Quality Foldable Bike – The Iruka Folding Bike

Iruka Folding Bike

After a lockdown for almost two months, Singapore is stepping into the second phase of its reopening. Most retail businesses and various economy sectors will start opening up. You will notice more people out onto the streets and on public transport. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone’s way of living. We are now living in an era of social distancing to keep ourselves and the people around us safe. Foldable bikes are currently on the rise, as many look at it not only as a form of transportation but also a lifestyle habit. While there are many foldable bike models in the market, which quality folding bike truly meet your cycling needs? Meet iruka, your minimalist riding partner.

Hailed from Japan, iruka is a transformer bike, that can change its form into four modes to suit the scene – run, wait, walk, sleep. You will require no tools to fold and unfold the bike.

Run Mode of Iruka Run it.

The iruka folding bicycle debunks the misconception that smalls wheels cannot go fast. With its 18-inch wheels, the iruka propels you 6.9 metres with a single pedal rotation in top gear. That is about one and a half times more than your average single speed commuter.

With its precise gear ratio settings and a high rigidity frame, the iruka efficiently converts the pedalling force to propulsive force. The stable geometric design of the iruka also ensures you stability at high speed, and this is all made possible with the iruka, a quality folding bike.

When riding in urban cities like Singapore, agility, speed, and flexibility is vital in an excellent foldable bike. As you are cruising through your neighbourhood in the iruka, its 18-inch wheels handle frequent starts-and-stops well. The Shimano Alfine 8 Speed hub also makes it highly capable for high-speed riding or steep climbing, with the small rotor disc brake operating efficiently and effectively.

Wait Mode of Iruka

Wait it.

You do not need to worry if you did not purchase a kickstand for your iruka. When you fold in iruka’s rear wheels, it acts as a kickstand. The bike becomes 2/3 of its overall length, so you will only need half the parking space of ordinary bikes.

Walk it.

There is always the misconception that compact folding bikes are a pain to carry around. However, with the iruka, you will never face that problem. Its front and rear wheels fold parallel and allow you to fold the bike like a carry cart. The iruka is also within the dimensions for foldable bicycles to be upload public transport, so you can definitely bring your iruka into the train or bus with you. Whether you’re at the train station, airport terminal or even your office hallways, you can roll your iruka with ease.

Sleep Mode of Iruka


The iruka can be folded 30 per cent smaller than ordinary folding bikes at 78cm (W) x 48cm (H) x 35cm (D). When folded down, the iruka forms a perfect rectangular shape. This fits right in a car trunk, on a train seat, under your desk or any other space. You can easily fit it into a narrow space when stored vertically, though it is not able to stand on its own. The ratio of the iruka is almost like a Golden Ratio when folded down, sending the aesthetic pleasure to one’s eye.

Iruka Folding Bike

Story of iruka

iruka is the brainchild of Masaki Mark Kobayashi, Founder and President of iruka inc. Back in 2004, Mr Kobatashi had no idea what type of bikes he should get. When he first walked into the bike store, the foldable bike section caught his attention.

After riding a specific brand’s foldable bike, Mr Kobayashi finds the beauty in his new transportation partner and rides it to almost everywhere. However, as he continues to ride the foldable bike, he began to see certain flaws. Hence, he decided to create the foldable bike of his own.

When Mr Kobayashi founded iruka Inc in 2008, he spent almost a year designing the basic structure of the bike before visiting factories to look for a partner who would build the prototype and handle mass production. He faced many challenges during the process.

Mr Kobayashi was finally able to move the project forward and finalise the details in the winter of 2015 after many changes were revised from the original plan for the better. A factory in Central Taiwan expressed its keen, interest in iruka and its president was also an excellent engineer. After the creation of two test models, mass production of iruka finally began in 2019.

Iruka Logo

Technical Specs and Design

With a quality folding bike, the bike can bring you to almost anywhere. The iruka is designed to be able to park without a kickstand. The design concept of iruka is to be able to achieve all its four modes simply and smartly.

Jack Knife Frame

Jackknife Frame

What makes the iruka so unique is the pair of symmetrical arcs. The rear wheel folds into the centre slit, enabling the bike to fold beautifully compact. The highly rigid structure is achieved by doing away the hinge on the top tube, resulting in unprecedented (high level of) rideability and portability.

Front and Rear Fork

The front fork is designed with only a single cantilevered bar supporting the wheel from the left. The front and rear wheels can fold parallel and coaxial to one another, allowing the bike to be easily rolled while remaining in its folded position.

Even with only the rear wheel folded, the bike is able to stand on its own and rest on the front end of the rear frame. The elastomer suspension is mounted at the join of the mainframe, absorbing the subtle vibrations on the road.

Internal Gear HUb

Internal Gear Hub

There are many advantages to having an internal gear hub. An internal gear hub is trouble and maintenance-free and you can even change gears when the bike is stationary. The iruka chose a high-quality and reliable Shimano internal gear hub, the Alfine 8. With a quality internal gear hub, it offers you a peace of mind even when you are riding on tough roads that involve ups and downs and frequent start and stops.

Mighty Velo – The Folding Bike Specialist

The iruka is your new travel buddy. Mighty Velo has been in the folding bike industry for more than 15 years and can advise you on the quality foldable bikes that are suitable for you. We are now available online at shop.mightyvelo.com or find us online on Instagram, Facebook and Carousell for your bike enquiries. Do not hesitate anymore and start your bike journey with us today!

Quality Foldable Bike - The Iruka Folding Bike
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Quality Foldable Bike - The Iruka Folding Bike
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