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We are Mighty Velo. Over 15 years ago, we started as a bicycle shop in Singapore that specialised in foldable bicycles. Originally named Diginex, we began with the popular Strida folding bikes as our first significant bike brand. Over the years, our knowledge and love for folding bikes grew, and we brought in other unique and popular brands. Mighty Velo is currently the official distributors for Pacific Cycles in Singapore and South East Asia. We carry the Birdy performance foldable bike, IF Move commuter bike and the Reach GT packable road bike. We also sell the popular CarryMe compact folding bike and CarryAll adult foldable tricycle from Pacific Cycles. Mighty Velo is active with our growing community of cyclists in Singapore. Soon, we became the go-to local shop for folding bicycles in Singapore. 

The name Mighty Velo came about from an old cartoon show, Mighty Mouse. We took the word ‘Mighty’ from the show and added it with Velo, the french word for bicycle. We put the two words “Mighty Velo” together as it symbolised not only us but our foldable bikes as well. Our company wanted to say that our bike wheels may be smaller than full-sized bike tyres but are robust, sturdy and reliable.

The Growth of Mighty Velo

In 2006, we started to get more active in the Transport scene in Singapore. We spoke to the then Transport Minister in a Land Transport Forum in 2006. Mighty Velo wanted to make aware the concerns of foldable bike riders as they travel on public transport. We followed up the forum talk by sending the Transport Minister a proposal to allow foldable bikes In Singapore 0nto public transport. Talks quickly began with the Ministry of Transport, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and SBS Transit and SMRT. It didn’t take long after for a trial period to be implemented for the proposal. A six-month bike trial took effect in 2007 and in 2008, a permanent scheme of allowing foldable bikes into public transport during off-peak hours kicked in.

So now you know more about Mighty Velo as a company and about the good we’ve done and our love for foldable bicycles! As said before we are currently the sole distributors for Pacific Cycles in Singapore and South East Asia. And we sell a range of Pacific Cycles bikes to suit every riders needs. From the high-performance Birdy bikes to daily commuting bikes like the CarryMe compact foldable bike. We have a bike for every rider. Read on to find out more about our range of Pacific Cycles bikes.

Pacific Cycles Birdy City 9 speeds bike in Singapore

Birdy City

The Birdy City performance foldable bike is for daily commuters and those who enjoy leisure riding. The third Gen single monocoque frame gives little flex when riding, keeping the bicycle rigid. The full suspension frame kit combined with 18″ CST tyres provide the rider a smooth and stable ride on footpaths, roads and park connectors (PCN). 

Pacific Cycles Birdy GT in Singapore

Birdy GT

The Birdy GT is an adventure lover’s best friend. This bike is for both leisure riding and light trail and off-road riding. The stand-out feature of the GT is its 18″ Schwalbe Black Jack tyres. The tyres are thicker and knobbier than regular tyres, providing excellent grip on uneven surfaces. The tyres give the rider a safe, smooth ride when they go on light dirt roads or mud paths. The Birdy GT also has hydraulic disc brakes for extra stopping power, giving the rider more control on off-road trails.

Birdy R20

The Birdy R20 is the latest model from Pacific Cycles. It is an upgraded version of the Racing model, built to be faster than any other Birdy bike. The R20 has a larger 20″ Hubsmith wheelset compared to its predecessor. The bigger wheelset is paired with the latest Shimano 105 derailleur set, allowing the R20 to go faster over longer distances. So, if you love speeding along on open roads, the Birdy R20 is the foldable bike for you.

Birdy Rohloff

The King of all Birdys, the Birdy Rohloff. It has the most premium Rohloff parts, the crown jewel being the Rohloff hub. This aluminium hub houses the 14 gears derailleur system that gives the Rohloff its long-distance riding ability. Furthermore, the hub is sealed tight and protects the gears from dirt and harsh weather, making it nearly maintenance-free. It only requires an oil change after a year or 5000km of riding. The Birdy Rohloff is for those who like to go on long bike tours across the world, the perfect long-distance foldable bike.

Birdy New Classic

A classic made new. The Birdy New classic combines modern bike gears with the retro tubular Birdy Gen 1 frame. This model is a throwback to the classic Birdy models that were first designed by Riese and Müller. The tubular frame is built sturdier than the Gen 1 models and is paired with 18″ CST tyres to give the rider a comfortable overall ride experience. For those who like classic looks on a modern bike, the Birdy New Classic is the one for you.

Reach GT pacakable road bike in Singapore

Reach GT

The Reach GT was designed in-house by Pacific Cycles and can rival non-foldable road bikes. The Reach GT has a 20″ Hubsmith wheelset partnered with plush Durano tyres to give comfort and stability across long distances. Though, it can’t be folded down as compact as our other bikes. But, it can still be packed down to an easy to carry size, making it convenient to bring around compared to a regular bike. For true road performance and convenience all in one, the Reach GT will meet your needs.

Pacific Cycles IF Move commuter bike in Singapore

IF Move

The IF Move commuter bike was designed by Pacific Cycles in-house design team, Section Zero. They wanted to create a folding bike that had that quickest fold ever. And they did so with the IF Move. It takes less than 5 seconds to fold this bike, and it is easy to roll when folded. The IF Move is not a full suspension bike, but its plush 20″ Maxxis DTH tyres provide enough cushion to keep the ride comfortable on roads, footpaths and PCNs. 

CarryMe compact foldable bicycle in Singapore


The CarryMe compact foldable bike is the world’s lightest folding bicycle, weighing in at only 8.4kg. It is small and compact when folded to make it easier to bring along anywhere. The CarryMe takes up a small footprint and is allowed onto both MRTs and buses as it meets the LTA’s requirements. It has smaller wheels when compared to other foldable bikes but can still take up to a 100kg weight load. If you are looking to get a lightweight commuter bike which you can bring with you anywhere, the CarryMe compact foldable bike is for you.


The CarryAll adult folding tricycle is the only foldable tricycle in the world. It is for non-cyclists, active seniors, young children and those with special needs. Its large two-wheeled rear base keeps it stable and upright without the rider needing to balance on it actively. 

Whatever type of rider you are, Mighty Velo has a foldable bicycle for you. And we provide excellent aftercare on any bike purchased. Furthermore, buy with confidence as we offer a 2-year warranty on frame and one year warranty on parts for all our bicycles. Our mechanics have been trained by the team at Pacific Cycles to maintain and repair our range of bikes. 

Check out our online store at shop.mightyvelo.com for more information. Email us at [email protected].

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Mighty Velo The Folding Bike Specialists
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