Cycling Alone During The Circuit Breaker Period.

The COVID-19 coronavirus has taken a hold on Singapore, like most countries in the world. To combat this, Singapore has implemented circuit breaker measures to limit the spread of COVID-19.  All beaches and many parks are closed now. Many people have now turned to riding bikes as a solo sports activity. There are many reasons to start cycling. For example, it strengthens body immunity. Even Sport Singapore (SportSG) has recommended cycling as a form of outdoor sports exercise during the circuit breaker period. Try it! You might find that cycling alone is surprisingly fun.

Cycling at the park with a carryme

Benefits of cycling alone

During this circuit breaker period, the new laws do not allow social gatherings of any size in public and so cycling alone becomes an ideal outdoor sports activity now.

With the streets mostly empty now, it’s a great time to cycle in the neighbourhood. A familiar environment will be a great place to start. You can even buy your family food takeaways after your spin in the heartlands!

However, some people don’t like being alone with their thoughts. Some feel bored exercising by themselves. You can play music while you cycle.  You can even listen to the radio while you cycle. Audiobooks can be a good choice too, even if you hate reading a book. Choose a book that you wanted to listen and play it while you ride your bike.

Having some music will definitely make your solo ride more fun!

Cycling alone can also be a good time to collect your thoughts. Solo cycling can be meditative. After a few bike rides, you will come to enjoy cycling by yourself.

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Learning from cycling alone

Cycling alone also can build important character values like independence and being able to enjoy solitude every now and then. This circuit breaker period is a great time to try out personal challenges and goals. Furthermore, cycling boosts self-confidence as there is no stress to impress and compare against anyone but yourself and your bike.

The circuit breaker has thrown many people’s daily routines in disarray. More people would have more time during the day and night if they cannot go to work.  Everyone in your family would also be spending more time with one other, cooped up at home. The change in environment can be uncomfortable for many at first. Creating a new routine can help retain some sense of normalcy. Furthermore, setting aside a period for exercise and time alone would help rid of any restless energy.

Even so, fostering hobbies you can do indoors during the circuit breaker is necessary. Even so, you can bring your outdoor interests indoors by journaling about what you see. Despite cycling in a familiar environment, there would be fewer people than usual. You might discover something new. Despite Singapore’s urban reputation, it is teeming with fauna and flora. Taking photos of what you say along the way, you can post them on social media to share with those who cannot go out on a bike or does not have a bike to ride outdoors.

This circuit breaker period is a perfect time for self-improvement and decluttering your life. To quote Marie Kondo, find the things in your life that spark joy. If your bike has been left collecting dust in one corner at home, this is the time to clean it up and ride it.

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A Public Service Announcement

If you want to cycle in a park, check online: Safe Distance @ Parks before you head out. It will tell you which parks have few people or a lot of overcrowding at real-time.  Remember to cycle alone and keep at least three to four metres away from the next cyclist, whenever possible. Don’t cycle in crowded areas.

Multiple CarryMe Bikes

Getting a bike

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Cycling Alone During The Circuit Breaker Period.
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Cycling Alone During The Circuit Breaker Period.
Want to exercise during this circuit breaker period but don't know what to do? Try cycling alone! It will help reduce anxiety, among other things.
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