CarryMe Foldable Bike: Best Bike for Commutes & Travelling

Many Singaporean’s face a daily problem in the form of early morning and late evening rush hours. Pushing and shoving into crowded buses and MRTs can get annoying. It’s the reason why many are looking at alternative, car-lite methods of transport. One which is both cheap and provides a workout is a bicycle. Cycling in Singapore has been growing over the years with many owning a bicycle in Singapore now. Finding a bicycle shop in Singapore is easy so if you want a bike you can get it without a problem. Folding bikes are growing in number in the bike community. Cyclist prefer these as they provide high performance and are convenient to bring about. Most can be folded quickly and rolled onto public transports or public places. Foldable bicycles like the CarryMe foldable bike, Birdy, IF Move and Reach GT are growing in popularity as a result.

CarryMe carried into MRT station

The CarryMe Compact Folding Bike

If you are someone who is looking for a compact folding bike for commuting, we have just the bike for you. The CarryMe compact folding bike is a great bike for daily first and last-mile commuting. The CarryMe foldable bike is designed and made in Taiwan by reputable bike manufacturers, Pacific Cycles. It is the brainchild of their owner, George Lin, who wanted a folding bike that left a small footprint wherever it went.

The CarryMe is the world’s lightest folding bike, weighing only 8.4kg. When folded, The CarryMe’s dimensions are 32cm (H) x 25cm (W) x 93cm (L). That’s smaller than most other folding bikes out in the market. Some may say that the smaller 8” wheels of the CarryMe can’t match up to larger wheeled folding bikes. That is not the case as the CarryMe can match up and in some cases outperformer larger wheeled bikes. This is because of the large 84 teeth crankset that comes with the CarryMe. It makes peddling much easier and even riding up slopes a breeze. The amount of rotations per pedal is more than other bigger bike models.

CarryMe on Public Transport

The CarryMe is definitely a bus and MRT friendly foldable bicycle in Singapore. So using for daily commuting will be a breeze. You can ride from your house or your office to the bus stop or MRT station before folding the CarryMe. It takes less than 15 seconds to fold and can be done so in a few easy steps. Once folded you can easily roll it with the two small rear trolley wheels at the back of the CarryMe. Roll it onto the bus and MRT after. If the bus stops a bit away from the bus stop boarding point, you can just carry your CarryMe and hop on! 

Once on the bus or MRT, you will definitely want to find a seat or comfortable place to stand. With the CarryMe that will be easy. Unlike other folding bikes, which restrict your movement in small spaces, the CarryMe is easy to manoeuvre. It takes up a small footprint so you can keep right by your side as you are standing and it balances on its rear trolley wheels when folded so you won’t need to worry about it toppling over. 

The CarryMe foldable bike can also be brought into shopping centres, food centres and other public places. So you won’t need to find a bike rack or pole outside the shopping mall or restaurant you want to go into. Just fold it up and roll it along in. It’s so small that no one is going to notice it as you go about with your business. And you can even get the additional CarryMe rear rack to put your shopping on once you’re done.

Carryme Plus CarryMe Travel Case

CarryMe Travel Case

A very useful accessory for the CarryMe foldable bike is the CarryMe Travel Case. It is specially designed for the CarryMe to fit in, with a longer rectangular build compared to other bike travel cases. The Travel Case is made of hard ABS material that can take a heavier impact without getting damaged. This keeps the CarryMe safe inside from damage or falls. The Travel Case has a telescopic handle which can be adjusted to heights plus 360-degree swivel wheels. These additions makes rolling and moving the Travel Case simple and fuss-free. The CarryMe Travel Case also has extra storage compartments on the inside. These can be used to store clothes or additional bike accessories.

CarryMe Overseas

The main use of the Travel Case is pretty obvious, it’s used to bring your CarryMe along when you’re travelling. You can pack your bike in neatly and check the Travel Case in before boarding as luggage. The sturdy ABS case can handle the roughness of baggage handlers and the flight with no problems. Once you’re at your destination, just roll the Case along with you till you’re ready to take your CarryMe out.

Riding with a CarryMe overseas is amazing. Countries like Taiwan and Japan have dedicated cycling routes with views that will blow you away. With a bike like the CarryMe, you can take your time to go along these routes and enjoy the scenery. And when you need a break, just head on over to a roadside rest stop and relax before heading off again. The CarryMe is also allowed into hotel rooms, so no worries of it getting stolen abroad. 

Mighty Velo Promo

The CarryMe is really the best folding bike for both commuting and travelling. After learning about it, you might be thinking of getting one yourself. Well, you’re in luck! The CarryMe is currently going for a special promo price of S$999 (U.P: S$1,199)! And for those who are looking to get the Travel Case as well, you can do so with our Special Bundle. Get the CarryMe + CarryMe Travel Case at S$1,299 (U.P: S$1,779)! 

Along with the CarryMe and accompanying Travel Case, you can also get the Trailer Kit accessory for an additional S$130! The Trailer Kit allows you to transform your Travel Case into a towable trailer. Attach the trailer to your CarryMe and ride with your Travel Case wherever you go. The CarryMe + Travel Case + Trailer Kit bundle is at S$1,429 (U.P: S$1,909)!

All the above promotions are available at Mighty Velo Singapore! We are the official distributors for Pacific Cycles in Singapore and South East Asia! We are also the only bicycle shop in South East Asia that gives you 9 colours for your CarryMe! Pick from one of the 9 colours which suit you best.

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CarryMe Foldable Bike: Best Bike for Commutes & Travelling
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CarryMe Foldable Bike: Best Bike for Commutes & Travelling
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