Birdy Folding Bikes: The History of Birdy

The Birdy is one of the most well recognized folding performance bikes in the world. It is also a bike that is difficult to find in a typical Singapore bicycle shop, yet many still try to get their hands on it. The birdy is manufactured in Taiwan by world-famous folding bike manufacturers, Pacific Cycles and it was designed over 20 years ago by Markus Riese and Heiko Müller. 

The two college buddies shared a passion for cycling, going on long tours during college breaks. During one of these tours, they realized their regular bikes did not provide a lot of support. This made the riding experience very uncomfortable, which prompted them to find a solution. And in 1993, the duo finally found one. They built the first full-suspension bike, a prototype they called Birdy. The Birdy was designed with full suspension for a few reasons. Mainly because they wanted a smoother ride while still having it be compact. They also gave the Birdy smaller tyres but wanted to keep the high pressure on them when riding. This Birdy prototype won them the Hesse Innovation Prize in 1993. This fueled Riese and Mueller to find a manufacturer for their Birdy performance bikes. 

It didn’t take long for them to find someone who wanted to make their bikes. In 1994, Pacific Cycles stepped forward to be their manufacturer. Thus, a relationship that would change the biking industry was born. The first generation Birdy performance bikes had full suspension tubular single piece aluminum frames. And of course, they could be folded down to a compact size. The Birdy folding performance bike stood out from the rest of the market at that time. Their popularity grew quickly and stretched wide. This is because many cyclists were impressed by the engineering put into these bikes.

The New Birdy Performance Bikes

Fast forward to today, the Birdy brand is one of the most recognized folding bike brands in the world. Over 100,000 Birdy performance bikes having been sold all over the world and many more follow. The latest iterations, the MK3, have been in the market since 2015. 

The retro tube frame has since been switched for a new sturdier single monocoque frame. The single welded frame flexes very little when riding, providing a very stable ride. Despite the changes in frame, the new Birdy still remains as a full-suspension bike. Thus, it provides the smoothest, most comfortable rides out of all the folding bikes in the market.

What makes it stand out the most is its compact fold. A Birdy performance bike can be folded in about 15 seconds with practice. It is one of the fastest folding bikes out there. Unlike some other compact folding bikes, the Birdy can be rolled in its folded form. So if you do a lot of cycling in Singapore and want one for commuting too, get a Birdy. Whether it is for leisure rides, cycling trips or cycling to work, you can bring the Birdy anywhere and anytime.

The Birdy folding bikes are all high-quality performance bikes. With 5 variations to choose from, there is a Birdy performance bike for every type of rider. It doesn’t matter if you like off-road riding, long-distance cycling, or just want a commuter bike. Birdy can meet everyone’s needs.

Birdy City

A bike made for the everyday cyclist. The Birdy City shows off the flexibility, comfort, and style that has become synonymous with the Birdy brand. Furthermore, the City is both commuter-friendly yet provides enough for a seasoned rider. 

The City has a third generation monocoque frame, paired with a 9 speeds Shimano Sora derailleur. This provides a smooth riding experience with the rider being able to cruise along at fast speeds. Shifting between gears is also simple and quick thanks to the Shimano shifter that comes with the City. 

If you’re looking for a bike for first-last mile commutes, the Birdy City is perfect for you. Since it is a folding bike, you can fold it up once you ride to the station or bus stop and roll it in with you. You can easily roll it using the seat post or carry it as it only weighs 10.9kg. With the Birdy City being an all-rounder bike, it offers a superb price-performance ratio.

Birdy GT

The Birdy GT is a bike for those with an adventurous spirit. It is the bike to satisfy your off-road riding needs. Built to go on all-terrain paths, the GT has treaded tyres and a hydraulic disc brake system. Cycling on dirt tracks and muddy terrain will therefore be a breeze. The 10 speeds Sram X5-A1 derailleur of the GT will also provide the rider with good speed to get over inclines and bumps.

The Juin Tech Hydraulic Disc Brake is another standout feature on the GT. It is the only Birdy model which has Hydraulic Disc brakes. These brakes give the rider more stopping power and thus more control over their rides. It will be necessary on uneven terrain where the ground below you can shift at any moment.

Its threaded, knobby Schwalbe Black Jack tyres will dig into dirt and sand roads with ease to give you a stable ride. Taking this bike onto rougher terrain will feel no different from riding on pavements. Its full suspension frame combined with those thick tyres will provide the most cushioned ride out of all the Birdy models. Thus, the Birdy GT is perfect for daily commuters who want to go on outdoor adventures on their days off.

Birdy Racing 

The Birdy Racing is the fastest Birdy performance foldable bike. For those who love speeding on open roads, feeling the wind in your face as you ride, this is definitely for you. It is the lightest Birdy model, weighing in at only 10.2 kg. Many consider this to be the best folding bike out there if you want a fast one.

The highlights of this bike are its 11 speeds Shimano 105 derailleur and hubsmith wheelset. By combining both components together, it gives the Racing unrivalled speed. This makes the Racing one of the fastest foldable bikes in both Singapore and across the world. The Racing also has a gear set backed by a set of smooth Schwalbe Kojak tyres. These tyres make less contact with the ground as you are riding, providing additional smoothness and speed to the Racing. Together with the monocoque Birdy frame, the Racing provides a stable ride even at its top speed. So for those who are looking for a light, fast, easy to fold folding bike, get the Birdy Racing.

Birdy Rohloff

The King of Birdys – the Rohloff. It is a 14 speeds touring bike made to go the distance. Custom-fitted with premium Rohloff bike parts, the Rohloff will provide a super smooth ride for the rider. What sets this model apart from any other Birdy model is its 14 speeds Rohloff hub. 

Designed to require little to no maintenance, the internal Rohloff Hub helps you to save time and cost to maintain the bike. The gears are also all protected within the aluminium casing. Furthermore, you can feel the super smooth shifting of the bike’s gears since they are paired with a Rohloff Twist shifter. Overall it has the smoothest transition between gears out of all the Birdys.

The Birdy Rohloff is a gem in the bike world and will suit the needs of seasoned cyclists. As such, if you are looking for a bike that you can ride for long distances, this is the one for you.

Birdy New Classic

The Birdy New Classic is a nod to the origin of Birdy. The New Classic still has that vintage, circular frame and look of the old Classic. But it combines that with improved functionality, giving us a retro bike with a modern body.

The Birdy New Classic has a redesigned mainframe that is more rigid, giving little flex when riding. The internal cable routing gives it a sleeker feel. Riding the New Classic feels smoother and more balanced. This 8 speeds bike is great for daily commuting.

Mighty Velo – Pacific Cycles official distributor

Mighty Velo is the new distributor of performance foldable bikes manufactured by Pacific Cycles Taiwan.

Mighty Velo is also the first Birdy Bike distributor to offer 17 customised frame colours for our customers in Singapore and online at

Mighty Velo has been folding bike specialists for the last 15 years and we continue to offer a range of performance foldable bikes to cater to different lifestyle needs.

Head down to our new Experience Store at Breadtalk IHQ, 30 Tai Seng Street, #02-14, S534013 to view our various Birdy, Reach GT, IFMove, CarryMe, and CarryAll bike models on display.

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If you would like a test ride of any of our bike models, please email at [email protected] or find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Carousell.


Birdy Folding Bikes: The History of Birdy
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