Top 3 Entry Level Foldable Performance Bikes You Would Actually Use

Birdy Classic

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you found yourself struggling to buy an entry level bike? Worried about whether a bike is going to be suitable for your needs? Or whether you would even need a bike that you’re not sure you would even use?

Here are some suggestions we at Mighty Velo had cropped up for you. This can help you to decide on some entry-level bikes that you can consider for your next ride!

We at Mighty Velo don’t want to sell you bikes that you might not particularly need and only want you to have the ride the is most suitable for you. From City rides, leisure rides and rides that you are looking for just want to exercise, we have the suggestion for you.

I will thus introduce you to the three entry-level bikes which is the Birdy New Classic, Birdy City and Birdy GT.

These bikes are all originating from the Birdy family. Birdy bikes has a rich history. It is designed by two Germans, Riese and Müller, and manufactured by Pacific Cycles. Ever since it’s creation in 1995, it has gone through three generations of models.

Mighty Velo sells the latest model marketed (Gen3).

Even though they are all different in components, all Birdy models (except the New Classic) has the same monocoque frame. The monocoque frame increases rigidity while making the bike more compact when it’s folded.

Retro Entry Level: Birdy New Classic

Birdy New Classic 8 speeds performance bike
Birdy New Classic 8 speeds performance bike

The 8-speeds Birdy New Classic is a great entry level bike! It’s the way to go if you are entry-level as it is a great introduction for your first Birdy bike. It is great for daily riding to work, exercise and for leisure rides as well.

It is an 8-Speeds bike that features a retro-tubular frame that bike fans adore. This model is a throwback to the classic Birdy models way back from the first design.

It is equipped with 18 inch CST tires, Shimano Acera derailleur and trigger shifter. Alongside those,the Birdy gives a comfortable ride because it has full-suspension, which is important as it provides for a more comfortable ride. The suspension absorbs the shock and vibrations that you might feel, giving your back an easier time as you ride.

It currently comes in Polished Silver, Mercury Copper and Mercury Grey. These sleek colours help you stand out, making for a cool-looking ride.

For those who likes a classic, retro-look on a modern bike, the Birdy New Classic is for you.

Casual Rides: Birdy City

Birdy City 9 Speeds bike riding in the city
Birdy City 9 Speeds bike riding in the city

The Birdy City is a 9-speeds bike, and features the third gen Birdy monocoque frame. It is a fantastic bike to start their cycling lifestyle with bike as it is a perfect bike for cycling in Singapore’s urban landscape.

The City features 18 inch CST tyres, Shimano Sora derailleur and trigger shifter. The CST tyres are plush and have a good grip on footpaths and roads. Like the City and all Birdy bikes, it comes with full suspension to make rides more comfortable.

This bike is perfect for rides when you just want to leisure or exercise. It is perfect for park connector networks, cycling paths and on the road as well. It will give you a super smooth ride overall.

Combine the tires alongside the full suspension monocoque Birdy frame, you will feel safe and stable on daily commutes.

Rough but Light: Birdy GT

Known as the perfect, all-rounder bike, the Birdy GT is the perfect entry level bike for adventure lovers, and it screams rugged outdoor riding. It is also a good foldable bike to take on for light trail riding.

As an entry level bike, it is great for riding on park connector networks, city roads, and pavements. Those, along with light off-road trails like Coney Island. You should also follow the speed limit of 10km/h on pavements when riding a bike.

The features that stand out is it’s 18 inch Schwalbe Black Jack tires. The Black Jack tires are thicker than regular folding bike tyres and have knobby threading. This is for better grip on off-road terrain.

The Birdy GT is equipped with hydraulic actuated disc brakes. The Juin Tech disc brakes provide quick and safe braking. This is so you would feel safe as you have control on rough paths. The Birdy GT also comes with a 10 Speeds Sram X5-A1 derailleur. With that, it has a trigger shifter on it’s right side for smooth and responsive shifting of gears.

To conclude, these are the top 3 entry level Birdy foldable performance bikes that you can imagine yourself using these bikes with these specific purposes. You can also choose 17 colours for the monocoque frames. So you can choose 17 colours for the Birdy New Classic and Birdy Classic as mentioned in this article. This gives you a chance to show off your personality in 17 different ways.

If you still have a question and enquiries on what is the best bike for you, you can PM us on the Mighty Velo Facebook page, Instagram or through our email at [email protected]. So that we can help you find your perfect ride.


Top 3 Entry Level Foldable Performance Bikes You Would Actually Use
Article Name
Top 3 Entry Level Foldable Performance Bikes You Would Actually Use
Have you ever found yourself struggling to buy an entry level bike? Here are some suggestions we at Mighty Velo had cropped up for you!