Foldable bicycles for your Cycling Lifestyle

Cycling is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. In Singapore, it is a growing past time, with many Singaporeans using bicycles for daily commuting, leisure riding and long-distance riding. Many cyclists in Singapore prefer using foldable bicycles like the Birdy, IF Move, Reach GT, CarryMe and CarryAll. These nifty devices are much more convenient than their non-folding counterparts. Most modern foldable bicycles provide excellent performance with convenience of use. 

Though with the variety of foldable bikes sold at a bicycle shop in Singapore, you may be a bit overwhelmed when you go to buy one. At first glance, it may not be very easy to tell if the model you’re looking at will suit your riding needs. Even seasoned riders may need some assistance to pick the right folding bike for them. But you don’t need to worry; we’re here to help! Read on to find out about the best folding bikes in Singapore and see which one will suit you.

Birdy City Performance foldable bicycle in Singapore

Birdy City

The Birdy City is one of 5 different Birdy models that are available in Singapore. It is a 9-speeds bike which is excellent for daily commuters and those who want to do some leisure riding. It is a 9 speeds bike that has a Shimano Sora derailleur. Shifting through the gears as you cycle on footpaths feels smooth and easy. 

Like all Birdy bikes, the City has a full suspension monocoque frame which doesn’t flex when riding. This combined with smooth tyres provides the rider with a stable, safe ride in urban terrains. The City’s CST 18” tyres make riding on uneven terrain feel smoother and less bumpy. The Birdy City is great for first-last mile commuters as it can be folded to a compact size when not cycling. You can cycle to the MRT station or bus before folding your Birdy down and rolling it onto the MRT or bus.

Birdy GT performance foldable bicycle in Singapore

Birdy GT

The Birdy GT is a foldable bicycle for those who have an adventurous spirit. If you are a cyclist who enjoys light trail riding mixed in with commuting to work by bicycle, the GT is a good choice for you! As with other Birdy bikes, the GT has a single monocoque frame. The frame is rigid and provides very little flex, even riding on rough terrain. The Birdy GT comes with Schwalbe Black Jack tyres which are puncture resistant. The tyres combined with the full suspension frame makes the GT the best foldable bike for riding on rougher, uneven terrain. 

The 10-speeds Sram X5 derailleur is what gives the GT the speed it needs to go over those bumpy, hilly paths. It provides the rider with enough gears to overcome steep incline and ride fast on long stretches of road.

Birdy New Classic performance foldable bicycle in Singapore

Birdy New Classic

The Birdy New Classic is a retro folding bike with a modern upgrade. The New Classic is another great foldable bicycle for beginner cyclists and first-last mile commuters. It has the well known retro tubular Birdy frame design which sets it apart from the other Gen 3 models. The tubular frame of the New Classic is a throwback to the first Birdy frames. The frame is sturdy and provides a classic, vintage look which will make the New Classic stand out when you’re riding. 

It comes with an 8-speeds Shimano Acera derailleur which gives the rider more than enough speed to get to their destination fast. Combined with 18” CST tyres, the New CLassic gives the rider a smooth ride throughout.

Birdy Rohloff

The Birdy Rohloff is the King of Birdy bikes and the best foldable bike with good reason. It is a 14 speeds touring bike which can take you the distance. It is custom-fitted with premium Rohloff bike parts, providing a super smooth ride. The Rohloff is a bike for those who enjoy long rides and touring overseas.

The thing that puts the Rohloff on another level from the other Birdy model is its 14 speeds Rohloff hub. The aluminium hub houses the gears and keep them from getting dirty or damaged by external conditions. Therefore the Rohloff requires very little maintenance. 

Reach GT

The Reach GT is a packable road bike. It may not be as compact as a folding bike like the Birdy, but it doesn’t fall in the same category. It can match non-folding road bikes while providing the convenience of being packed down to a carrying size. 

The 11 speeds Sram RD Apex long cage derailleur provides the speed needed to overcome any long road or rough terrain. Shifting through the gears feels smooth as butter, especially when going on long stretches of open road. If you are a cyclist who loves speed and road riding, the Reach GT is the perfect packable bike for you.

IF Move

Fast to fold and slick to ride. That is the perfect description of the super cool looking and convenient IF Move. The IF Move is designed to be the easiest to fold out of all foldable bicycles. It takes less than 10 seconds to fully fold the IF Move so you can quickly fold it up and roll it with you into MRTs and buses. 

The IF Move has a unique design that puts the wheels on a single-sided fork on each side. This design makes changing the tyres simple and ease when they are punctured. The 9-speeds Sram X7 derailleurs combined with the plush 20” Maxxis tyres give the user a smooth, safe ride on walkways and bicycle paths. The IF Move is an easy to maintain and fun to ride bike, which is great for all riders.

CarryMe Compact foldable bicycle in Singapore


The CarryMe foldable bike is the most compact and lightest folding bike out there. It weighs only 8.4 kg and can fold down to a slim size that takes up a small footprint. The prefered bike for daily commutes, you can fold your CarryMe and roll it with you onto the MRT and bus with ease. You can even roll it into lifts and shopping malls, so you will never have to be away from your CarryMe.

You can also take your CarryMe with you on your overseas travels. With the CarryMe Hard Travel case, you can cycle all over the world with your bike. Just fold it up and pack it into the Hard Travel case and bring it along with you on your travels. You can even get the Trailer Kit to attach the travel case to your CarryMe to roll it around with you as you ride.


The CarryAll is the only adult folding tricycle on the market. It is made for non-cyclists, active seniors and those with special needs. It has a thick, sturdy two-wheeled base which helps it self-balance without needing the riders help.

Those who aren’t confident with cycling can quickly learn to cycle on the CarryAll. Its three-wheeled design keeps it stable as you cycle. Plus it is a single-speed bike which makes it safe to ride as you won’t be going too fast.

Mighty Velo, the Folding Bike specialists

Mighty Velo have been folding bike specialist for over 15 years. We were one of the first foldable bicycle shop in Singapore who specialise in foldable bicycles. In the beginning, we brought in models like the Strida and Brompton foldable bicycles and built a community for these brands. Our goal is to make sure that every customer who buys a foldable bicycle from us gets quality service and finds a bike that suits their needs.

Mighty Velo is the official distributor for Pacific Cycles. Not just in Singapore, but for the whole of SouthEast Asia. We sell the Birdy, IF Move and Reach Performance bikes and the CarryMe folding bike and CarryAll folding tricycles. For more information, visit our online store at For more enquiries, email us at [email protected].

Head down to our new Experience Store at Breadtalk IHQ, 30 Tai Seng Street, #02-14, S534013 to view our various Birdy, Reach GT, IFMove, CarryMe and CarryAll bike models on display.

Our store hours are 10am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday.

If you would like a test ride of any of our bike models, please email at [email protected] or find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Carousell

(Note: We do not sell e-scooters anymore. Mighty Velo is now selling good performance folding bikes.)

Foldable bicycles for your Cycling Lifestyle
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Foldable bicycles for your Cycling Lifestyle
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