Foldable bike : Buy one during Phase 1 or during Phase 2?

If you are planning to get a good quality foldable bike, there are two options. Phase 1 or Phase 2? Retail shops will only open after Phase 2. You can wait until Phase 2 starts to get a foldable bike. However, there’s no need to wait! Bike shops are online now during Phase 1. Give yourself time to adapt to the new normal after circuit breaker and get a bike during Phase 1 now. There are many reasons to buy now rather than later.

Phase 1 Might Take longer Than You Can Handle

Simply put, no one knows. Phase 1 could last a month. It could last several. That uncertainty makes it better to buy a folding bike now than later. Furthermore, supplies are limited. The bike you want might be sold out by Phase 2, meaning you have to wait longer. Additionally, any deals you see might phase out over time, so waiting for the best deal might not work out in your favour.

Build yourself in Phase 1 to prepare for Phase 2

In just a month, you can do so much with a bike. It also allows you to know your limits. From there, you can set better goals for yourself.

If you plan to cycle to work, it’s good to familiarize yourself with the grounds to a degree, even if you can’t go all the way yet. For urban riding, familiarize yourself by riding around in your neighbourhood. Some practice is better than nothing.

Exercise keeps you healthy in body and mind. Apart from strengthening your bones and muscles, it also increases your energy levels. It also keeps your mind sharp. Most importantly, it strengthens your immunity against COVID-19. Cycling is perfect for getting into shape even if you have not cycled for a long time. Cycling is perfect for those who want to get in shape since it’s gentler on the body compared to running. Cycling is famous for strengthening your lower body. However, it also improves your body balance. This starts only from the moment you exercise.

Additionally, routines aren’t built in a day. A habit takes 18-254 days to form. A month is about 30 days. If you get a bike now, you can practice during Phase 1 and ride with confidence in Phase 2!

What if I still want to buy in Phase 2?

Walking around outside also increases your risk of catching COVID-19. During Phase 2, you are allowed to walk around and shop. However, everyone else will also be out and about. Without a foldable bike, you would likely take public transport. Furthermore, with safe distancing measures put in place, you might have to wait a long time to even get in. Of course, you could take a taxi, but at that point, it would be better to pay the shipping fee and get it earlier.

Phase 2 would also come with a lot of restrictions. Currently, there is SafeEntry. However, they might introduce more measures. Furthermore, with safe distancing measures put in place, you might have to wait a long time to even get in.

If you plan to wait until Phase 2 to buy a bike, there are likely 10 more people who want to do the same. Everyone wants to go out. For reference, see the queues at Macdonald’s. This means the queues would be longer.

You could wait a few days or weeks for the queue to lessen. However, the model or colour you want might sell out by then.

By comparison, buying it now at the comfort of your home is easier, faster and more convenient.

Buying without Test Riding

There are plenty of ways to find out more about a bike if you want to know more. Mightyvelo can help! PM us on Facebook and Instagram or email us at hello@mightyvelo if you have any questions. We are also available on Lazada, Carousell, Qoo10 and Shopee.

MightyVelo is the official distributor for Pacific Cycles in Southeast Asia. Our Mechanics have been trained directly at Pacific Cycles HQ in Taiwan and can do proper maintenance and repair work on our bicycles. Every bicycle comes with a 2-year warranty on frame and 1-year warranty on parts.

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Foldable bike : Buy one during Phase 1 or during Phase 2?
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Foldable bike : Buy one during Phase 1 or during Phase 2?
Can't decide whether you should get a foldable bike now or in Phase 2? Read on to find out the reasons as to why you should get it now instead of waiting.
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