Top Reasons why Cycling is a Popular Way of Transport Now

Cycling enthusiasts have noted that there was an increase in the number of people cycling outdoor. They believe it might be due to their eagerness to leave their homes. After all, people want to start going out after being cooped up at home for a long period of time. In this article, find out why cycling is a popular way of transport now. 

Countries Switching to Cycling

The boom for cycling as a result of the coronavirus pandemic is not only experienced in Singapore but worldwide. 

In Singapore, there has been a lot of news of people turning cycling to a mode of transport. There have been other brands of bikes in Singapore that has been sold out as well. Even those that are selling their secondhand for a higher price tag than the original price. There are a lot of bike shops who are out of supply because of this need. There are even durian sellers and phone cover sellers that are selling bicycles.

People in Singapore are turning into cycling not only for commuting but for health as well. Here in Singapore, there are more and more people on the roads, MRTs and buses. Therefore people are taking up cycling to minimize as much contact with other people.

In fact, there are already people who are our customers who use multi-modal transportation. They would their foldable bicycles such as the Birdy City or the Birdy R20 to cycle to the train station and take the train to get to work.

Cycling in Manila

In Manila, the capital of the Philippines, bike shop owners have reported that the demand for bikes has been stronger than there has been compared to Christmas. Manila is a notorious place for having over-crowdedness.

Roads are often jammed, and you would have to squeeze in a jeep or a van for transport. Therefore people are looking for other ways to minimize contact with other people to avoid this. Many people would turn to buy motorcycles but it is an expensive investment. You would also have to think about getting a license in the first place. As well as the servicing for the motorcycle. So people would turn to bicycles for transport instead.

There has been recent news of the Philippines government encouraging people to opt for cycling as a mode of transport. The government also addressed the limitation of public transportation services and encourage cycling as an active lifestyle. Further actions such as building bicycle lanes and walking paths have been discussed for the future. Other supportive infrastructure such as bicycle racks will be implemented as well.

Another point was that it would be sustainable in the long run as it would help with people’s health. It would also help lessen air pollution in the long run.

In Jakarta

It is the same case in Jakarta, Indonesia as well. Considering Jakarta’s poor air quality, it is more sustainable to invest in other alternatives for a mobility device. What’s good about a foldable bike is that it does not contribute to the air pollution in Jakarta. Cycling as a mode of transportation increases the city’s accessibility, which is essential for economic growth.

Jakartans have also realised as life starts to resume in the new normal, it will be inevitable that traffic would come back. Therefore, they are turning to cycling to avoid getting stuck in traffic. The increased bicycle use has led the Jakarta administration to set up miles of pop-up bike lanes along with areas in Jakarta. There have also been talks for further action to set up and expand the bike lane network in the city.

Cycling is a Viable Way of Transport

Besides the pandemic propping up reasons for why you would need a bike, there are a lot of other benefits to cycling.

Some of the physical health benefits are just that you would get much healthier to get in that exercise every day. If you are using the bicycle for leisure and exercise every day, you will get much more fit in no time. In Singapore, you also do not need to wear a mask to cycle.

In terms of mental health, cycling has been proven in studies to be an extremely effective and fun way to alleviate stress and reduce anxiety. As you cycle, you are often thinking about balancing and where you need to go, so it takes your mind off of work.

There are also environmental benefits to it as well. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia who face problems with air pollution. The more cars, jeeps or mobility engines that we could get off the road, the better it is for the environment. Obviously, cycling does not need gasoline, and there are no harmful emissions released when you use a bicycle (unless you are using an engine powered one).

In a small country like Singapore, it would be really effective to use a bicycle to get to the place where you want to go instead of taking the bus. It would also help you save up some money in the long run as well.

Top Reasons why Cycling is a Popular Way of Transport Now
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Top Reasons why Cycling is a Popular Way of Transport Now
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