Ride with the 24 Speed Birdy Touring beyond Circuit Breaker

With only 2 weeks left till the end of Circuit Breaker in Singapore, you might be considering getting a bike to start cycling once Circuit Breaker is over. During this period, the number of Singaporeans who have turned to ride as their form of exercise and commute has significantly increased. After all, cycling is now encouraged as it is a one-man activity. However, during phase 1 of Singapore’s reopening, Mighty Velo will remain close. This is because retail stores can only open in phase 2. Therefore, do not wait any longer. Start riding today. Let us introduce the latest addition to our Birdy family, the 24-Speed Birdy Touring.

Introducing Birdy Touring

The Birdy Touring comes with the Sturmey Archer 3-Speed hub, combining the advantage of hub and the derailleurs gears to offer you an exceptionally wide range of gears. With 24-speeds, you can practically ride your bike everywhere!

The Shimano Sora RB-3000GS derailleur also allows you to shift between gears with ease. Whether it’s climbing up a tough climb, or a steep slope, or even just leisure riding, you can always find the right gear for your ride.

Designed for all kinds of riding, the Birdy Touring provides you with a smooth and cushion-feel like ride experience, especially with its 18 x 2.0” Schwalbe Big Apple tyres. It is as if you are riding on a layer of air. The tyres are also especially thick, so you do not need to worry about them wearing out in a short amount of time.

The Birdy Touring also comes in the G3 Monocoque 7005-T6 Aluminum frame which prevents the rusting of your bike. You will not need to worry about any rust forming on your bike, even after storing it aside for a period of time.

Whether you are looking at a bike for leisure riding or even for road riding, this Birdy Touring is the bike for you!

Start Cycling during Circuit Breaker?

Cycling is one of the few forms of exercise that you can do alone outdoors during this period. Cycling brings about a lot of benefits to one’s health and the environment. Not only does it bring up your body immunity, it also benefits your mental health.

Pushing pedals provides you with a great aerobic workout, which is great for your heart, brain and blood vessels. Riding a bike can also be your chosen form of transport. Commuting by bike is cheap, green and one of the easiest ways to fit exercise into your routine. Regular cycling also reduces the risk of chronic illnesses such as heart diseases, diabetes and stroke.

A 30-minute cycle every day goes a long way. Aerobic exercises also trigger the release of endorphins, which makes you feel good and young at heart. Increased happiness leads to lower stress levels. Staying indoors all day working from home can feel stressful and claustrophobic at times. Going out for a cycle can calm you down, and bring your heart rate up. Numerous studies have also shown that daily exercise can reduce stress, alleviate symptoms of depression, improve sleep patterns and even reduce anxiety. Furthermore, exercising outdoors can boost self-confidence and improve overall mood.

Rules when Cycling during Circuit Breaker

Before you head out for your bike ride, do remember that you are only allowed to cycle alone, not even with family members of the same household. While you do not need to wear a mask when you are cycling, you do need to put on one when you are rolling your bike or heading off to a hawker centre to get food.

Consider getting a foldable bike this Circuit Breaker period. Foldable bikes are lighter in weight than those non-folding ones and are definitely more compact in design, You can easily store your bike in your apartment without taking much space. If you are looking for a bike for leisure riding or even for road riding, consider the 24-Speeds Birdy Touring!

Mighty Velo

Might Velo is the official distributor for Pacific Cycles in Singapore and Southeast Asia. We are also the only distributor in SouthEast Asia that offer you 17 Birdy Frame colours for you to choose from. All our bikes are built from the ground upon order.

As we will soon enter phase 1 of Singapore’s reopening, there is no definite date as to when our retail store will open. Wait no longer. Start riding today to build your exercise routine. Visit us on shop.mightyvelo.com to get your hands on our latest Birdy Touring! If you have any enquiries, feel free to drop us an enquiries on our Facebook or Instagram, or email us at [email protected]. Till then, stay safe and stay healthy!

Ride with the 24 Speed Birdy Touring beyond Circuit Breaker
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Ride with the 24 Speed Birdy Touring beyond Circuit Breaker
If you want to ride a bike during the Circuit Breaker and beyond, you should go for the latest Birdy. Find out more about the Birdy Touring in our article.
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