Folding Bike or PAB: The new way forward.

There has been big news concerning escooters in the past week. From 5 November 2019, e-scooters will no longer be allowed on public footpaths. This is after incidents involving e-scooters have caused the public to be wary of them. It was a very sudden decision, and the community is still recovering from it. Some have already started thinking about what to do next. Are power-assisted bikes (PABs) the way forward? Or, should the ever reliant folding bike be the way forward?

LTA has given a grace period for e-scooter riders to adapt to the change. From 5 Nov till 31 Dec 2019, e-scooter riders who are caught riding on footpaths will only be given a warning. This grace period is for riders to adjust to the new law. 

But from 1 January 2020, the punishment will be more severe. Riding escooters on footpaths can get you fined $2000 and/or jailed up to 3 months.

This is a big hit to the e-scooter community. There are an estimated 100,000 PMD riders all over Singapore. Many will now need to find alternative ways to get around. 

And out of the 100,000 riders, 7,000 are food delivery professionals. They are heavily affected as this new rule will interfere with their livelihood. Many were doing delivery work as it had a flexible schedule. This allowed them to spend time taking care of their children or elderly parents. Some also weren’t able to work long hours due to injuries or illness. Being a food delivery rider allowed them to work within their limits but still earn a good income.

E-scooter Trade-in Grant

The government has heard the concerns from the delivery rider community. And as a result, they are planning to launch a new scheme to help them. A $7 million escooter Trade-in Grant (eTG) Scheme will be set up. It will start from 15 Nov 2019 and go on till 31 Dec 2019. Furthermore, the government will be working closely with the three big food companies, GrabFood, Foodpanda and Deliveroo. They will help to assist their riders with the transition. 

This scheme will help delivery riders switch to either a power-assisted bicycle (PAB), regular bicycle or a personal mobility aid (PMA) from a bicycle shop in Singapore. Food delivery riders can get up to $1000 off PABs and PMAs and up to $600 off bicycles through the grant.

If you have qualified for the e-scooter Trade-in Grant (eTG), you can use your eTG letter to purchase one of our folding bikes. Once you have made your purchase you can use your eTG letter at the designated points to get up to $600 back. The eTG registration and eTG claim period both end on 31 Dec. Grabfood has extended its eTG claim period till 31 Mar for its riders.

Many have been considering getting a PAB or folding bicycle through the grant. And many other e-scooter riders have also been thinking the same. Some wonder which of the two is a better option. We have the answer for you. Folding bikes are the better option for not only food delivery riders, but everyone. Buy a bicycle in Singapore and you will never face such problems. Here are a few reasons why:

Folding Bike vs PAB: Riding on footpaths

Folding bikes, unlike PABs, can be ridden on footpaths. So, to own a bicycle in Singapore means going on any route you want. This is great for food delivery riders and commuters as they won’t need to ride on the road. So, they can continue to ride around with ease and will not need to find alternative paths to get around. 

PABs are not allowed on footpaths but can be ridden on roads. Though this can be dangerous for those who are used to riding on footpaths. And for food delivery riders, the chances of spilling their food while on the road is higher. Especially when going over speedbumps or rougher road surfaces.

Folding Bike vs PAB: Registration

Compared to folding bicycles, e-bike riders have a lot of rules and restrictions to follow. Riders must get their PABs registered and get LTA’s seal of approval before they can start riding. Furthermore, the registration isn’t free. They’ll need to fork out $50 to get their PAB registered. 

Folding Bike vs PAB: Convenience

Folding bikes are the epitome of convenience. Most weigh under 13kg, making them easy to roll around with you. Also, in their smaller, more compact forms, you can bring them almost everywhere. Into the shopping mall, up the lift, on the train or bus. There are very few places where folding bikes aren’t welcomed. Also, delivery riders can fold and roll their folding bikes into the lift and up to the doorstep of their delivery location.

E-bikes can’t provide that same level of convenience to you. Average weights for these devices range between 15kg to 18kg. This makes it harder to push them around, even when folded.

The Folding Bike Specialists

So now you know why you should get a folding bike. You’re probably wondering which bike shop in Singapore to get one from. No need to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Mighty Velo has been a folding bike specialist for over 15 years. We were among the first in Singapore to bring in models like the Strida and the popular Brompton. Our cycling shop specialise in providing quality folding bikes to our customers and providing great aftercare services. Our folding bikes can be used for various things. These include leisure riding, food delivery, long-distance riding, daily first-last mile commutes and more!

We have a team of well-trained mechanics to assist you with any repair work on your folding bike. They have flown all over the world to learn directly from our distributors on how to maintain and service the various bikes we have. They are a dedicated bunch who will make sure they handle any bike with care and attentiveness. 

We are the official distributors for Pacific Cycles in South East Asia. Pacific Cycles is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturing company who specialise in making quality folding bikes that combine convenience with performance. We currently sell their CarryMe folding bike and CarryAll folding tricycle. Though we have plans to bring in the Birdy, Reach and IF Move folding bicycles as well.

Mighty Velo Trade-in Grant for Folding Bikes

And we have good news for you, we are providing our own Mighty Velo Trade-In grant! This grant is for all e-scooter riders, not just food delivery professionals! You can get our high-quality Pacific Cycles folding bikes at discounted prices when you trade in your e-scooters.

Some may be wondering why our bikes for sale are higher priced than those offered in the eTG. It’s because our bikes are made of quality materials and have a much longer lifespan. Plus we offer 2 years warranty for all our bike frames. And, free servicing and maintenance works as well.

CarryMe Compact Folding Bike

One option is the compact and easy to fold CarryMe folding bike. It is one of the best folding bikes in the market. You can get $300 off the bike ($899) if you are a non-MV customer. Or $400 off ($799) if you are an MV escooter customer or delivery rider. All you need to do is bring in your escooter to trade-in with us!

The CarryMe is a great bike for daily first-last mile commutes and also for food delivery. At just 8.4 kg, Carry Me is the world’s lightest folding bike. The CarryMe leaves a very small footprint because of its folded size ( 32 cm (H) x 25 cm (W) x 93 cm (L) ) and can be brought into most public places. It’s compact size also makes it bus and MRT friendly.

Its 8-inch tyres combined with large 84T front chainwheel and rear 14T sprocket give the rider great speed to get around fast. But those who want to go faster can upgrade the CarryMe folding bike to a two-speed bike.

CarryAll Folding Tricycle

Or you can get the CarryAll folding tricycle. It is the only folding tricycle in Singapore and the world right now. The perfect choice for non-cyclists, active seniors and those with special needs. With its sturdy rear base design three 8-inch wheels, the CarryAll is super stable to ride. And, it requires no effort from the rider to balance.

With our MV trade-in grant, you can get the CarryAll at $550 off ($949) if you are an MV escooter customer or delivery rider. Or at $450 ($1049) if you are a non-MV customer.

Along with the CarryMe and CarryAll, we will also have the new Pacific Cycles bikes. The Birdy, Reach and IF Move are in our stores now and we have a special launch price for them. Get 20% off our new bikes when you pay using cash/Nets/credit card or 15% off when using our credit card instalment plans. Offer lasts till 31 Jan 2020.

Updated 23/09/2020: We do not sell E-scooters anymore. We sell good performance folding bikes. You can visit our experience store at 30 Tai Seng Street, Breadtalk IHQ, #02-14 to view our models. 

Updated 19/10/2020: The promotion for the CarryMe and CarryAll has ended. We do not accept any trade-ins anymore. The CarryMe and CarryAll will retail at $999 and $1,299 respectively. 

Folding Bike or PAB: The new way forward.
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Folding Bike or PAB: The new way forward.
With the new ruling that prohibits escooters from public footpaths, the demand for a new way to commute has risen. Our solution? The folding bike.
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