAll as it will not topple when turning corners.

4. The CarryAll foldable tricycle is compact, foldable and rollable

The CarryAll is the first tricycle in the world that folds and unfolds and then you can roll it!  This foldable tricycle design makes it portable and convenient. You can quickly fold it and roll it anywhere you want! When you are done cycling, simply fold it and roll it to wherever you’re going to next.

If you’re travelling by car, you can even store your folded CarryAll into your car boot and drive to another location to cycle.  The folding tricycle footprint in the car boot is small.

5. The CarryAll tricycle has a low step over for kids and adults with bad knees 

Riders like young kids, people who are short or have bad knees, will find it easy to mount and dismount from the CarryAll tricycle. This is because the CarryAll tricycle has a low step over that allows the rider to lean forward and step down easily and safely. Young kids and people who are not tall will be confident dismounting from the CarryAll when it comes to a halt without having to stretch their legs across the saddle.

6. The CarryAll foldable tricycle is allowed in public transport

The CarryAll can be brought onto trains and buses. Simply fold your CarryAll and roll it into the train or bus!

You can use the CarryAll for your first and last-mile commute from your office to the bus stop or MRT. It is so convenient and you can easily bring it anywhere.

The CarryAll comes in two colours, Khaki Brown and Slate Grey at our Mighty Velo bicycle shop. Both colours will match easily with all your outfits. So just pick one and enjoy the ease and convenience of the CarryAll tricycle! 

Test ride one for yourself today at our experience store. We are located at 30 Tai Seng Street, Breadtalk IHQ, #02-14, Singapore 534013. We are open from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 7pm.

Foldable tricycle for kids and adults who cannot cycle
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Foldable tricycle for kids and adults who cannot cycle
The CarryAll tricycle is the only foldable tricycle with three wheels designed for both kids and adults who cannot cycle, cannot balance on two wheels.
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