Circuit Breaker Blues? Try cycling outside for Vitamin D!

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There are still a few more weeks before the circuit breaker officially ends. During this time, many people may feel antsy and want to go outside. This is normal. Although you should stay at home to combat COVID-19, that does not mean you should coop up in your room all day. Sunlight will not cure coronavirus, but there are benefits. Likewise, exercise can help with keeping the mind and body sharp. Hence, try cycling alone in your neighbourhood! Bike shops are open even now during the circuit breaker.

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Why it Feels Bad to Stay At Home All Day During the Circuit Breaker

For most, this circuit breaker may feel rough. It’s hard to adjust to huge and sudden changes in life. However, some changes are less obvious than others. For example, you would be out walking less often, which means you exercise less and get less sunlight exposure.

These may seem like minor changes; however, sun-strength rays help calibrate your body’s circadian “clock”. This is your body’s internal schedule. It tells you when you are hungry or sleepy. Disrupting your circadian rhythm can hurt your immune system and mood. A huge change in schedule, such as during circuit breaker, hurts the rhythm.

During the circuit breaker, more people stay at home, not realising that getting sunlight is important to their health. Your body produces vitamin D when exposed to the sun. Vitamin D boosts the immune system and overall health. Those with vitamin D deficiency are at an increased risk for depression. It may also impair brain health.

Additionally, there is the concept of the usual person having three places they visit often in their life. The circuit breaker messes with this idea. Working at home turns your house (first place) and work (second place) into one place. This ruins your work-life balance. It confuses your brain and makes it hard to separate work from home. Moreover, your “home” away from home (third place) may not be available to visit.

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Maintaining a Consistent Circadian Rhythm During Circuit Breaker

Keeping a constant circadian system can make you feel good enough to take on your problems. Try keeping a daily routine! By establishing a sense of regularity, it gives you some control over your sense of time. It does not need to be a detailed list. Even having a list of things that need completing during the day is enough.

Hence, try exercising outside! Getting some sun does not take much time out of your time. Experts say to go outside for 30-45 minutes every morning. Of course, you can eat foods rich in vitamin D. However, it might be hard to reach the requirement through food alone. However, the easiest source of vitamin D is sunlight. Besides, sunlight has zero calories. Additionally, Vitamin D can boost weight loss. It’s the perfect guilt-free snack for the mind!

The third problem may not be as easy to solve, especially if your living space is small. However, you can redefine these spaces. Try setting a dedicated workspace, preferably away from your bedroom. It can even be the kitchen counter. Physically setting up and packing away your workspace may help bring you in and out of work mode. Going out to the neighbourhood to exercise can bring a change in the environment and take your mind off work. By having “places” you can associate with a certain activity and mood, you can maintain a good work-life balance.

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Why go outside to cycle?

When exercising outside, you can opt to walk, jog or cycle. Every exercise has its benefits. Cycling is less harsh on the body. Cycling strengthens your knees while keeping low pressure on them. Moreover, low-intensity cycling and high-intensity cycling is just as effective for function and aerobic capacity. Running and cycling are both equally beneficial for cardiovascular health. However, since cycling is gentler on the body, you can ride longer and faster.

However, if you exercise vigorously, don’t overdo yourself. Vigorous exercise more than 5 hours a week or 60 minutes a day can begin to have negative effects on your cardiovascular health.

Apart from building immunity, cycling can help with your mental state. It can reduce stress and risk of depression. Additionally, Cycling boosts your energy levels and helps you sleep better. This can help productivity.

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Getting a bike

If you are looking for a bicycle to ride during this circuit breaker period, Mightyvelo has you covered. Our online store is open for business. MightyVelo is the official distributor for Pacific Cycles in Southeast Asia. Our Mechanics have been trained directly at Pacific Cycles HQ in Taiwan and can do proper maintenance and repair work on our bicycles. Every bicycle comes with a 2-year warranty on frame and 1-year warranty on parts.

Circuit Breaker Blues? Try cycling outside for Vitamin D!
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Circuit Breaker Blues? Try cycling outside for Vitamin D!
Feeling anxious or depressed during the circuit breaker? Try cycling outside! It might be the emotional boost you need to tackle your problems!
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