Birdy Performance Foldable Bike Accessories for Cycling

The Birdy performance foldable bike is one of the most versatile and well recognised foldable bikes in Singapore and the world. Though very few bicycle shops in Singapore sell Birdy bikes, many cyclists still know about them and want one for themselves. This is because they are highly customisable. You can choose to use your Birdy bike for daily cycling in Singapore. Or you can even ride it for a long-distance bike tour. Whatever your use for it, the Birdy will be able to deliver high performance and quality riding experience.

The customizability of the Birdy runs to its various accessories. Birdy performance bikes have accessories that are made by both Pacific Cycles and third party companies. These accessories include bags, kickstands, travel cases and more. Each enhances the ride experience for the cyclists in some way or the other. Some accessories are perfect for the everyday cyclists as well as those who enjoy a longer ride. Read on to find out more about the various Birdy accessories below.

Ortlieb Pannier Bags

A useful upgrade for your Birdy performance foldable bike would be a set of Ortlieb pannier bags. Firstly, these bags are made in Germany and are great for all types of cycling lifestyles. Furthermore, there are different types of Ortlieb Pannier bags. Two which will be useful for daily commuters are the Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Classic and the Ortlieb Sports Roller Classic Pannier Bag.

The Ortlieb Sports Roller Classic’s can be attached to front racks on bikes. They have a volume of 12.5 litres and have a Quick-Lock system that makes it easy to take them off racks. The Sports Roller Classic’s also come with reflective stickers on the sides and front. These will help make the rider more visible when they are riding on the road at night. Those who are looking to get the Sports Roller Classic should also get the Birdy Front Lowrider Rack. The Birdy front lowrider rack is compact yet functional with any Birdy Gen 3 model. It can fold when not needed to save space and can also be equipped with pannier bags.

The Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Classic is a nifty little add on to have. It is a handlebar carrier bag where you can store items, such as your wallet and phone, when cycling. Its a must for daily cyclists as well as touring riders. The Ultimate 6 Classic is made from waterproof polyester fabric and has a lockable reinforced lid with magnetic closure. Once fixed to the handlebar, both top and bag can be secured single-handedly. It has a volume of 7 litres.

Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic Pannier Bag

For those who want more storage space on their Birdy, opt for the additional Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic Pannier Bag. It is a must-have for those who enjoy bike touring as it can hold a lot more inside. It’s made of durable polyester fabric, and the waterproof roll closure ensures safe and waterproof storage of food and equipment. It has the same Quick-Lock system as the Sports Roller so it is easy to take off the rack when you need to. You can partner the Back-Roller Classic’s with the Birdy Rear Rack. The rear rack is ideal for attaching bags, boxes and luggage. It’s also designed to take panniers – including full-sized panniers. This rack folds automatically with the bike due to its canti-levered 4-point attachment system.

Urbane Design suspension kit

Urbane Design Suspension Set

The Urbane Design suspension set is a suspension upgrade for the Birdy Gen 3 models. It has three different settings of hardness which the user can choose from for varied terrain and road surfaces. This suspension set is a useful accessory for those who have varying riding styles and enjoy more control when riding on rougher surfaces. 

The set comes with both front and rear suspension made from aluminium housing. The front suspension kit has automatic suspension alignment so you won’t need to align the locking mechanism when unfolding your Birdy. It also has three levels of hardness adjustment and a 25mm suspension stroke. The rear suspension kit is similar to the front, and the hardness of the spring can change by twisting the kit. Lastly, the Urbane Design suspension set comes in two colours, Black or Black & Red.

MKS Pedals

The MKS pedals are an excellent choice for riders who want their Birdy to be extra compact when folded. The pedals are made in Japan and provide durability combined with quality craftsmanship.

The MKS FD-7 is a firm, alloy pedal that uses a single action for quick and easy folding. Ideal for folding bikes such as Brompton, Tern, and Dahon the FD-7 will keep you moving quickly both on and off of the bike. Plus, they have integrated reflectors and a semi-aggressive tooth pattern, this pedal works as a great city pedal.

The MKS Promenade pedals are more suited for those who travel a lot or take public transport. The pedals are easily & rapidly released without any specific tools. Thus, it is best suitable for folding bikes or packing and carrying bikes for travelling by train, plane or bus.

Blicclip self-blinking reflector

Blicclip Reflector

The Blicclip Reflector is a Kickstarter project that was designed and developed by Singaporean, Francis Chu. He is also the mind behind the Totobobo mask. The Blicclip is the first-ever blinking super-bright reflector and does not require any batteries to work. It’s made for cycling safety and cyclist visibility at night. 

The Blicclip has high-quality 3M Diamond Grade reflective material and Micro Prismatic Technology. Therefore, this design allows it to reflect nearly 58% of the headlight beam from cars, making riders highly visible at night. The Blicclip comes with a yellow reflective side for day riding and a red reflective side for night riding.


The Brooks Ergon GP1 leather grips are both stylish and functional. These grips are ergonomically designed for straight, swept and riser handlebars. Furthermore, genuine, supple Brooks leather has been fused with an ergonomic rubber base for exceptional comfort and a delicate touch. Iodine Grips feature a new grip pattern that is extremely durable. At 95g, the lock-on iodine grips are a lightweight and durable option for all-terrain riding. Lastly, the Cobalt Grips are one of the lightest dual clamp lock-on grips for xc racing. Thus, these high-density foam grip are comfortable for fast rides to the finish line.

Bike travel case by Pacific Cycles for Birdy Brompton Reach GT bikes

Bike Travel Case

The Birdy performance foldable bike can be folded and brought with you anywhere. That includes overseas for bike tours and cycling journeys in other countries. The Bike Travel Case by Pacific Cycles is made just for that. This case is the perfect bike travel case for not only your Birdy but also your Brompton and Reach GT Folding bicycle. 

The Bike Travel Case by Pacific Cycles is designed and produced in Taiwan by Pacific Cycles. Its sturdy build will keep your bike safe and secure on your travels. Furthermore, there is plenty of space to store your bike and accessories. Comes with four easy-rolling wheels, telescopic handle, TSA Lock and sturdy strap to secure your bike. 

These are the essential accessories that you can get for your Birdy performance foldable bike to improve your riding experience. If you are interested in any of our accessories, check them out online at Email us at [email protected] for more information.

Birdy Performance Foldable Bike Accessories for Cycling
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Birdy Performance Foldable Bike Accessories for Cycling
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