Best Foldable Bike for Solo Riding during Covid-19

Riding Solo

As Covid-19 rages, almost half the world’s population is under some form of restricted movement. Despite Singapore entering its circuit breaker period, we see a rise in the number of people exercising outdoors to build up their immunity. Many have opted for either jogging or cycling. While cycling as a group comes with many benefits, however in a sensitive time like now, solo riding is encouraged. Riding a bike allows you to social distance with others, and for some, it acts as a form of transport. However, the trouble of having a normal size bike comes with the problem of storage and security. Having a foldable bike, on the other hand, can easily solve the storage issue!

Cycling to Build Immunity

Cycling to strengthen body immunity

Singapore has implemented its circuit breaker measures to curb the further spread of Covid-19. Citizens are only allowed out of the house for work, grocery shopping or to exercise outdoors. Exercising outdoors will only be allowed alone or with ‘members of your own household around your immediate neighbourhood in open places’, as cited from Sports Singapore.

Therefore, cycling is a way to exercise. It’s a one person sport and activity that has zero body contact with another person.

Our immune system is our body’s natural defence against viruses, diseases and bacteria. As Covid-19 continues on, it is even more important to keep ourselves healthy. One way to go, is by cycling. Cycling can help us boost our immune system and lift our spirits at the same time.

Research done by the National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom has shown that cycling also helps with the reduction of serious health complications, such as cancer and heart diseases. The research noted that cyclists are 40% less likely to succumb to death by cancer.

As the physical benefits of cycling are many, research has also shown that cyclists will enjoy a myriad of mental health benefits. High levels of activity in our daily life leads to a significantly lower risk of depression. It gives our body a boost of endorphins, making us feel happier and more positive.

With many working from home, taking the time out to go for a cycle has also proven to boost one’s productivity and sharpen problem-solving skills. Cycling is a great exercise for many reasons. It is important that we keep our health at check to ensure that we do not pass on any viruses or bacteria to others.

Remote Places to Cycle

Where to cycle alone

Singapore is a country with tons of greenery environment and scenic views, but that also means that there are just as much people who are heading out of their homes to exercise. To avoid the crowds, there are also certain places that are quieter than usual, which are perfect spots for you to have a ride.

One, for example, would be the Jurong Lake Gardens located in the western district of Singapore. It is Singapore’s new national gardens in the heartlands. This 90-hectare Garden comprises of Lakeside Garden, Chinese and Japanese Garden and Garden Promenade.

With the various broad walks and scenic views for you to ride and enjoy, you will definitely be able to keep a metre distance away from other users of the park. Though the Chinese and Japanese Garden will only be launched in 2021, you will be impressed by the views you can find in the existing sectors of Jurong Lake Garden.

Up the eastern part of Singapore, Coney Island is another area for you to discover. Besides being rich in history, Coney Island also houses various coastal forests, grasslands and mangroves. Home to a variety of flora and fauna. The park’s rustic terrains might make cycling bumpy at times, but be assured of the breezy and enjoyable experience on the 2.5 kilometres path.

Not to worry about the crowd as most people that you are going to meet will just be passerbys. Enjoy a thrilling ride through Coney Island as you cycle through Singapore’s underdeveloped parks.

For those up in the North, one of the more hidden parts of the North would be Chestnut Nature Park. With more than 20 biking trails within 1 park, you will be sure to explore different areas of the North. Depending on your level of expertise in cycling, there are trails that vary from easy to extremely challenging.

Be sure to plan out your route and notify your family members on your desired route, so they are know of your whereabouts.

Bring a Foldable Bike into the train

Having a foldable bike for solo riding

Enjoy some time with yourself when you go for a cycling ride alone during this period of time. However, when it starts to pour, or when you feel tired after riding for a while, you can fold your foldable bike, such as the CarryMe and the Birdy, quickly and roll the bike into the bus or train.

However, having a foldable bike for your solo riding might just make your life more convenient.


The Carry Me

If you are looking for a foldable bike that is compact and suitable for your daily needs, Carry Me is the bike for you. Weighing at only 8.4kg, Carry Me is the world’s lightest folding bike. While there are many who think that foldable bikes cannot match up to regular size because of its smaller dimensions, the Carry Me can certainly match up or even outperform some bikes. This is due to its large 84T crankset which makes pedalling the bikes or rolling up a slope a breeze. You can ride the Carry Me for your regular exercise or even to trails.

Riding solo with a Carry Me is easy as you can easily fold up the bike if you are too tired of riding it. The Carry Me is also public transport friendly. Once folded, you can bring it up the bus or MRT, roll it with the two small rear wheels at the back of the bike. The Carry Me is also easy to manoeuvre.

Birdy City

The Birdy  

The Birdy performance bikes are the most popular folding bikes in the market. With five different models available, the Birdy City, Birdy New Classic, Birdy GT, Birdy R20 and Birdy Rohloff, there will definitely be a bike suitable for you. Despite the current circuit breaker season, foldable bikes are in trend now. There are convenient, easy to fold and keeps you a metre distance away from other users.

If you really need to take public transport, simply put on a mask and fold your bike down. You can then roll it onto the train or bus. The Birdy models are also suitable for solo riding. All five models have their own distinct features, be it leisure riding or even trail riding.

Mighty Velo is the official distributor of Pacific Cycles’ Bicycles in SouthEast Asia. We carry both the Carry Me model and Birdy Bike models. With over 15 years of experience with foldable bikes, we gurantee to find the bike for you.

Find out more about our bikes on our website,, or email us your enquiries at [email protected]. Stay safe, ride solo!

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Best Foldable Bike for Solo Riding during Covid-19
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Best Foldable Bike for Solo Riding during Covid-19
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