Best Folding Bicycles for Touring in Singapore

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Ever since the circuit breaker, more people are exercising. Even now, in Phase 2, people want to buy bikes. In fact, bicycle demand has skyrocketed. A bike is a good form of private transport. Cycling also provides exercise. Bikes let people shake off cabin fever but in a responsible way. For example, you can go bike touring. Of course, you’ll need to find the best folding bicycles for that challenge first.

A foldable bike is more portable than a regular bike. This makes it easier to carry around. You can even bring the Birdy into public transport or store it in a car boot. There are three touring birdy bikes to consider for the best folding bicycles. They are the Rohloff, the TouringPLUS and the R20.

Birdy Rohloff

When talking about the best folding bicycles, we can’t forget the king! The Birdy Rohloff is called the King of Birdy Bikes for a good reason. It requires little from its rider to ride at its best. This is because it comes with an internal Rohloff hub.

An internal hub requires less maintenance and repairs. All moving parts are sealed inside the unit. This shelters them from the elements, as well as keep grime out. The chains also last longer as they get less wear and tear.

Out of the many internal hubs on the market, the Rohloff hub stands out as one of the best. At 14 speeds, it is the highest speed you can get with an internal hub system. Many touring enthusiasts prefer the Rohloff for its reliability. It requires just a single oil change every 10,000km or once every year.

Since it’s on a foldable bike, you can bring it around with you and store it in your house, instead of worrying about thieves. If you plan to cycle for a long time, you will have a great time riding with the king!

Birdy TouringPLUS

However, if you want to ride in hilly areas, use the Birdy TouringPLUS! The Birdy TouringPLUS is a 24-speed bike.

It is equipped with 18” Schwalbe Big Apple tyres. This makes the touring feel exceptionally smooth, as the air cushion tires act as natural suspension. Combined with the sturdiness and comfort the Birdy offers, the TouringPLUS feels like riding on air.

It’s a fair bit lighter than the Rohloff, weighing in at 11.8kg. This makes acceleration faster and better.

Birdy R20

For those looking to race across flatter plains, the R20 is for you.

The R20 is also the only Birdy model that comes with 20-inch tyres. The Panaracer Minits Tough Tyres’ smooth treads allow you to cruise around Singapore effortlessly.

At 11-speeds, it may not have as many gears as the Rohloff and Touring, but it is still no slouch compared to other folding bikes. However, since it has fewer gears, it is lighter than the other models. It is one of the lightest full-suspension bikes available on the market at 10.2kg.

The full-suspension coupled with a sturdy monocoque frame allows the R20 to produce a stable ride, even at its top speed. Similarly, it’s quick to fold and unfold. It only takes 15 seconds, allowing you to enjoy your ride quick.

Touring in Singapore

Singapore, while small, has several long park connectors. Two routes that stand out are the RIR and C2C.

The first phase of the Round Island Route (RIR) is 60km long. It is a path that spans from Sengkang Riverside Park to Gardens by the Bay. By 2021, another 60km will open up, making a loop of 120km. When completed, it will be a whopping 150km long trail that goes around Singapore.

For those living in the west or northeast, there is the C2C Trail. It is 36km long and stretches from Jurong Lake Gardens to Coney Island Park.

You can also take a ride around your local area and explore your neighbourhood. NParks has a list of brochures and recommended routes on their website. It details the parks you can visit and what they offer.

Mighty Velo

If you are looking to get a folding bike for yourself, try Mighty Velo! Our online store is open for business. Message us on Facebook, Instagram or Carousell for questions and enquiries or a test ride. You can also email us at [email protected] for a slot. Our bikes are also available on Shopee, Lazada and Qoo10.

Mighty Velo is the official distributor for Pacific Cycles in Southeast Asia. Our Mechanics have been trained directly at Pacific Cycles HQ in Taiwan and can do proper maintenance and repair work on our bicycles. Every bicycle comes with a 2-year warranty on frame and 1-year warranty on parts.

Best Folding Bicycles for Touring in Singapore
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Best Folding Bicycles for Touring in Singapore
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