Cycling is the New Way to Commute during Covid

Even in our small little Red Dot, there are many ways to get around the city. Driving a car, using motorcycles. We even have public transport. On a smaller scale, we could opt for personal mobility devices. But, you must ensure that the device meets the criteria and you should follow the regulations when riding. Cycling is one of the ways you can get around the city, but with a foldable bike like Birdy? You can even go intermodal!

Mixed-mode commuting involves using two or more modes of transportation in their journey. In cities, we often live and see these modes of transportation as some of us bike to and from work. In Singapore, we often use the train and bike in combination. Ever get tired of biking? Or it suddenly rains? You can simply fold your bike and call a cab when these events happen. These are considered intermodal as well.

Better and Faster than Public Transport

“My route to work was 5km, and I assumed that it would take more time than riding the train. However, once I started to commute by bike, I found out that it actually took less time. The Founder and President of Iruka Inc. had mentioned this on his website when he first started cycling to work. Not only do you get to work much quicker, but you get to skip the crowded mornings on the train. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, you might want to consider biking to work to avoid the crowds and potential clusters.

Even when you do need to ride the train, you would barely have any spatial concerns. Foldable bikes brands, such as the Birdy, CarryMe, and IFMove, take up a small footprint on the train or bus when folded.

So not only do you get to potentially avoid crowds, but you avoid paying for public transport fees as well. Foldable bikes that are regularly maintained can have a long life cycle alongside the following health benefits.

Healthier for you

Cycling promotes weight loss. For sure when you think about losing weight and building strength, you would think of the gym. Cycling, however, is an exercise that can be integrated into your daily lives. Biking to work, to your favourite hawker place, to the train or bus. It could even replace walking. A good bike can go at a low intensity and still exercise and work your joints. Other benefits of cycling include stabilizing your core to improve your balance and posture and strengthening your back muscles.

And once you start biking to work, it becomes part of your daily life. You might think that it might be a hassle to go to work biking and perhaps sweaty depending on the weather. But many people had given feedback that a morning cycle can put you in a better headspace and energizes you.

Speaking of health, you can’t talk about it without also mentioning your mental well-being as well. It’s no secret that any form of exercise improves your mental health but what is it about cycling in particular?

I would say it’s the experience of hopping on the bike, going outside and seeing the seemingly infinite roads that you can travel as you feel the wind breeze by your face. It takes your mind off of work, worries and stress because all you would be focusing on is balancing, thinking about where to go, and your emotions. It’s a great space and moment for you to exercise not only the body, but mindfulness as well as it forces you to think about the ride.


You would think that because you might be too busy going past places, you are actually missing out opportunities to meet new people compared to a traditional gym where you’re able to interact and socialize with the people around you. Socializing in this sport can take the form of talking to fellow cyclists in forums, Facebook groups or pages and even in the people around you as you can be seen rolling your folding bike around and catch the interest of the people around your neighbourhood.

You can talk about your favourite cyclist, exchange tips and tricks and discuss different components of bicycles with bike experts for example, but one of the more common ways is when you own a unique folding bike such as the CarryMe, it can intrigue people and prompt people to approach you about your bike. A recent experience that my a friend of mine had was that she was approached by an elderly man who had taken interest while she was rolling the CarryMe while she was at the marketplace.

When you’ve created these communities and groups with a common interest in cycling in mind, you can create an extremely close bond with people. Though cycling can be done beyond daily life and short-distance, certain bikes perform well in long-distance biking as well and during this long-distance rides, it can create bonds between your buddies as you spend time with them before, during and after rides.


Cycling is very eco-friendly, more likely to know their local roads and are able to avoid traffic. It’s an optimal time as well to appreciate your surrounds and the nature around you as Singapore puts a lot of pride in building a green city. It is no surprise that the more you bike, the less you are calling up private-hires, taxis, buses and trains, which cuts down your carbon footprint, as it then reduces the air pollutants if there’s one less car on the road.

The more people cycle, there would be a lesser need for building parking lots and roadways, which you can imagine takes up a lot of space. Furthermore, folding bikes can be compact and be easily stored in a small space in your house. In a country like Singapore, space is something that we always consider and think about everyday as most of us live in HDBs and don’t have a lot of space to store one bicycle, much less multiple ones that some people do. With this innovative idea of folding bikes, we are then able to do so.

All in all, these are some reasons of why cycling is the new way of commuting, and if you’re not already cycling, these are then further reasons why you should integrate cycling into your daily routines. This list is definitely not exhaustive and everyone’s experiences are unique to each to their own needs, but this should be motivation for you to hop on a bike, a foldable bike, to explore the roads and enjoy the fun of cycling.

Cycling is the New Way to Commute during Covid
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Cycling is the New Way to Commute during Covid
Are you looking to start cycling during Covid-19? Read on to find out about the health benefits as well as overall good cycling can do for you.
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