Mid-range Foldable Bicycles: The best in Singapore

Covid-19 has hit Singaporeans hard. According to the advance estimates by the Ministry of Trades and Industry (MTI), our economy has shrunk by 12.6 percent. Many are keen to stay fit and keep clear of the infection. A lot of commuters around the world have turned to bicycles to get around. Foldable bicycles, in particular, are booming due to its compatibility and ability to cycle in various styles. Many are now looking at mid-range foldable bicycles. Riders want to commute everywhere via bicycle and ensure that they do not break their bank just for a new bike.

Here are some of the best mid-range foldable bicycles in Singapore.


Hailing from Japan, the Iruka is a foldable bike that you’ve never seen before. The Iruka is a commuter folding bicycle which has four different modes to suit your needs. You do not require any tools to fold or unfold the bicycle.

The 8-Speed Iruka comes with 18-inch wheels that propel you 6.9 metres forward with just a single pedal rotation in top gear. With precise gear ratio settings, a highly rigid frame and stable geometric design, the bike ensures you a stable ride even at high speeds.

The Iruka handles frequent starts-and-stops with ease with the Shimano Alfine 8 Speed hub which makes cruising or steep climbing a breeze. Not to mention, you can park smartly with the Iruka. When you fold in Iruka’s rear wheel, it acts as a kickstand as the bike becomes ⅔ of its overall length. That is only half the parking space of ordinary bicycles.

The Iruka achieves the distinctive minimalist aesthetic with its mainframe. The 6061 aluminium alloy was chosen for its strength and for being lightweight. This strikes a balance between an eye-catching beauty and the EN/JIS Standard Strength test, which tests the frame for vertical force and impact. Out of the mid-range foldable bicycles, the Iruka is one of the best.

Birdy R20

The 11-Speed Birdy R20 is the latest addition to the Birdy family. Despite weighing at only 10.2kg, the R20 is the only model in the Birdy models with 20-inch Panaracer tyres. The slick tyres with a smooth thread help give you the maximum contact patch you need to the road.

In addition, the Birdy Racing uses the Shimano 105 derailleur which allows you to cruise around with speed and with minimal effort. The Birdy R20 is one of the lightest full-suspension foldable bikes available in the market. Geared with full front and rear suspension, you will be guaranteed of a ride smoother than ever.

Birdy GT

With Phase 2 now in place, many are now looking forward to riding outside of their comfort zone, be it riding at Coney Island or just going for an off-road cycle. If you are adventurous cyclists and looking for a performance foldable bike, everything about the Birdy GT screams rugged outdoor riding.

The 10-Speeds Birdy GT is fitted with 18-inch Schwalbe Black Jack tyres. These tyres are thicker and knobbier than any other 18-inch tyre set, which is suitable for trail riding. The tyres are wire thread and grooves, that help them grip onto uneven and rough surfaces, providing you with the extra stability on all terrains.

The Birdy GT is the only Birdy model with hydraulic disc brakes. The highly sensitive disc brakes bring the bike to a sudden stop when the rider needs to and this is perfect when you are traversing unknown roads and paths while cycling in Singapore.

Birdy City

If you are a beginner at cycling, this 9-Speeds Birdy City performance is perfect for you. The Birdy City is an all-rounder foldable bike that comes equipped with the 9-Speeds Shimano Sora derailleur and shifter set. Shifting through gears has been never made easier. There is also an indicator to let you know which gear you are on.

The Birdy City also comes with 18-inch CST tyres, that are suitable for riding on park connectors and pavements. Combined with the full front and rear suspension, you will definitely feel a smooth and stable ride with the city.

Mighty Velo – The folding bike specialist

Whether you are looking for a bike for your daily commute or for some off-road riding, Mighty Velo has the bikes for you. Mighty Velo has been in the folding bicycle industry for more than 15 years and with experience, we can give you the advice for a folding bike that suits your needs.

Mighty Velo is the official distributor for Pacific Cycles Bikes in Southeast Asia and for Iruka. All our Birdy Bikes are on a 5 percent discount, so head over to shop.mightyvelo.com to check out all our bike models.

Don’t wait anymore to start your cycling journey. For more enquiries on our bikes, email us at [email protected] or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Carousell at Mighty Velo.

Updated 20/10/2020: The 5% discount on all Birdy Bikes has ended. For more details about the current pricing, head down to shop.mightyvelo.com.

Mid-range Foldable Bicycles: The best in Singapore
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Mid-range Foldable Bicycles: The best in Singapore
There are many mid-range foldable bicycles out there in Singapore. Read on to find out about the best of the bunch and which would suit you better.
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