Birdy Bike: Top 15 Reasons It Is The Best Foldable Bike

Birdy Bike Military Green Folded

There are a lot of foldable bikes on the market. Among all of them, the Birdy bike is one of the best choices you can get. Simply put, it is like a Swiss pocketknife. It’s portable enough to be stored away until it’s needed. However, when needed, it opens out and unveils its versatility.

1. Very Established Brand

When you get a Birdy, you know you are getting a good quality folding bike that others can vouch for. The Birdy brand is very established. It has also been around for almost 30 years. A German company, Riese and Müller, designs them.

2. Quick And Easy To Fold

Additionally, the Birdy is quick and easy to fold. Since you can easily fold and unfold it in 15 seconds, this makes the Birdy convenient for commuting.

3. Supports a Large Range Of Sizes

The Birdy can support up to 110kg in max load. Riders 145cm to 185cm tall can also cycle on the Birdy.

4. Light And Sturdy Frame 

The strength of the Birdy lies in its mainframe, literally. Most bikes have a hinge in the middle. This makes the bike more compact but sacrifices ride quality. It also makes the frame more fragile.

The Birdy is different. The monocoque frame is strong. The bike has no flex while riding despite being made of aluminium.

5. Bring it Into Public Transport/ the Home

The frame does not sacrifice ride quality for compactness. You can still store the folded Birdy in a corner of the room or under a table. This is especially useful in small apartments, like most Singaporean homes. It also fits in a car boot.

Since the Birdy is LTA compliant, you can roll it into MRT and buses.

6. Comes With Full-Suspension

 The suspension is important, especially if you are cycling all-day on a foldable bike. Thus, the Birdy bike’s full-suspension is helpful.

The elastomers are easy to switch, so you can even get them in different hardness levels for your own comfort.

7. Adjustable Handlebars For Comfort

The handlebar can be adjusted to suit your cycling needs. For example, you can push the handlebar down if you want a speedy, sporty position. If you prefer to use it for leisure riding, you can pull it up. Additionally, those with bad backs would appreciate it.

8. All-Day Comfort, Even at High Speeds

 Thanks to these strengths, the Birdy rides less like a folder and more like a conventional bike. Many people use the Birdy for all-day rides, even on light off-road or for round-island journeys. Since it rides smooth, your body won’t get a “shaky” feeling from riding it too long.

You can use it to its full potential. Fitted with 20” tyres, The R20 is the fastest Birdy model. It rides smoothly, even at its full speed.

9. Versatile models for different niches

There are 6 models to choose from. All Birdy models have the same frame, except for the New Classic. The thing that changes are the parts, like the wheels. This lets it fulfil many niches. Whether you want to use it for leisure riding, commuting or touring, there is a bike for you.

11. High-speeds for hills and slopes

The sturdy frame and full-suspension allow the Birdy to get away with specs you might not even find on a regular bike. The lowest speed you can get on a Birdy is an 8-speed New Classic.

This goes up to 24-speeds, which you can find on the TouringPLUS. It’s good for cycling in places like Bukit Timah.

12. Easy to repair and replace

The parts used aren’t proprietary. Therefore, you can go to any bike repair shop to get your bike fixed. You also save a lot of time and money since you don’t have to find a specialised dealer.

13. Customisable

Easy-to-replace parts mean that the bike is customisable. Hence, some buy the Birdy City for the iconic Birdy monocoque frame to upgrade it to their liking.

14. Appearance

The Birdy is well-loved by many. Since there’s no hinge that breaks up the silhouette, there is a nice sleek look. The thick mainframe also curves nicely.

The exception is the New Classic. It is designed to resemble the Gen 1 Birdy bikes. It has been redesigned to retain the vintage look. However, it rides just as well as any other Birdy brand bike.

15. Colours

There are also 17 colours available and four for the New Classic. Some of these colours are only available in Mighty Velo in Singapore. If you want a bike for yourself, you can get it online.

Mighty Velo is the official distributor for Pacific Cycles in Southeast Asia. Our Mechanics have been trained directly at Pacific Cycles HQ in Taiwan and can do proper maintenance and repair work on our bicycles. Every bicycle comes with a 2-year warranty on frame and 1-year warranty on parts.


Birdy Bike: Top 15 Reasons It Is The Best Foldable Bike
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Birdy Bike: Top 15 Reasons It Is The Best Foldable Bike
Looking for a folding bike to ride? Try the Birdy Bike! From ride quality to fold, the Birdy is the superior choice! Read more to see its strengths.
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