Cycling in Singapore: Building your Immunity

Birdy City Performance bike from Pacific Cycles in Taiwan

Cycling in Singapore is a favourite pastime of many. Many others have integrated cycling in Singapore into their daily lives. Some Singaporeans use foldable bikes in Singapore for their daily commuting. Many bicycle shops in Singapore encourage riders to switch to foldable bicycles as it is a healthy way to get around. Local bike shops in Singapore stock up on a variety of folding bikes for all kinds of riders. Some may wonder how beneficial is cycling? Can it help in building immunity? Is it keeping them from falling ill to colds or worse?

The answer is a resounding, yes! Cycling in Singapore is not only good for the muscles in your legs, but it is also great for your immune system. A study in the United Kingdom has found that those who cycle are building immunity and hold back the effects of ageing. The findings showed that the cyclists in the test kept their muscle mass and strength with age. They also maintained stable levels of body fat and cholesterol.

The test also found that the anti-ageing effects went all the way to the immune system. An organ called the thymus, which makes immune cells called T-cells usually starts to shrink from the age of 20. But the thymuses of older cyclists were found to be generating as many T-cells as those of young adults. 

The older cyclists in the group were found to have the immune system and rivalling youngsters as young as 20. Their metabolic rates were higher than those in their age group who didn’t cycle. Overall they were in peak physical and health conditions, proving that cycling does wonders for you.

Benefits of Cycling

So with the recent health scares and minor epidemics across Singapore, it’s a good idea to pick up cycling to keep healthy. Owning a bicycle in Singapore is a significant convenience. With the many Park Connector Networks (PCNs) and shared paths, it is easy to get around. Plus you can ride a bicycle on both footpaths and roads, so nowhere is off-limits to you. 

The health benefits, other than building and protecting your immune system, are also beneficial. Cycling is a low impact exercise, so you won’t need to worry about getting injured often or severely. It also provides a good workout for your major muscle groups, helping you build strength. Cycling also builds up your stamina, and over time it’ll be easier to travel longer distances on a foldable bike

So now you know about the health benefits of cycling in Singapore. You may now be wondering where to get a good, quality foldable bike. The answer is simple, get it at Mighty Velo!

We have specialised in quality folding bikes for over 15 years. Currently, we are the official distributors for Pacific Cycles across South East Asia. Furthermore, our team of mechanics have been trained in Taiwan by Pacific Cycles to build, maintain and repair their range of bikes. We sell the Birdy performance foldable bikes, Reach GT packable road bike, IF Move commuter folding bike, CarryMe compact foldable bike and CarryAll adult folding tricycle. Read on to find out more about each of these bikes and what they’re good for.

Birdy City

The 9 speeds Birdy City performance foldable bike is an excellent bike for beginners. Those who want to start their cycling lifestyle can go with this all-rounder foldable bike. The Birdy City comes equipped with a 9 speeds Shimano Sora derailleur and shifter set. Shifting through the gears is made easy, and there is an indicator to let you know what gear you’re on. This indicator will be helpful for new riders who won’t have time to focus on their gear change while riding. 

The City also has all-purpose 18″ CST tyres which are suitable for riding on footpaths, PCNs, shared paths and roads. The tyres combined with the front and rear suspension provide a stable and comfortable ride. A perfect bike for cycling in Singapore’s urban landscape.

Birdy GT Performance Foldable Bicycle by Pacific Cycles in Taiwan

Birdy GT

The Birdy GT is the perfect bike for adventure lovers. Everything about this bike screams rugged outdoor riding. The 10 speeds GT has a similar monocoque frame to the City but a whole new set of parts. The stand out feature of the GT are its plush 18″ Schwable Black Jack tyres. These tyres are thicker and knobbier than any other 18″ tyre set and is for trail riding. They’re wire threads, and grooves help them grip onto uneven and rough surfaces, providing stability on all terrains. 

The Birdy GT has a 10 speeds Sram X5-A1 derailleur and trigger shifter set to match its outdoorish nature. This derailleur set is very responsive when shifting, even on rough terrain. The Birdy GT is also the only Birdy model with hydraulic disc brakes. The highly sensitive disc brakes will bring the bike to sudden stops when the rider needs it to. Perfect when traversing unknown roads and paths while cycling in Singapore.

Birdy R20 Performance Foldable Bicycle by Pacific Cycles in Taiwan

Birdy R20

The latest Birdy bike from Pacific Cycles, the R20 is designed for speed. So, if you are looking for a fast foldable bike, this is the one for you. The Birdy R20 is the only Birdy model with 20″ wheelset. The 20″ Panaracer tyres that come with the bigger wheelset are a stand out amongst the other bikes. Slick, smooth and reducing friction between road and tyre, they are made to speed across long distances. 

The Birdy R20 also has the latest Shimano 105 R700 series derailleur and shifter set. This new derailleur is designed to be light and provide faster shifting through gears when riding. 

Birdy Rohloff

The Birdy Rohloff is the King of all Birdys. It is the most premium bike built by Pacific Cycles, and the most avid cyclists out there will love it. The crown jewel of the Rohloff is its 14 speeds Rohloff Speedhub. Designed to be low maintenance but high performing, it is the only hub you’ll ever need. Firstly, the aluminium casing keeps the gears and delicate parts of the derailleur safe and secure inside. Dust, wind, rust and rain can’t reach them as the Speedhub is sealed tightly. You will rarely need to clean the internal parts of the hub. The most you’ll need to do is change the oil every 5000km you ride, but that takes about 15 minutes only. 

For a touring bike the Rohloff, the tyres are also a very crucial part. The Birdy Rohloff comes with sturdy, long-lasting 18″ Marathon Racer tyres. These tyres are for going the distance and take minimal wear and tear during long rides. They are puncture resistant and provide extra cushion for the rider when on long-distance tours.

Birdy New Classic Performance Foldable Bicycle by Pacific Cycles in Taiwan

Birdy New Classic

A classic made new; the Birdy New Classic is a throwback to the first generation Birdy bikes. It is a favourite amongst bike collectors for its retro tubular Birdy frame. It is available at our store in a High Polished Silver colour which will make it stand out from the crowd. 

The New Classic comes with an 8-speeds Shimano Acera derailleur which gives the rider more than enough speed to get to their destination fast. Combined with 18″ CST tyres, the New CLassic provides the rider with a smooth ride throughout.

Reach GT Packable Road Bike by Pacific Cycles in Taiwan

Reach GT 

The Reach GT gives the rider performance that packs. For those who want the power of a full-sized road bike and the convenience of a foldie, the Reach GT is for you. It was designed in house by Pacific Cycles who wanted a bike to match a regular road bike. That gave birth to the Reach GT, with its unique design and folding method.

The Reach GT has a 20″ Mantis Hubsmith wheelset to give it that extra speed when riding. It is paired with 20″ Durano tyres, which are light yet plush, to provide comfort when going fast and far. 

This bike also has a Sram RD APEX 1 long cage derailleur and trigger shifter. This setup allows for smooth, fast shifting without sacrificing speed. Perfect when you’re speeding on the open road.

Pacific Cycles IF Move commuter bike in Singapore

IF Move

The brainchild of Pacific Cycles in-house design team, Section Zero, the IF Move is the ultimate commuter folding bike. Designed to fold quickly, smoothly and efficiently, the IF Move is loved by commuting cyclists worldwide. 

The IF Move has a unique design that puts the wheels on a single-sided fork on each side. This design makes changing the tyres simple when they are punctured. The 9 speeds Sram X7 derailleurs combined with the plush 20″ Maxxis tyres give the user a smooth ride on all paths. The IF Move is an easy to maintain and fun to ride bike, which is great for all riders.

CarryMe Compact Folding bicycle made in Taiwan by Pacific Cycles


The CarryMe compact foldable bike is the lightest foldable bike in the world. It weighs in at only 8.4kg and is super compact when folded. You can easily roll your CarryMe with you onto buses and MRTs when you’re commuting. It takes up a small footprint so no one will pay it any mind when bringing it on with you. You can also roll it into restaurants and shopping malls. 

CarryAll Adult Folding Tricycle


The CarryAll is the only adult folding tricycle in the world. It is designed with a sturdy three-wheeled base that keeps it from tipping over easily. The rider doesn’t even need to balance on it as it will self-balance due to its design. It is an excellent ride for non-cyclists, active seniors and young children. Together with the CarryMe, you can enjoy cycling in Singapore with the whole family.

Now that you know more about our various bikes, you may be looking to get one for yourself. Visit our online store at for more information! For more enquiries, email us at [email protected].

Cycling in Singapore: Building your Immunity
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Cycling in Singapore: Building your Immunity
Cycling in Singapore is a hobby that many enjoy. But did you know that it helps you build your immune system while keeping you healthy? Read on to find out.
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