Foldable Bike in Singapore: Why you should get one.

On 4 Nov the Government announced that e-scooters would no longer be allowed on footpaths from the following day onwards. E-scooters can be ridden only on cycling paths and park connectors. This sudden announcement sent shock waves through Singapore’s e-scooter community. Many were left wondering what it is they could do from there. There were few alternatives.  It came down to whether they should get an electric bike or a foldable bike in Singapore.

A month after, on 4 Dec, the Government announced a new set of rules that e-scooter riders will need to follow. The biggest of these new rules is that e-scooter riders will need to study for and pass a compulsory safe riding test. And also, they will have to bring in their e-scooters for mandatory inspections every year. So if you are an e-scooter rider, you will need to pass the compulsory test as well as bring in your e-scooter for inspections. Only then will you be able to ride your e-scooter on cycling paths and park connectors.

There have been some efforts from the Government to try and help those affected by the rules. Food delivery professionals were one of the hardest-hit groups, and the Government has set up a new grant for them. 

Efforts to change

The e-scooter Trade-in Grant (eTG) will help food delivery professionals switch from PMDs to bicycles, electric bikes or PMAs. Those who qualify for the eTG can get up to $600 in grant money to help them purchase a new ride. Food delivery professionals will need to apply for the eTG by 31 Dec. They must also use their approved eTG claim letter to buy a new device by 31 Dec. Grabfood has extended this period to 31 Mar for its riders.

Many e-scooter riders are thinking of changing their PMDs for something else after hearing this news. Some have considered getting an electric bike. If you are planning on getting an electric bike, you will also need to take and pass the compulsory test. Furthermore, electric bikes are now allowed on footpaths, cycling paths and park connectors. So you won’t be able to ride on footpaths with an e-bike if you were thinking of doing so. E-bikes are allowed on roads, though. You must wear a helmet when riding on roads and follow the rules like a motorist. It is also much more dangerous to ride on roads so you must always be vigilant. One false move could be fatal.

(Updated 23/09/2020: We no along accept trade-ins for e-scooters.)

Foldable bikes in Singapore

So with all that you may be asking what the safest option for commuting out there is. The answer is simple: get a bicycle in Singapore for all your needs! Though the bike scene in Singapore has changed a lot. Bicycle shops in Singapore now sell more than just regular bikes and road bikes. They also sell folding bikes! And many riders prefer riding a foldable bike in Singapore.

There are many reasons that people buy a foldable bike in Singapore. They take up very little storage space, so people have no problem keeping them at home. And as most Singaporeans live in HDBs, many like to keep their folding bikes in their rooms for safety. You can also do your daily commuting with a foldable bike in Singapore. You can cover the first-last mile trips of your journey with your bike before folding it up and rolling it with you. Most foldable bike models are allowed on buses and MRTs so you can bring your folding bike onto one with you. Double-check that your folding bike fits the requirements by placing it in the measuring box outside the MRT gantry.

You won’t need to find a place to lock up your folding bike during heavy rains like you would a traditional bicycle. You can fold up your folding bike and hail a cab or take the MRT or bus. The convenience that folding bikes bring is what makes them loved by all. Cycling shop in Singapore are bringing in a variety of folding bikes. So you need to make sure that you get a proper one.

Buying a foldable bike

So are all foldable bike brands going to give you the same quality? No. There are brands out there that are of better build and quality compared to others. And you should not judge them on price alone. Not all of the most expensive folding bikes out there are going to give you your money’s worth. 

Here’s what you need to know when you’re looking for a good folding bike brand.

  1. Google the brand: Always do some research beforehand. Google and check to make sure that the brand is reputable. Look for history on the bike and how long it has been around. Also, look at reviews online, see what people are saying about the brand and bike.
  2. Check online, and if a lot of sellers are selling it: A reputable folding bike brand will usually not want too many distributors selling their products. Good folding bikes will be sold by bike shops who specialise in the brand or models from that brand. So if the bike you’re looking for can be found almost anywhere, especially online, chances are it’s not a good one. Also if the same bike can be found under various brand names, it’s probably a cheap, easy to make model.
  3. Check if the store you’re buying from is a bike or e-scooter store: After the recent events, a lot of e-scooter stores have been bringing what they claim to be good folding bikes. Some have good quality bikes, but most e-scooter stores are selling China-made ones. Get your bike from a reputable bike specialist instead of risking it at a store that sold only e-scooters.
  4. When at the store, ask them about the folding bike: Ask them to fold it and unfold it for you to see how it is done. Watch them and see how long it takes. A well made folding bike can be folded with ease and within a short time, usually 20 seconds. Also, ask if they provide reliable bike technical support. A good bike shop in Singapore will have a trained team of mechanics to help service the bikes. 

Now you know more about folding bikes and why they are popular in Singapore. If you’re thinking of getting a good, quality folding bike, get it from us! 

Mighty Velo, the folding bike specialists

Mighty Velo has been a folding bike specialist for over 15 years. We were one of the first bicycle shop in Singapore to bring in folding bikes. We were also the first to sell the popular Brompton and Strida folding bikes in Singapore.

Mighty Velo is the new official distributor of Pacific Cycles Bikes in South East Asia. Pacific Cycles is a Taiwanese folding bike manufacturer. They are one of the most recognised and reputable bike manufacturers in the world. They carry brands such as Birdy, Reach, IF Move, CarryMe and CarryAll. And you can find all of these brands at our store!

So if you’re looking to join the cycling scene in Singapore, come down to our store at 30 Tai Seng Street, Breadtalk IHQ, #02-14, Singapore 534013. We are open from Mon to Sat, 10 am – 7 pm daily. 

Updated 23/09/2020: We do not sell E-scooters anymore. We sell good performance folding bikes. 

Foldable Bike in Singapore: Why you should get one.
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Foldable Bike in Singapore: Why you should get one.
With the recent news from the government concerning PMDs many want to make the switch to a foldable bike in Singapore. Find out more about them here.
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