Folding Bikes you need to know about.

Pacific CarryMe folding compact bicycle

Bicycles, both foldable bikes and non-foldable bikes, have been one of the oldest modes of transportation in the world. Over the years they have evolved and are used for a variety of tasks. Some use them to get to work every day. Others use them to do deliveries. And of course, there are those who cycle for leisure and those who are cycling enthusiasts.

Whatever the use, bicycles will always be a part of our daily lives. Singaporeans, in particular, enjoy using bicycles regularly. As we push towards a car-lite society, many have opted to buy a bicycle in Singapore. And, more importantly, many are now looking to get folding bikes.

Furthermore, the latest news involving escooters has caused many to think about switching to bicycles. Especially food delivery riders. And with the e-scooter Trade-in Grant that has been set up by the government and LTA, many can do just that!

If you have qualified for the e-scooter Trade-in Grant (eTG), you can use your eTG letter to purchase one of our folding bikes. Once you have made your purchase you can use your eTG letter at the designated points to get up to $600 back. The eTG registration and eTG claim period both end on 31 Dec. Grabfood has extended its eTG claim period till 31 Mar for its riders.

Using a Folding Bike

Folding bicycles have made daily commuting and first-last mile connection a lot easier. Most can be folded down to a compact form and can be rolled into MRT and buses by their riders. You no longer need to find a pole or bike rack to lock your bike. 

When it comes to convenience and ease of use, folding bikes can’t be matched. E-scooters were once a viable competitor but with the latest rulings from the government, they are no longer allowed on footpaths. And even before the ruling, they weren’t allowed on roads. But bicycles have always been allowed on roads and can be ridden on footpaths as well. They offer the widest variety of route choices for riders. Plus there are no regulations and certifications you need to get to ride one. You can start cycling straight after making your purchase.

The number of folding bikes in the market is ever growing with the trend of riding one. Consumers may get confused on which is a good folding bike and which isn’t. Many of these newer folding bike models sold in bike shops in Singapore are China made. And thus, they do not have a very long ride life. Most will start creaking and rattling within a few months. They may be cheaper but that is because their build is of poorer quality. 

CarryMe Compact folding bike

The founder of Pacific Cycles, George Lin, wanted to create a folding bike that was extremely compact and light. His reason for doing so was for this new bike to be easily bought onto public transport. He wanted to reshape the way people saw folding bikes and did so with the CarryMe compact folding bike.

The CarryMe is the lightest folding bike on the market. It only weighs 8.4kg and is super compact when folded. It is available in 9 colours which you can only get from our store. Plus it can be folded in 15 seconds, with a little practice of course. Once folded you can easily roll it around thanks to its two small rear wheels. Pushing it around with just one hand is a breeze so you can still carry things in your other one. The CarryMe is great for daily commuters who need a bike to get from their home to the MRT station or bus stop. 

Riding the CarryMe folding bike

This single-speed bike has the option to be upgraded to a dual speed. This will be helpful for delivery riders who want to cycle faster to reach their delivery location quicker. Some riders have started calling it the grabfood bicycle cause of how good it is. Also, the CarryMe’s compact size is advantageous to food delivery riders as they can fold and roll it with them everywhere. They don’t need to find a parking spot for the CarryMe as it can be folded and rolled onto the lift. They can roll it up to the doorstep of their delivery location as it takes up a small footprint.

The CarryMe is also a great bike for leisure riding. Take it out to cycle around your neighbourhood park in the evening. Breath in the fresh air and just relax as you pedal along. Or, you can join up with a group of friends to cycle together. Or make it a family day out with your family members.

CarryAll folding tricycle

The CarryAll adult folding tricycle is the only foldable tricycle in the world. It is designed for non-cyclists, active seniors and those who have special needs. Its large two-wheeled rear base makes it super stable and safe to ride on footpaths and cycling paths. It is easy to get on because of its very low step-over bar. So, those with weak will be able to get on the CarryAll with ease. 

The CarryAll is great for those who have elderly parents or relatives and want to ride with them. Its unique three-wheeled design helps it balance on its own, providing a stable ride for active seniors. That will be helpful for non-cyclists who want to learn how to cycle as well. They can take their time to pedal around without the worry of falling over.

Like the CarryMe, it can also be folded in 15 seconds or less. The CarryAll is also designed to be compact in its folded form and takes up a small footprint. You can fold and roll the CarryAll onto lifts, MRTs and buses.

The CarryAll comes in 2 different colours, Khaki Brown and Slate Grey. These colours are exclusive to Singapore and can only be found at our Mighty Velo store.

Mighty Velo the Folding Bike Specialists

The CarryMe and CarryAll are both great folding bikes. You can get either one for your own daily commutes or for leisure riding. And when you buy from us, you are guaranteed quality service and perks.

Mighty Velo has been a folding bike specialist for 15 years. When we first opened our bicycle shop we brought in models like the Strida and Brompton. And over the years, we have brought other bikes into our cycling shop. Furthermore, we are now the official distributor for Pacific Cycles in South East Asia. 

Our mechanics have been trained directly at Pacific Cycles HQ in Taiwan. They can do proper maintenance and repair work on our bicycles. All of our folding bikes also come with a 2-year warranty on frame and 1-year warranty on parts.

Our CarryMe and CarryAll bikes are currently on sale. The CarryMe is going for $999 (U.P: $1199) and the CarryAll is going for $1299 (U.P:$1499)

Test ride the CarryMe and CarryAll at our store. We are at 30 Tai Seng Street, Breadtalk IHQ, #02-14, Singapore 534013. We are open from  Monday to Saturday 10 am – 7 pm. 


Folding Bikes you need to know about.
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Folding Bikes you need to know about.
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