Foldable bike vs PMD: Why choose a foldable bike

Foldable bike or PMD, which one is better? That is the question that many Singaporean commuters have been asking themselves. Both are great, affordable forms of alternative transport. You can easily buy a foldable bicycle or PMD at a bicycle shop in Singapore. Riding a PMD or folding bicycle in Singapore is relatively flexible as there are a lot of park connectors and shared paths. They can be used for daily commuting, doing food deliveries or just for leisure. So which of the two is the better option? 

The answer is now obvious, folding bikes. They meet the needs of Singaporean riders and are safer to ride than PMDs. Popular models like the Birdy performance folding bikes, IF Move commuter foldable bike, Reach GT packable road bike, CarryMe compact foldable bike and CarryAll adult folding tricycle give riders performance mixed with convenience. Here are a few reasons why you should choose a folding bike over a PMD.

Path Limitations

Over the past few weeks, the public’s perceptions on PMDs has changed drastically. With the recent new laws added on 5 Nov, e-scooters are now banned from footpaths. The new law were strictly enforced starting from 1 Jan 2020, and those who are caught will be fined $2000 or jailed for up to 3 months. Though recently, this rule has been stretched to include other PMDs, like electric unicycles and hoverboards. All PMDs are not allowed to be ridden on footpaths from 6 Jan 2020. PMD riders are now only allowed on shared paths and park connectors. This new ruling has cut down the usage of e-scooters significantly by riders. Many feel it’s pointless to push their device around till they find a shared path or park connector to ride on.

On top of that, PMD riders have a few other rules which they must follow. One of the rules is that only those who are16 years or older can ride PMDs. This ruling means that parents who want to get their children a PMD to ride to school or other leisure activities cannot do so. Those who are caught lending or giving their PMDs to young riders can be fined up to $1000 or jailed for 3 months. Underage riders are subject to the same penalties as well.

This problem, however, does not roll over to foldable bikes. A foldable bike can be ridden on footpaths. Not only that, you can also ride on shared paths, park connectors and roads. This makes folding bikes the most versatile form of transport in Singapore. Also, they have no age restrictions. Any age group can ride a bicycle, young or old. Parents with children won’t have to worry about sharing their bicycle with them.

Theory Test

Along with being banned on footpaths, PMD riders will also need to go for mandatory theory tests. If you own a PMD, you will need to go for a series of safety theory tests from the second half of 2020. These tests are to ensure that PMD riders know the basic rules of riding and safe riding practices. The theory tests are also mandatory for e-bike riders.

If you own a folding bike, you won’t need to attend such theory tests. Although, there are a few safe riding courses for riders if you wish to learn more about safe riding. But you are not obliged or forced to attend any theory class if you own a folding bike.

Mandatory Inspection

To further keep errant riders from getting on paths, LTA has ruled that PMD riders will need to go for mandatory inspections as well. Furthermore, owners of PMDs will need to head to LTA designated inspection points starting from April 2020. Their PMD device will be checked for tampering or damage of any kind before their safety certification is renewed. Those who fail the test will have their safety certification revoked and will have to dispose of their PMD device. PMD riders will need to bring their device in for checks once every 2-years from the date of their first check.

Those who own folding bikes or are deciding on getting one won’t have to go for any inspection. You can purchase your folding bike and immediately start riding without the need to get it checked.

Mighty Velo, the folding bike specialist

Foldable bikes have and will always be the safest form of personal transport. They are the best option for you if you want to find an alternative for your first and last-mile commuting. And with the various models available, there is a folding bike for any rider. 

So if you are looking to get yourself a foldable bicycle, get one from us! Mighty Velo have been folding bike specialists for over 15 years. We sell quality folding bikes and always make sure our customers find the perfect bike for their needs. Furthermore, Mighty Velo are the official distributors for Pacific Cycles in South East Asia. We sell the Birdy performance folding bikes, IF Move commuter bike, Reach GT packable road bike, CarryMe compact folding bike and CarryAll adult folding tricycle. All of these foldable bikes are made in Taiwan with premium materials, providing performance with compactness.

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Foldable bike vs PMD: Why choose a foldable bike
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Foldable bike vs PMD: Why choose a foldable bike
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