The Best Foldable Bike: Birdy Performance Bikes

It has been over 20 years since the Birdy performance bikes entered into the bike world. They have grown into one of the best foldable bike brands in the world. Even with how hard they are to get in a bicycle shop in Singapore, many Singaporeans still try hard to get one. The Birdy performance bikes are a sought after foldable bicycle brand in Singapore, and the sole distributor is Mighty Velo. We are also the only distributor in the world with 17 different frame colour choices. So if you’re looking to buy a Birdy performance bicycle in Singapore, you know where to get one.

The original Birdy was designed by German engineers, Markus Riese and Heiko Müller to be the best foldable bike ever. The two were college friends who loved to go cycling together, especially on long bike tours. It was during one of these tours that they got the inspiration to design the first full suspension folding bike. They set out to design and prototype their new bike idea, calling it the Birdy. In 1993, they made the first working Birdy prototype. It was designed with full suspension to provide a smoother, more stable ride on bumpy terrain. They also gave the Birdy smaller tyres but wanted to keep the high pressure on them when riding. The innovative Birdy won them the Hesse Innovation Prize in 1993. 

By 1995 Riese and Müller had found a manufacturer who wanted to mass-produce the Birdy performance bike. That manufacturer was the Taiwanese company Pacific Cycles. They were a world-renowned folding bike manufacturer and had an excellent track record with building quality folding bikes. The two partnered up with Pacific Cycles and changed the folding bike scene forever. 

Latest Birdy Performance Bike Models

Fast forward to today, Birdy performance bikes are the most popular folding bikes in the market. The new Gen 3 Birdy performance bikes have single, monocoque frame which rarely flex when riding, providing a stable ride. 

With five different models of Birdy performance bikes available, there is a bike that will suit any riders needs. Read on to find out about each of the individual models and which one will fit your riding style the best.

Birdy City

The Birdy City performance bike is perfect for the everyday cyclist. The 9-speeds Birdy model is preferred by cycling for their daily commuting or leisure riding. It comes with a 9-speeds Shimano Sora derailleur, perfect for new cyclists to get used to cycling. It provides speed with smooth shifting through the gears when riding. 

The Birdy City performance bike is equipped with 18″ CST tyres as well. They are plush and have good grip on footpaths and roads. The CST tyres provide extra cushion to the Birdy City, giving the rider a smoother ride feel. The tyres, combined with the full suspension monocoque Birdy frame, provides the rider with a safe, stable ride on their daily commutes.

Birdy GT

The Birdy GT performance bike is for cyclists who have an adventurous, wild spirit. If you enjoy a little light trail riding with your commuting and leisure riding, this is the bike for you. The 10 Speeds Sram X5-A1 derailleur provides incredible shifting speed. It also has EXACT ACTUATION technology which lessens slope and shifting variation when on elevated paths.

On top of that, the Birdy GT performance bike comes with Schwalbe 18″ Black Jack MTB tyres. These threaded, knobby tyres grip onto uneven surfaces, keeping the Birdy GT stable. This lightweight Black Jack tyres have a high-quality 50 EPI carcass, Schwalbe’s K-Guard, and puncture protection. The tyres allows riders to traverse rougher paths on their rides without worry of damaging their tyres. For those who enjoy the outdoors, the Birdy GT performance bike is perfect for you.

Birdy R20

The latest addition to our Birdy family is the Birdy R20 performance bike. It is the successor to the popular Birdy Racing model, fitted with improved parts and bigger wheels. It is the perfect foldable bike for those who love to go fast. The Birdy R20 has the latest Shimano 105 R7000 derailleur. The new and improved derailleur model is designed for faster shifting when riding at top speeds. It is also far less bulky, has better tyre clearance and an integrated cable tension port.

The Birdy R20 comes with 20″ Durano 406 tyres. These slick tyres provide less traction on roads, improving the speed of the Birdy R20 significantly. The tyres combine with the single monocoque Birdy frame to provide and smooth ride while going at unmatched speeds. The Birdy R20 will satisfy the speeding needs of riders who want to go fast on open roads.

Birdy Rohloff

The King of Birdy bikes; the Birdy Rohloff performance bike. It is the most premium model and comes with high-performance Rohloff parts. If you are a cyclist that enjoys cycling long-distances and touring, this is the bike for you. The stand out component of the Birdy Rohloff performance bike is its 14 speeds Rohloff Hub. This aluminium hub houses the valuable gear sets safely inside, preventing dust and dirt from damaging them. Furthermore, it is simple to maintain and feels smooth when shifting through the gears as you are riding. 

The Birdy Rohloff performance bike also comes with 18″ Marathon Racer tyres. These plush, gripping tyres hug the surface of the road as you’re cycling. Plus they are puncture-proof, which means cyclists won’t need to worry about small debris in their way. Together with the single monocoque frame, the Marathon Racer tyres give a comfortable ride for long-distance touring.

Birdy New Classic

The Birdy New Classic performance bike is a throwback to the Birdys of old. At first glance, you may realise that the frame of the Birdy New Classic is different from the other models. It has the retro tubular frame design, similar to that of the first Gen Birdy models. The frame is stiff and stands out from other foldable bikes. You will get noticed by other cyclists more when on the stylish, retro-looking Birdy New Classic.

Besides the frame, the Birdy New Classic performance bike has an 8-speeds Shimano Acera derailleur. They are super responsive when shifting through while riding, keeping the ride smooth without a break. The Birdy New Classic also CST 18″ tyres, similar to the Birdy City. 

Mighty Velo, Official Distributors of Birdy Performance Bikes

So if you’re looking to get your hands on your Birdy Performance bike, look no further than us! Mighty Velo is the official distributor for Pacific Cycles in South East Asia, the best foldable bike to ride in Singapore. We carry all five Birdy performance bikes and a variety of other Pacific Cycles bikes. With over 15 years of experience with foldable bikes, we guarantee to help you find the Birdy bike for you. We provide quality aftercare services and have a team of mechanics who were trained in Taiwan by Pacific Cycles. Be assured that you will get the best service at our store.

Visit our online store at for more information. Email us at [email protected] for more enquiries.

The Best Foldable Bike: Birdy Performance Bikes
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