Enhanced Accessories for Birdy Performance Foldable Bike

As one of the most versatile foldable bike brands in the world, Birdy is widely-loved by people around the world. Due to its customizability and wide range of bike accessories for every cyclist. Whether you are using the Birdy to commute to work or just for leisure riding, there is a huge variety of bike accessories available. Ranging from grips to water bottle cages or even bike saddles. These accessories, made in England, Germany and Taiwan, are the perfect addition to your bike to enhance your riding experience. 

Ergon GA3 Ergonomic Grips 

If you are looking for grips to relieve tension on your wrist after a long cycle, consider the Ergon GA3 Ergonomic Grips. The Ergon Grips are made in Germany and helps you to optimize your hand position through the Miniwings. 

Often, the longer a ride is, the harder it will be for riders to maintain the ergonomically correct hand position. This results in the overbending of wrists and stressing nerves, tendons and inhibiting blood circulation. Numbness and pain in hands are often undesirable consequences. 

With the Ergon GA3 Ergonomic Grips, it helps correct the hand’s position, relieving the carpal tunnel. Which effectively prevents pain, numb hands and tingling fingers. The primary purpose of GA3 grips is to provide relief for riders, who are not only out on the trails but also for riders who are riding urban bikes as well. 

The ergonomic winged-grip GA3 comes in four striking colours – Red, Blue, Orange and Berry. A pair of grips is priced at SGD$65. 

A pair of suitable grips will definitely aid you in your riding journey. 

Brooks x Ergon GP1 Leather Grips 

Designed for straight, swept, riser handlebars and to alleviate the tension on the rider’s wrist when riding. The Brooks leather grips are made in England fused with the ergonomic rubber base for exceptional comfort. 

Fastened by an aluminium handlebar end clasps, these leather grips can save your hands and wrists from a lot of strain while boasting the classic style. The genuine and supple Brooks leather is also made with wear and tear-resistant materials, which helps keep and retain the unique and timeless look. 

The Brooks x Ergon GP1 Leather Grips comes in 2 colours – Brown and Black. Each pair of grips priced at SGD$148. 

B17 Brooks Leather Saddle 

Made with durable vegetable-tanned leather, the BI7 leather saddle is the ideal bicycle saddle for commuting, gravel, road cycling and touring. Leather is naturally a breathable material that provides a unique type of well-being. 

The B17 Brooks Leather Saddle is an extremely comfortable saddle due to its flexible and hammock-like performance which moves with every pedal stroke. Over time, the leather saddle will mould and shape individually to each rider for a more comfortable ride. 

With the finest premium vegetable-tanned leather, riders will be able to enjoy their cycling ride with strength, beauty and durability. The leather top suspended over the saddle rail creates a suspended moulded seat, tailored for lasting comfort. 

The B17 Brooks Leather Saddle is now available in Black and Brown and is priced at SGD$199. 

Phone Holder 

Cycling, like any other vehicular transport, comes with its own set of risks. While riders might not be travelling as fast as cars, you can still get injured if you are not careful. Hence, the Land Transport Authority has come up with the rule that riders can only use their devices only if they are mounted or used in a hands-free manner. Those who flout the new rules can be fined up to $1,000 or face up to three months in jail for a first offence. 

Having a rotatable phone holder is then extremely important and useful in this case. The Bike 31 Aluminium Phone Mount rotates in 360 degrees and is in aluminium, which does not rust. The Bike 31 Phone Mount also comes with 4 contact points for better stability and silicone pads for better cushioning and grip.

Available in six colours – black, grey, silver, red, blue and green, the phone mount is now retailing SGD$38. 

Monkii Water Bottle Cage

The Monkii Water Bottle Cage is designed to hold your water bottle on your bike and secure it at a certain angle. Designed with a secure velcro strap, it gives your bottles more protection and prevents your water bottle from slipping away by accident. 

With its two-cleat designs, the Monkii Water Bottle Cage is much lighter than its traditional design and much more stable and practical. The water bottle cage can also hold up till 1.5 litres and is made of Nylon material. 

Now available in the colours – black, pink, purple and white, riders can easily secure their bottles to their Birdy bikes. It is now retailing at SGD$30.

Moon Meteor-X Auto Front Light 

The Moon Meteor-X Auto Front Light is a great bicycle light for urban commuters or those who enjoy night cycling generally. Cycling in the dark without bike lights is extremely dangerous and illegal in Singapore. 

The front light comes with a rubber strap that fits all round bars and AERO style bars. It has 7 modes of lighting, which makes it adaptable to all kinds of light condition. The maximum output of 450 lumens is also good enough for you to see where you are riding and bright enough to others to know that you are incoming. 

The main power setting gives rides an hour and a half’s worth of battery life and can even stretch out to a maximum of five hours when it is in the other two solid modes of 250 lumen and 150 lumens. 

With the front light’s quick recharge time, riders can easily charge it at work for their ride home. It will take the light up to about two and a half hours if you charge it from a wall plug. With a water resistance rating of IPX4, the Moon Meteor-X Auto Front Light can shrug off water spray from any angle and has well-covered charged points. 

Retailing at SGD$58, you can now enjoy your night cycling with the Moon Meteor-X Auto Front Light. 

Orion Rear Light 

Built around an ultra-bright red LED, Orion’s rear light is the answer to affordable rear lighting. It can fire out up to 50 lumens of output and up to 53 hours of usage at a time. It only takes a mere 2 hours for its recharge time. 

The rear light possesses 5 different light modes and a built-in reflector. It has an indicator to show when the light is low-battery, charging or when it’s fully charged. The rear light is extremely lightweight and compact, supplying riders with side visibility and being water-resistant. 

It is now available here at Mighty Velo at a price of SGD$38.

Bikers Dream Mini Foot Pump 

Finding a small and compact foot pump to bring around while cycling? This Mini Foot Pump, by Bikers Dream, is the one for you. Made in Germany, the Mini Foot Pump is available in two versions – Analog and Digital. 

Weighing at only 550grams, riders can easily keep the pump in their bags due to its small size. The Mini Bike Pump also comes with its own carrying pouch and different valve head adapters to accommodate the different bike tyres. 

The Bikers Dream Mini Foot Pump is now SGD$58. 

Mighty Velo – The Folding Bike Specialist

Now that you have gotten a bike from us, you can always upgrade your bike with the accessories listed above. These will not only help your bike riding feel great, but look great as well. 

If you are looking for any bike accessories, you can always drop by the Mighty Velo Experience Store. Our store is located at 30 Tai Seng Street, Breadtalk IHQ #02-14 S534013. Alternatively, you can visit our website at www.mightyvelo.com for more information or drop us an email at [email protected]

Enhanced Accessories for Birdy Performance Foldable Bike
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Enhanced Accessories for Birdy Performance Foldable Bike
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