Cycling Daily with the Birdy City Performance Bike

Birdy copper cycling bike

Cycling is one of the oldest modes of transportation around. In the modern era, many cyclists use their bicycles for a variety of things. From leisure riding to deliveries to daily commuting, the bike has evolved to meet any situation. Bicycle shops in Singapore now carry a variety of bicycles to meet the new riders’ needs. A popular bicycle in Singapore is the foldable bicycle. Many cyclists are switching to a foldable bicycle in Singapore as it can meet more of their needs at once. And one of the main requirements of a cyclist in Singapore is getting a bike for daily commuting. Out of all the bikes out there in the market, one stands out for this, the Birdy City.

The Birdy was designed by Markus Riese and Heiko Müller in Germany. They made the prototype model over 20 years ago. Now the Birdy performance bikes are manufactured by Pacific Cycles in Taiwan. Out of the five models, the Birdy City is the best for new cyclists and commuters who are cycling daily.

Birdy City Performance Foldable bicycle for daily commuting

A Cyclists Best Friend

The Birdy City meets the needs of most cyclists. It’s a 9 speeds bike, so it provides enough speed and gears without being overwhelming. The Shimano Sora derailleur is easy to maintain and shifting through the gears feels smooth. The trigger shifter for the City was designed for new cyclists. It has an indicator that shows what gear that rider is on. This indicator makes it easy for riders to keep track of the gear without checking the rear wheel. 

The City also comes with 18″ CST tyres, designed to provide more comfort. They absorb the impact when going over light bumps, keeping a constant speed. Cycling on footpaths, PCNs and shared paths in Singapore will feel smooth thanks to these tyres. And a pair of Avid BB-5R disc brakes give the rider the stopping power they will need. These disc brakes are strong enough to bring the Birdy City to an instant halt. These brakes increases the safety for the rider and those around when riding on roads and footpaths.

Like all Birdy performance bikes, the Birdy City can fold. This makes it an excellent choice for those who want to cycle a little before taking the MRT or bus to work. When folded the Birdy City size is 60cm (H) x 39cm (W) x 72cm (L). It meets the size limits set by LTA for folding bikes that are allowed onto MRTs and buses. Its compact size also makes it easier to store at work or home. You can easily tuck it under your desk or rest it in the corner of your room when you need to. Plus you can easily roll it around when folded using the seat post as a steering guide. You will have an easy time bringing your City with you everywhere.

Upgrading your City

So as you can see, the Birdy City is spec’d out for riding in the urban jungle. Perfect for rides at parks, on pavements and roads. And once you’ve had enough cycling for the day, you can fold it up and roll it home.

As you go on to get your Birdy City, consider getting some accessories for it as well. There are tons of accessories, both third-party and from Pacific Cycles, for the City. Here a few which will be neat to have and will improve your daily riding experience.

Crankbrothers stamp 1 pedals

Crankbrothers Pedals

Colourful, fun and highly durable. These words are what best describe the stamp pedals that were created by Crankbrothers. Firstly, they come in a variety of eye-catching, vibrant colours and their design makes it easy to keep your feet on them. Furthermore, these pedals fit all five Birdy models and come in two sizes for varying foot sizes.

The pedals are made out of a composite material which makes them sturdy and able to weather any riding condition. This design is for optimal foot-to-pedal surface area. Also, the nine hex traction pins per side help with keeping the rider’s feet from moving. The stamp small is recommended for shoe sizes: 5-10 (us) or 37-43 (EU). The stamp large is recommended for shoe sizes: 10-15 (us) or 43-49 (EU). They come in Red, Black, Turquoise, Yellow, Orange or Blue colours.

Birdy Front Lowrider Rack for Birdy performance bikes

Birdy Front Lowrider Rack

The Birdy front lowrider rack by Pacific Cycles is a game-changer for Birdy riders. Easy to fit on the front of your Birdy, it can be used for hanging a variety of pannier bike bags. What’s more, it can be used as a grip to pull your Birdy City along with them. The Birdy front lowrider rack is designed to be compact yet functional and can fold when not needed to save space.

Ortlieb Sports Roller pannier bag

Ortlieb Sports Roller Classic

This pannier bag is the perfect partner for the Birdy front lowrider rack. The Ortlieb Sports Roller Classic pannier bags give you space to store items on your Birdy City. Now you won’t need a bag to carry when you want to bring your laptop or files to work. The Sports Roller pannier bag has a volume of 12.5 litres so they can hold a significant amount inside. Use them to store picnic items before heading off for a weekend ride even.

The Sports Roller Classic’s also come with reflective stickers on the sides and front. It’s an added safety measure to make riders more visible when riding on the roads. It is available in 5 colours to choose from so you can match it up with your Birdy frame.

Ergon GA3 Grips

Ergon GA3 Grips

A lot of cyclists are on their bikes cycling more often these days. Whether it be riding to work or to meet up with friends, a cyclist spends a good amount of time on their bikes. Though you will get a lot of exercise for your body, you can get hand cramps if you’re gripping onto your grips for too long. The Ergon GA3 gets rid of that problem.

The Ergon GA3 grips are designed for peak hand comfort. They are made in Germany and deliver expert craftmanship with a functional design. Furthermore, they improved on the previous G2’s design to create grips that are adapted to the gripping surface of human hands and ergonomically optimised. These grips are also made of soft, UV-stable rubber compound for greater control even on demanding trails. The Ergon GA3 grips come in 3 colours to choose from for your City.

With all this information about the Birdy City and its accessories, you may be considering getting your very own. Well if you are, you can head on over to our web store at! So don’t wait anymore to start your cycling journey now. For more enquiries, email us at [email protected]

Cycling Daily with the Birdy City Performance Bike
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Cycling Daily with the Birdy City Performance Bike
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