Using a foldable bike on paths, roads and the MRT

Using a foldable bike for paths, roads and the MRT lets you do your first and last-mile commute. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) allows commuters with foldable bikes, that fulfil the LTA size requirements, to enter public transport.

Riding a foldable bicycle in Singapore lets you take the train and bus with it when it is folded. You can bring it into your office and store it under your office desk as it takes up a small footprint. When you store the folding bike at home, again it takes up a small footprint in the house. This means it will not add to the home clutter or become an eyesore in the home.


  1. Foldable bikes and electric scooters must not exceed 120cm x 70cm x 40cm when folded. If you are unsure, there are signboards with measurements at most terminals and stations. Simply put them into the marked area, and check if it falls within the yellow dotted lines.
  2. Foldable bikes and electric scooters must be folded (and therefore not ridden) at all times in MRT stations, MRT and buses. Instead, you hold onto it and push or carry it around.
  3. If your wheels are wet or dirty, they must be either cleaned or wrapped up before being brought in.
  4. Protruding parts, such as handlebars and bicycle pedals, that might cause injury or damage property must be covered up or retracted.
  5. Folding bikes and electric scooters are not allowed on the upper bus deck, It is also not allowed on the staircase leading up to the upper deck. Only two devices (folding bike, e-scooter, wheelchair, or stroller) are allowed on board a bus at any time.


  1. Commuters should be responsible for the safe carriage of their foldable bicycles and electric scooters. They should always hold or carry their foldable bicycles and electric scooters by their side. They should ensure their device does not roll away or topple onto the MRT floor and hurt anyone.
  2. Do not block the aisles and doors or impede other commuters’ movement at any time.
  3. When travelling by train, use the first or last car, which is usually less crowded. On buses, keep to the corners or sides of the standing area.

Station staff and bus captains will stop you from boarding if you fail to comply with the rules. 

What to observe when cycling on paths and roads

Other than on public transport, there are several other places where you can ride your folding bike. On shared paths, like cycling paths and park connector networks, foldable bikes can go up to 25km/h. On public footpaths, the maximum speed limit is 10km/h. Foldable bicycles are also allowed on roads. However, the cyclist will need to wear a helmet and observe the 25km/hr speed limit.

If you are using public paths, your foldable bike must weigh less than or equal to 20 kg, It also can have a maximum width of 70cm. You must ride at more than 10km/hr on footpaths. 

Furthermore, remember to stop and look out for oncoming traffic before crossing the road. If you see a “No Riding” sign, dismount and push your bicycle.

If you are involved in an accident, stop, offer help, exchange particulars and make a police report. 

Obey all traffic signals and travel in the same direction as traffic, and cycle in a single file on single-lane roads and during bus lane operating hours. If you are cycling in the dark, switch on the front white light and rear red light. 

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How to take MRT with foldable bike and folded scooter?
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How to take MRT with foldable bike and folded scooter?
Find out how to bring a foldable bike and scooter into public transport in Singapore, by knowing the size limits allowed by the MRT and bus.
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