Circuit Breaker: How to buy a bicycle during Phase 1?

Birdy City

With the latest news, we know that Singapore will slowly be opening over 3 phases from 1 June. Even after the Circuit Breaker ends, up to 70% of the population will still be working from home. A lot of retail shops, including bicycle stores in Singapore, will remain closed until Phase 2. This means that those who wanted to buy a bike after the Circuit Breaker will not be able to… a retail store at least. Bicycle shops are now selling their products online! So, if you are looking to get a bicycle during Phase 1 of the extended Circuit Breaker, you should do it online.

Cycling has become even more popular during the Circuit Breaker. Many cyclists are getting back into riding a bike as they have more time to do so. Cycling is a great way to keep active and commute short distances after all. It improves your immune system and helps fight diseases. Out of the growing number, a large group are new cyclists or. Many cyclists are now also switching to or straight-up buying a good folding bike. This is because of their compact folded sizes, which makes it easy to store them at home. Plus they can be brought along with you when you are out and about. No need to find a bike rack or pole to lock your bike to.

You may be wondering how you can get a foldable bicycle online during Phase 1 of Circuit Breaker 2.0. Well, first you’ll have to decide on a good brand you want to buy. Most cyclists will be slightly overwhelmed by the choices of foldable bicycles online. Almost every online bike shop in Singapore has a model of folding bicycle. Which is better is harder to tell now as you can’t test ride bikes since retail stores are closed.

Finding a Good Folding Bicycle

There are a few things you should look out for when looking for a good foldable bike. Firstly, look for a bicycle that suits your riding needs. Researching on a folding bicycle is a good way to see if it fits you. This may take some time, but you will be investing in a folding bicycle for Phase 1 and beyond. So put in the effort and you’ll surely enjoy and appreciate your folding bike when it arrives.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying your folding bicycle. The most important thing is the number of gears it has. A good, quality folding bicycle will have 8 or more speeds. Any less and you’re going to be struggling on slopes and rougher roads. 8 speeds give you the minimum amount of variety to conquer most routes in Singapore. 

Though if you are a new cyclist or someone who is focusing solely on leisure rides, you can opt for a single-speed bike. They are easier to maintain as they only have a single gear. A good single-speed bike can be used for short commutes to the supermarket or train station to get to work. 

Birdy Foldable Bikes

The Birdy bikes start at 8 speeds and go all the way up to 24. They are one of the most popular folding bikes in the world. Designed in Germany and made in Taiwan, you can’t get better quality anywhere else. 

If you’re new to the folding bike world, start off with the Birdy City. The Birdy City is the entry-level of the monocoque Birdy bikes. It comes with upgraded parts that make it a different variant entry-level bike than the new classic. The biggest stand out compared to the New Classic would be the frame. The City comes with the new Birdy monocoque frame. Made of a single welded piece of aluminium, this frame provides extra rigidity and stability when cycling. It doesn’t flex a lot when riding on uneven surfaces and at faster speeds. 

For cyclists who want a bit more should check out the latest Birdy model, the Birdy Touring. The Touring comes with the widest group set of any Birdy bike. It has a staggering 24 speeds to go through when out cycling. The Touring is equipped for more slopped and hilly conditions. If you enjoy riding on roads with steep inclines, it will be perfect for you.

Both the City and Touring models also come with both front and rear suspension. This is a must for any good folding bicycle. The full suspension system gives you a lot more comfort and stability as compared to a single-side suspension. It also ensures less wear and tear on the fork of the bicycle frame.

Finding the Bicycle Shop for you

Now that you know the type of foldable bike to get, you need to find a store to buy one from. Look for a good, reputable folding bike seller to ensure you get quality service. If you search for folding bikes online, you will find many stores selling them. You’ll have to find the best from the crowd. Look out for these traits when deciding.

Find a company that has been selling folding bikes for a few years. The longer they have sold folding bikes, the more knowledgable they will be about those bikes. You can quickly scan their ‘about us’ page to see how long they’ve been around. You should also look for reviews from Google.

Secondly, look for a company that sells Taiwan or German made folding bicycles. These two countries produce the best foldable bikes in the world. Folding bikes from these two countries are of quality build and make. Each bike is put together with care and precision to give you the best ride experience.

Mighty Velo the Folding Bike Specialists

Mighty Velo has been specialising in folding bicycles for over 15 years. We introduced popular brands like the Birdy, IFMove, CarryMe, Reach and CarryAll to the South East Asia market and grew their popularity here. All our folding bikes are manufactured in Taiwan by Pacific Cycles. Our Birdy bike models have been designed and engineered by German engineers, Riese and Mueller. 

We also provide excellent after service care to all our customers. When you buy a bike from us you are guaranteed a 2 years warranty on parts and one year warranty on the bicycle frame. Our team of highly skilled mechanics also provide *free checks and tunings for any bike bought from us.

So do not hesitate any more, get your folding bicycle from us today! We are available online at You can also find us on Lazada, Shopee and Qoo10.

Don’t wait any longer. Get start your cycling journey with us today!


*Free check and tunings only apply for 1 year from the date of bike collection.