Is the CarryMe the most compact foldable bike?

Well-known Taiwanese bike manufacturer, Pacific Cycles has an uber-functional creation that is very popular in Japan and Taiwan. Its own evergreen bike design and model, the CarryMe is an ultra-compact foldable bike that transforms, into a compact unit that boasts one of the smallest folded footprints you can find in the world.

It’s so compact. They even designed its very own ABS 360° swivel travel luggage that lets you take it onto an airplane. Just like how you would check in a musical instrument!

The growth of the CarryMe folding bike

The CarryMe micro folding bike has evolved through five model generations since 2005. It was designed from the ground up not just to be a folding bike. But to fold into a compact package that can easily be transported as well. It is one of the best folding bikes in the market in that regard.

Woman carrying Pacific Cycles Pacific CarryMe Foldable Bicycle

When folded, a pair of rack-integrated spinner wheels affixed to the rear wheel allow it to be wheeled around with just one hand.

“The CarryMe is the culmination of five years of focused research work by the Pacific Cycles team,” explained George Lin, Founder of Pacific Cycles, Taiwan. “As a long-time Taiwanese bike manufacturer, we were excited to develop the smallest and lightest aluminium micro folding bike that can mix with local public transport and air travel and bike touring in urban countries.”

The foldable micro bike, CarryMe comes with 8″ tyres that provide as much stability as bigger wheeled bikes. The compact CarryMe bicycle also features a carefully designed aluminium folding frame. It enhances the stiffness and durability of the compact unit.

Your new travelling companion

The CarryMe compact foldable bike was designed to travel and has several travel accessories to suit your travel needs. The CarryMe is very compact. As mentioned, the folks at Pacific Cycles actually built a piece of travel luggage specifically for it. The CarryMe Travel Case is a durable ABS shell travel suitcase. And it can fully store the folded up CarryMe compact bike in a matter of minutes. That makes it easy, convenient and safe to travel abroad with the CarryMe. It can be quickly folded and can be check-in at the airport without any fuss or question.

In fact, Pacific Cycles has also designed a bike trailer kit specially for the CarryMe rider. They can trolley the travel case as they cycle from place to place with their travel case. The bike trailer kit allows the rider to negotiate turns and corners smoothly. They can do this even while trolleying the travel case at the rear of the compact CarryMe bike!

Perfect compact fold for public transport

Lightweight, light footprint, easy to fold in seconds, and wonderful to ride — what more do you need for enjoying the outdoors? Being the lightest and fastest micro foldable bicycle in the world, the CarryMe name is no coincidence. You can easily roll the CarryMe into the lift or get on the escalator. You can even roll the CarryMe into the MRT or board the bus, and commute to work. Furthermore, you can roll the folded CarryMe compact bicycle into the office. It is the smallest commuter bike. And leaves a compact footprint in the MRT, bus, home and office!

In short, the CarryMe continues to be an important offering to the Pacific Cycles’ very own bicycle lineup. It makes it even easier to ride a bike around town when you need it and to stow it when you don’t. Its compact form factor and functional accessories make it a great option for travellers looking for a bike that suits their needs.

CarryMe Foldable Bike

One, two, three — the simplicity is wonderful for people who want to mix riding the bicycle with their daily commute. The CarryMe compact folding bike will allow you to go everywhere freely. It was this desire to remove the restraints of other more cumbersome folding bikes. This sparked the idea in George Lin to design a transportable option. He made sure that is not only functional, it provides hours and hours of fun. 

Our history with folding bikes

Mighty Velo was the first folding bike company which proposed to the Ministry of Transport for foldable bikes to be allowed in public transport in Singapore. This was all the way back in 2006. When we first started out bicycle shop, we brought in quality bicycles into Singapore to sell.

Fourteen years later, the CarryMe and compact foldable bikes like it are allowed to be brought onto public transports at any time of the day. You can roll or carry your compact CarryMe onto any bus or MRT as long as they meet the Land Transport Authority’s size limit requirements. You won’t even need to cover it up or carry it in a sling bag. Some countries’ public transport systems still require a cover to store the folded bike before entering public transport.

The CarryMe’s functionality makes it the stand-out product for the everyday commuter, leisure cyclist and touring cyclist. That, coupled with its eye-catching design makes it stand out. Now you can use just one foldable bike to do all this. All that while having a small and compact footprint at home, in public transport and in the office.

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Is the CarryMe the most compact foldable bike?
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Is the CarryMe the most compact foldable bike?
The CarryMe foldable bike is both compact and portable and can be folded within 15 seconds and rolled into public transport without carrying it.
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