Cannot cycle? Use a Tricycle during Circuit breaker!

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Maintaining good health is part of maintaining a good life. This is especially important during the COVID-19 period. Healthy people have better immunity against diseases, including the coronavirus. Anyone can exercise! If running is too hard, try cycling. Cannot cycle? Fear Cycling? consider using a tricycle during circuit breaker. With a tricycle, solo exercising in the neighbourhood is easy.

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Why a Tricycle is Effective?

In short, yes! A tricycle is a whole-body exercise. It works your body, your muscles and your brain. While it might not make you lose 5kg in a month, there are many reasons to stay active. It is stable, hence even those who cannot cycle can.

Cycling can improve your heart health. Any movement, even pedalling, will get your heart pumping. Even sucking in your stomach and exhaling will exercise your abs to an extent. By improving your cardiovascular system, it reduces the risk of diabetes. This improves your immune system, even against COVID-19.

Cycling, even on a tricycle, can prevent the onset of osteoporosis and reduce arthritis. If you have stiff joints, the tricycle can help!  It also helps build lower body muscles in a low-impact way. For example, it is gentle on the knees, while moving them through their range of muscles and strengthening the muscles that support the knees.

Going out to soak up some sun is good for health as well. Vitamin D is also crucial for bone health and Alzheimer’s prevention. This reduces falls and fractures. Vitamin D also regulates mood. With a tricycle, you can gain the benefits of cycling, even if you cannot cycle.

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Using the CarryAll to learn how to cycle

If you are looking for a fast and speedy vehicle, the tricycle is not for you. However, if you cannot cycle but want to, you can use a tricycle. A trike builds on the same muscles that a bicycle does. Hence, if you want to gain the muscles required to cycle, a tricycle is the ride for you!

It’s not only built for the elderly. even if you cannot cycle because of fear, a tricycle can help you to build the confidence to pick up a conventional bike.

Its slow pace is fitting to those who cannot cycle because they are nervous about cycling. Unlike usual bikes, which come to a sudden stop, the CarryAll comes to a slow halt. When negotiating turns, it does not make any sharp bends. You don’t have to worry about toppling off when on a tricycle.

Cycling can also help with coordination and refining mental disposition. Cycling a bicycle requires hand-eye coordination, as well as the arms and legs to work together. This might be a lot for some people. Tricycles require the same skills but are easier to handle.

If you cannot balance, don’t worry! With three wheels, the tricycle is very stable. Hence, those who may feel nervous about cycling can relax on a tricycle. They could even ride solo. This boosts independence; hence it helps self-confidence and self-esteem.

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The CarryAll Folding Trike

The sleek and unique design of the CarryAll looks stylish. It resembles its sister bike, the CarryMe. Its design is also more discrete than the other adult tricycles on the market. Thus, it is good for those who want something different from the usual trike design.

There is a reason for its unique design. The CarryAll is the only adult folding Trike. Like the CarryMe, it takes 15 seconds to fold and unfold. While folded, it can also stand, so you don’t need to hold onto it. The wheels are 8 inches large each, unlike most trikes, which have massive wheels. This makes it very compact in comparison with other trikes. Because of that, it can roll into public transport on its two rear wheels.  Furthermore, the CarryAll can store in the corner of your house easily.

The CarryAll is extremely light compared to the usual trike. In fact, it’s just a little heavier than a big rice sack at 10.3 kg. However, it is still strong. It can still support up to 100kg.

If you are looking to buy a tricycle or bicycle during this circuit breaker period, Mightyvelo is open. Our online store is open for business. MightyVelo is the official distributor for Pacific Cycles in Southeast Asia. Our Mechanics have been trained directly at Pacific Cycles HQ in Taiwan and can do proper maintenance and repair work on our bicycles. Every bicycle comes with a 2-year warranty on frame and 1-year warranty on parts.

Cannot cycle? Use a Tricycle during Circuit breaker!
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Cannot cycle? Use a Tricycle during Circuit breaker!
Cannot cycle? Cannot Balance? Want to anyway? Try using the CarryAll trike to cycle. Mightyvelo's online store is open during the circuit breaker.
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