CarryMe: Enjoying a Solo Bike Ride In Your Neighbourhood

CarryMe Cycling Neighbourhood

Phase 2 will start soon. However, COVID-19 is still a problem. During Phase 2, sports, parks and other public facilities can reopen. However, there will likely be a lot of people using it. Social distancing will be difficult. Ironically, now would be the perfect time to exercise in the neighbourhood. With more people going out to other places to exercise or visit retail shops, fewer people will exercise in the neighbourhood. Cycling in your neighbourhood is also much safer and better for social distancing, as compared to going to the gym. Most people are going to continue telecommuting. However, public transport will be crowded. Skip the crowd! Consider an alternate form of transport, like cycling. From circuit breaker till now, I used the CarryMe to solo ride. It’s a good way to stay healthy and combat coronavirus. Despite its small 8-inch wheels, you can go far with it. If you need to travel short distances quickly, the CarryMe is perfect for that!

CarryMe Neighbourhood cycling

Cycling Around my Home

At the start of the circuit breaker, I started cycling around my immediate neighbourhood. Since I couldn’t cycle, it was a good place to learn the basics of cycling. I could also build up the stamina to cycle further. By cycling around a couple of HDB blocks regularly, I could remain healthy and safe.

The single-speed CarryMe was perfect for exercising, especially for beginners. Since its wheels are small, it was a lot easier to become stable. Additionally, it was easy to turn, so it was fun to navigate sharp turns and tight corners.

I trained by snaking around the grills on pedestrian paths and navigating tight corners. After a while, I felt confident enough to cycle outwards.

Cycling around the Neighbourhood

After a month, they announced the circuit breaker extension. Since I improved my cycling stamina and skill, I decided to up the challenge, while obeying the law. I circled the neighbourhood block. There happened to be a rather steep hill, so I got a lot of exercise from it.

At first, I could barely cycle up the hill, even with multiple breaks. However, I kept at it and cycled. After a few weeks, I only needed one break at the top. As I trained, I got stronger.  By the time Phase 1 rolled around, I could cycle up without any troubles. I could even look around and enjoy the scenery while I was going at it.

The best part about climbing up the hill is travelling down the hill. Since the CarryMe is light with small wheels, acceleration was fast. I liked feeling the wind hit my face as I rolled down.

CarryMe Neighbourhood cycling Sunset

Testing Out My Strength With the CarryMe

After conquering the hill, I felt like testing myself. Hence, I tried cycling for an hour on the other side of the neighbourhood. After cycling around the neighbourhood once, I followed a local park connector all the way to the nearby ITE. On the way, I saw a lot of cyclists. Of course, with their larger wheels, they blasted past me. However, I enjoyed myself all the same. After reaching my goal, I felt like that was enough. When I cycled back, it was sunset. The sky was a treat to behold.

CarryMe into a Hawker Centre

After challenging myself to a 1-hour bike ride, I was more confident in my cycling skills. Hence, I moved on to using it for other purposes.

The CarryMe is a foldable bike. It is also very compact. Not only could I fold and roll it into public transport, but I could also bring it into the hawker centre. Since it was quick and easy to fold, I could roll it around the market without trouble. I could even queue up with it beside me. Hence, I didn’t need to be wary of bike thieves.

I also got a lot of compliments on my bike.  While I was ordering food, A random uncle came up to me, complimenting my bike. He asked me where I bought it from and showed interest in the unique folded form.

After that, I went to buy a drink. As I waited for that, I unfolded my bike, ready to ride off. I heard some murmurs as some nearby uncles admired my bike.

CarryMe fold and roll into wet market

Getting a CarryMe


If you are looking to get a CarryMe for yourself, MightyVelo is online now! MightyVelo is the official distributor for Pacific Cycles in Southeast Asia. Our Mechanics have been trained directly at Pacific Cycles HQ in Taiwan and can do proper maintenance and repair work on our bicycles. Every bicycle comes with a 2-year warranty on frame and 1-year warranty on parts.


CarryMe: Enjoying a Solo Bike Ride In Your Neighbourhood
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CarryMe: Enjoying a Solo Bike Ride In Your Neighbourhood
Phase 2 may be coming soon, but you can enjoy yourself by cycling in your neighbourhood! The CarryMe is small but mighty! With it, you can have fun!
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