Folding Bike vs Regular Bike: Go with the fold

In Singapore, bicycles are abundant in numbers and variety. There is a bicycle shop in almost every estate, and many Singaporeans use bicycles for daily commuting. Traditionally many Singaporeans prefer simple, regular bikes to commute. But things have changed over the years. Many Singaporeans are now looking at foldable bikes as a more viable option. A folding bike has a few benefits that make it better than a regular bicycle. Read on to find out why you should get one for yourself.

Storage and Security

The majority of Singaporeans live in either HDBs or condominiums. They usually won’t have enough space to store a full-sized bike in their home. With a regular-sized bike, you will need to find a place to lock it outside your house. That can be troublesome at times, and there is always the chance that neighbours will complain. 

Some might not even have a large enough corridor outside their HDB to lock their bike. In that scenario, the rider needs to find a bike rack to lock it up to. The lack of one presents its own set of problems. The biggest being security. Bike racks are public spaces, which makes it easier for thieves to get to a good looking, expensive bike. Even the toughest of locks can’t stop thieves who spot a bike they want. Sure there are security cameras around, but that doesn’t guarantee your full-sized bike is safe.

You won’t have these issues with a foldable bike. Most can fold into a compact size which makes them easy to store in your flat. One example is the CarryMe micro folding bike. This Taiwan made folding bike is super compact and super light. When folded its dimensions are 32cm (H) x 25cm (W) x 93cm (L) which makes it small enough to rest by your bedside or under your desk. Plus you can roll it with you anywhere when folded. Be it work, onto the bus or train, into shopping malls or even lifts. It takes up such a small footprint that no one will mind it being in places where regular bikes aren’t allowed. 


One of the reasons people get a bicycle in Singapore is for commuting. It’s much cheaper than a car or motorbike, and you won’t need to pay for gas. Plus with Singapore moving towards a car-lite society, many want to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. So they get a bike instead.

Many cyclists prefer folding bikes for their daily commutes. The newer models, like the Birdy City, can provide the comfort rivals a regular bike. This 9-speeds foldable performance bike has a sturdy monocoque and full-suspension frame. This frame gives the rider a much smoother, stable ride as they make their commute. Added to that it can fold down to a neat, compact form which they can then roll into the MRT or bus. No need to find a bike rack or cycle the whole distance to work. 

The Birdy City’s 9-speeds Shimano Sora derailleur is on par with many regular commuting bikes. You won’t have to worry about sacrificing speed or performance with this foldable bike. The Birdy City is faster than a lot of the regular bikes in the market. So if you plan to cycle further on your morning commute, you can do so while not getting tired and using up too much effort.


One argument against folding bikes is that they are not as fast as regular bikes. That is not the case at all. There are folding bikes out there that can match or even surpass the speeds of regular bicycles. Two examples are the Birdy R20 and Reach GT.

The Birdy R20 is from the same family as the Birdy City. So you are guaranteed a stable ride because of its full suspension monocoque frame. Plus it can be folded down into a compact, easy to roll form when you want to take the MRT or bus or store it away. What sets it apart from the other Birdy models are its high-end components made for speed. 

The R20 has an 11 speeds Shimano 105 derailleur and hubsmith wheelset setup. This combination provides the rider with more than enough speed to zoom along. It will also allow the rider to cycle faster without using up as much energy. Shifting through the gears is comfortable with the Shimano trigger shifter, so you won’t need to slow down when doing so. 

Furthermore, it is also the only Birdy model with 20″ tyres, having a set of Panaracer Minits Lite tyres. These tyres provide less resistance when riding on roads and pathways, which increases the speed of the bike. 

Now if you’re looking for something even faster but also able to be packed so you can bring it around, the Reach GT is for you. This bike is a packable bike. It’s not as compact as a folding bike, like the Birdy, but you can still pack it down to store or put in a case to bring with you overseas. Where it lacks in the folding department, it more than makes up with its high-performance capabilities. 

The Reach GT is built similar to a regular-sized road bike and performs just as well when riding. Its unified rear triangle keeps weight under the suspension, creating zero power loss and allowing maximum pedal efficiency. The 11 speeds Sram RD APEX 1 Long Cage derailleur gives the bike speed that can outshine regular bikes of similar build. Overall if you’re looking for a speedy bike which you can bring overseas for bike touring, the Reach GT is the best choice for you!

Leisure and Comfort

Cyclists who get bikes will, of course, be looking to use them for leisure riding as well. Cycling in Singapore is a favourite past time for many, and a lot of families do it on the weekend. If you visit a bike shop in Singapore, you are likely to find bicycles for children and adults with ease. Though if you intend to cycle as a family, then there might be some concerns on bringing your bikes around. The need to buy an expensive bike rack for your car may deter some. 

But you won’t have to worry about that with a folding bike though. You can easily fit a folding bike into your car booth. Most are so compact that you could put more than one in your car booth. And of course, if you don’t want to take your car, you can always take public transport.

Many traditional cyclists will also argue that a regular bike is more comfortable to ride. That is, again, not the case. The Birdy GT is a prime example of that. Along with its single monocoque full-suspension frame, the GT also has plush Schwalbe Black Jack MTB tyres. These threaded tyres are great for all-terrain riding as they grip into uneven terrain to keep the bike stable. Plus they provide extra cushion when riding on smooth surfaces as well as they absorb more impact.

So now you know why getting a foldable bike in Singapore is a much better option. You may be thinking of which cycling shop in Singapore is the best to shop at. Well, look no further than us, Mighty Velo!

Getting your Foldable Bike

Mighty Velo have been folding bike specialists for over 15 years. We first started selling the Strida foldable bike before we sold the popular Bromptons. More recently we have become the official distributors for Pacific Cycles in South East Asia. We carry the Birdy, Reach GT IF Move, CarryMe and CarryAll foldable bikes in Singapore.

We pride ourselves in providing quality folding bikes and services to our customers. Every customer has a different riding style, and we help them find the bike for them. Our team of mechanics have trained at Pacific Cycles HQ. So you are guaranteed quality service when you bring in your bike for servicing or repairs. We also provide two years warranty on frame and a one year warranty on parts for all our folding bikes.

Head down to our new Experience Store at Breadtalk IHQ, 30 Tai Seng Street, #02-14, S534013 to view our various Birdy, Reach GT, IFMove, CarryMe and CarryAll bike models on display.

Our store hours are 10am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday.

If you would like a test ride of any of our bike models, please email at [email protected] or find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Carousell

(Note: We do not sell e-scooters anymore. Mighty Velo is now selling good performance folding bikes.)

Folding Bike vs Regular Bike: Go with the fold
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