Adult Folding Tricycle: First time with the Carry All

Before I started cycling, I was in bad shape. I loathed exercise and had a thousand excuses to avoid it. However, during circuit breaker, my mom decided she had enough and bought me a CarryAll adult folding tricycle. She told me if I stuck to this for a month, she would buy me anything I wanted. I took up her dare. Even now, I’m still cycling in Phase 1.

Before Circuit Breaker

As I said, I had a lot of excuses. There was little “me” time as it was, much less exercise time. When I was still “fit”, it meant I did not have to exercise. However, that left my body on the decline. However, the less fit I was, the more I had reasons to not exercise.

Yoga was bad because it was impossible to bend. Running was bad for my knees due to my weight. Gyms were expensive. Cycling was no-go because I cannot cycle. I was too heavy to balance anyway.

Getting to know the CarryAll

When Circuit breaker arrived, I was happy. No long bus rides? “self-directed” learning? Sign me up! The first day was great and I looked forward to the rest of the months. However, little did I know what my parents had different plans in store.

One day, a large package arrived. My mom looked unusually happy with this purchase. However, I wrote it off as one of her crazy shopping sprees. At least, I did until she called me over. It put a bad feeling in my stomach. I trudged over to her and the mysterious contraption beside her. Apparently, my parents got me an adult folding tricycle.

After she fought against my excuses, I accepted the promise and went to cycle. As my father taught me how to unfold the trike, I sighed. It’s just for thirty days, I told myself. With my eyes on the prize, I took it for a spin.

At 90kg I was nervous that I would be too much for the trike. However, it was very stable. After going around the neighbourhood for 30 minutes, I was a little breathy but alright. It felt easy enough. I smiled at how easy the next 30 days will be.

Changes after riding the CarryAll

However, after a week, I felt my first difference. My mom asked me if I had grown taller. Curious, I measured myself. That was when I noticed. I didn’t grow taller, I grew more confident.

After that, I noticed more about myself. I woke up earlier and even felt better. I went into class refreshed. Homework was less draining. It was like my messy desk of a brain got cleaned up.

In the past, I would spend most of my time sleeping. However, now, my body started to get restless at times, especially when I got stuck on a question. After a joyride or two, my mind felt clear of worries.

Seeing me cycle had made my dad want to cycle as well. He took his work bike and joined me. We started to cycle around the neighbourhood regularly. Thanks to that, our relationship improved. It’s not just my dad. My mom was very happy seeing I work so hard. She no longer nagged as much and I was thankful.

My physique also improved. I stopped having back pain. I also became stronger. I tried doing sit-ups just to test myself. In the past, I barely did 20. Now, I can at least do 30. Confidence boosted, I started to do other exercises to improve myself further.

Riding on a CarryAll Now

Even after circuit breaker came and went, I continued to cycle. Instead of cycling for the prize, cycling became a prize in and of itself. I have started to try cycling on a bike. It’s a bit different from the trike, but the joy of pedalling is still there.

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Adult Folding Tricycle: First time with the Carry All
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Adult Folding Tricycle: First time with the Carry All
The CarryAll is the world's only adult folding tricycle. Find out from one of our customers on her experience with the CarryAll during the Circuit Breaker.
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