Folding bikes and Cycling in Singapore

Cycling in Singapore has become the preferred past time activity of many Singaporeans. If you are a bicycle shop in Singapore you’re going to be patronized by many who are looking to start their cycling lifestyle. Be it mountain bikes, road bikes or folding bikes, Singaporeans just want one to ride. It is something that many enjoy doing as a form of exercise. And many more use bicycles daily for commuting as well. 

The Government has taken steps to accommodate the increase in cyclists. They have been adding PCNs and shared footpaths to many estates in Singapore and plan to add even more soon. There are currently over 440 km of such paths in Singapore. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) are hopeful that the distance will be increased to 750km by 2025. They are hoping that by 2030, they would have built cycling paths in all estates in Singapore.

This is great news for any cyclist and those who want to cycle. The distance at which they can cycle on shared paths and PCNs will be tripled by 2030. So if you are thinking of getting a bicycle from one of many cycling shops in Singapore to ride to work or to do deliveries there are few things you should know. There are proper riding practices that must be followed when cycling, read on to find out more about them.

Where can you cycle?

Bicycles are the most versatile riding option out there. They can be ridden on PCNs, shared paths, footpaths and roads. No other form of transport has that much freedom. It is what makes them such an attractive option to many. 

While you are riding on any of these paths there are rules to follow. For example, you’ll need to be wearing a helmet when riding on roads. For new cyclists, it may get confusing as to which rule is for roads and which are for paths. Here’s a breakdown of the various best practices for riding on PCNs, shared paths, footpaths and roads.

Riding on Public Paths

Before you set off, check that your lights, brakes, and tyres are in good working condition. Also, check the height of your handlebars and seat on the bicycle and make sure you have full control of your bicycle in case of a sudden stop.

Always go slowly around others and give way to pedestrians. You may gently alert them before overtaking. Also, keep left when doing so. And always keep a safe distance to avoid knocking into pedestrians and other riders.

When bicycle crossings or shared paths are available, use them! However, when you’re in crowded areas, you should always walk instead of cycling.

When riding, try to avoid projecting your device lights into another rider’s face. Keep both of your hands on the handlebars and signal your attention to change course. Alternatively, make a turn ahead of time.

Slow down when approaching bus stops and intersections of public paths.

Riding on Roads

As for riding on footpaths, do a preliminary check on your bicycle before heading out. Ensure that your lights, brakes and tyres are working and in good condition. If you see any problems, head to a mechanic to get it fixed. Also, check that the handlebars and seat on your bicycle are adjusted to a comfortable height. This will be important due to the rougher road surface.

When you are riding keep to the left-hand edge of roads and allow traffic to overtake you. Plan beforehand to take the safest route and be careful during heavy peak hours. Remember to keep a safe distance and not stick to the back or side of motor vehicles. Also, try to use bicycle lanes when they’re available.

You might have to ride past a bus stop or two on your route. If you do, remember not to squeeze between the curb and a bus that has stopped. Also, do not squeeze between turning vehicles near interchanges.

Your attire will also play an important role. Always wear a helmet when on the road. Wear something brightly coloured or reflective to stand out. Avoid dark clothing, especially at night, as drivers may not spot you. When cycling at night, turn on your front light and rear light. Use a reflective rear sticker to enhance your visibility when night riding.

Cycling Lifestyle

Now that you know about the proper riding practices and where you can ride a bicycle you may be thinking of getting one. If so, we highly recommend that you get a folding bicycle. Many bicycle shops in Singapore have started selling them. They are much more convenient than a regular bike and just as good riding wise.

With their convenience to bring around, many Singaporeans have started using them daily. The amount of daily commuting done with folding bikes has increased. It’s becasue they are easy to fold and roll. Some have started cycling further along their morning route, skipping past stations and bus stops and cycling instead. It is a good way to save money and get healthy! And once they have had their fill, they can fold up their folding bike and take the MRT or bus.

Other than going for leisure riding during your free time or commuting, you can also use them for work purposes. Food delivery riders have been making the switch to folding bicycles recently. Using them for deliveries is easier and they can bring their folding bike with them anywhere.

The Folding Bike Specialists

Mighty Velo have been folding bike specialists for 15 years. Our bike shop has sold a variety of folding bikes, which formerly included Brompton and Strida. And we are now the official distributor for Pacific Cycles in SouthEast Asia. We sell Birdy, Reach GT, IF Move, CarryMe folding bikes and CarryAll folding tricycle. 

Our team of highly skilled and well-trained mechanics offer quality service and maintenance works. Better than any other bike shop in Singapore. We provide 2 years warranty on frame and a 1-year warranty on parts for all our folding bikes.  

Don’t wait any longer! Get your dream bike from Mighty Velo today and start your healthy cycling lifestyle!

Folding bikes and Cycling in Singapore
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Folding bikes and Cycling in Singapore
Cycling is a growing past time and way to commute for Singaporeans. Find out more about cycling in different paths and where to buy quality folding bikes.
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