Bicycle Stock: Why Mighty Velo still has them

Ever since the pandemic had sent people to their homes to self-quarantine. It has also sent a lot of people into panic buying for a lot of essential items. For example toilet paper, meat products, instant noodles – who knew that in this list, bicycle stock would be included as well?

Bicycle sales have seen a spike over the past two months due to COVID-19. Bike shop owners in the Philippine capital, Manila, had even said that the demand for bicycle stock is stronger than at Christmas. Due to it’s boom in sales, it has led to shortages that would take weeks, or months to resolve. But Mighty Velo had taken steps prior to this in order to ensure that we would not suffer as much during this period.

Reasons for pandemic bicycle boom

As gyms and public facilities shut down, people had then been cut off for how many ways they could exercise. This forces them to look for another way to do so. Some people also started to get restless after a month and look for ways to get out. They didn’t want to stay indoors and do home-based exercise. That is why they turned to cycling.

This is especially true for people who has someone that is dependent on them.

For example, a child could buy their parent a CarryAll. With it, they don’t need to worry that their parent is not getting enough exercise being stuck at home. The CarryAll would be perfect as it is a tricycle for someone who can’t cycle.

Parents can also opt to buy the CarryMe or one of the Birdy models for their kids. Perhaps the Birdy City or the Birdy New Classic which are entry-level models. This so their child can go out to exercise rather than be on the phone or laptop all day.

The boom of bicycles worldwide is because of its many uses. It may become the norm for some of us to use bicycles instead of taking normal public transportation.

Mighty Velo still has stocks

Mighty Velo, as it is, still has an abundance of bicycle stock for the public. To clarify, we are the only bike company in the world that offers 17 frame colours for the Birdy bikes.

We still have stocks as during the pandemic, a lot of bike shops might have chosen to opt to not order bikes anymore due to loss of sales. However for our case, we have always placed regular bike orders with our manufacturer, Pacific Cycles who is based in Taiwan. We place bike orders with Pacific Cycles every month and even though we didn’t sell a bike in those first few weeks of Circuit Breaker, we took the risk and continued to order bikes even through that month.

Now we are not facing any shortage of stocks, and are still regularly getting bike orders, and building those bike orders.

Birdy Touring

Online demand for Mighty Velo bikes

As we have new bicycle stock shipments often coming in, and with our range of new and many models such as the Birdy, CarryMe, Reach GT and IF Move, we have been getting a lot of bike orders that we’re proud to work and we work hard to keep building the bicycles every day. We are also the only bike company that offers 17 frame colours for our Birdy models.

We built the bikes one bike at a time, taking careful attention to each bike as it takes 3-4 hours to build one bike for one customer. It requires a lot of patience as well as experienced bike building skills. As for training, our mechanics were trained first hand by Pacific Cycles so they are able to build the bikes. We have been building out bikes every day since last November, so there is a big difference between a regular mechanic compared to our in-house mechanic’s skills.

Get Your Bike Now!

We also have been very diligent about our online presence, especially in answering and responding to customers online. We find it very important to offer quick and fast response through PM in our social media (Instagram/Facebook) or on our market places (Carousell, Qoo10, Shopee, Lazada) or in our email at [email protected], we always offer replies within the day, sometimes within minutes.

Mighty Velo also takes care that you do not buy a bike that you don’t necessarily need, as we listen to your cycling needs, what you specifically plan to cycle for, and recommend you a bike with those needs in mind. We try to carry all of these out without being able to carry out test rides. It is possible to buy a good foldable performance bike like Birdy without test rides, and only through online asking. You can see reviews from previous bike orders that yes, it is possible.

Therefore, as with a lot of problems that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon us, there is no easy solution, but you can always trust us to have your best interests in mind in terms of cycling, and we will take the risk so that we do not face shortages in the future as well.

Bicycle Stock: Why Mighty Velo still has them
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Bicycle Stock: Why Mighty Velo still has them
Bicycle stock levels around the globe have fallen during Covid-19. At Mighty Velo, you won't have to worry about getting a bike. Read on to find out why!
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