Bike Accessories for Birdy Performance Foldable Bike

The Birdy performance foldable bike is one of the more convertible foldable bikes. It is well-loved by people worldwide due to its variety of riding modes to suit different people’s riding needs. On top of that, the Birdy bikes are also highly customisable. It has a wide range of bike accessories available, from brands like ImperiumCycle and Ortlieb. These bike accessories include front and rear suspension, bike bags, handles and easy wheels. They not only add visually to the bike but also enhance the ride experience for the rider.

Regardless of the ride, the Birdy stays true to its word in providing quality riding experience without compromising on performance. Here at Mighty Velo, we offer a wide range of Birdy accessories, which are the perfect addition to your Birdy bike. Read on to find out more about the different Birdy accessories and their uses. 

Front Suspension

ImperiumCycle G5+ FRONT Hydraulic Suspension

The ImperiumCycle G5+ Front Suspension is designed with an automobile-grade hydraulic system. This meant that riding your birdy bike now can be extra comfortable and is better handling performance. The G5+ suspension is also specially designed to eliminate bouncing and swaying, which is resulted from single-coil spring. It is best to use for bumpy trail, hills, slopes and mountain climbing. 

The level of hardness is adjustable from a range of 100% to 285%. It comes in 6 colours: Silver Green, Silver Red, Silver, Black Blue, Black Green, Blue Black, Black Red. The ImperiumCycle Front Suspension retails at $280. 

Colours of Rear Suspension

ImperiumCycle Multi-S G5 REAR Suspension

The ImperiumCycle Multi-S Rear Suspension is a specially designed suspension structure, providing maximum performance and at the same time adding to the comfort of the ride. The industrial-grade polyurethane and spring combination also adds more stability from the rear fork. 

The Rear Suspension eliminates the problem of heavy riders needing to put in more strength to pedal. As a result, heavy riders might lose their efficiency while riding their Birdy bikes. The level of hardness is fixed and not adjustable. The rear suspension comes in 8 colours: Silver Red, Silver Black, Silver Blue, Black Blue, Black Red, Black Yellow, Black Silver and Full black. The ImperiumCycle Rear Suspension retails at $98. 

Pannier Bag in Blue and Green

Ortlieb Sport-Roller Classic Panniers Bags

A great way to upgrade your Birdy performance bike will be adding carrier bags to increase storage capacity for daily commuters. Made in Germany, you can choose your desired Pannier Bags from its wide variety to suit your cycling needs. 

Made of polyester fabric that is robust and waterproof, the Ortlieb Sports-Roller Classic Pannier Bags are specifically designed to be durable against harsh elements. Its quick-lock 2.1 system also provides riders with quick mounting and easy removal from the rack.

The Ortlieb Sports-Roller Classic Pannier Bags also comes with reflective stickers at the side, which helps the rider be more visible when riding at night or dim-lit places. It comes in a pair with a huge capacity of 12.5L per bag.

It also comes with a variety of colours and 2 different materials. The matte material comes in Lime Moss Green and Denim Steel Blue. The shiny material comes in Yellow Black, Black, Red Black, Petrol Black, Asphalt Black. 

The Ortlieb Sport-Roller Classic Panniers bags retail at $260 for the matte material and $240 for the shiny material. 

Ortlieb Saddle Bags

Ortlieb Ultimate Six Classic Handlebar Bag 

If you are looking for an ideal bag to bring around for your daily commute or on a round-island tour, a handlebar bag is for you. The Ortlieb Ultimate Six Classic Handle Bar is all about storage and convenience. It is a compact 7L handlebar bag that is made of durable and robust waterproof polyester fabric. 

The Ortlieb Ultimate Six Classic Handlebar Bag comes in a lid with magnetic closure. There is also an internal pocket with zipper for you to keep your valuables. On top of that, there is a reflector at the front of the bag to make the rider more noticeable when riding in dark places. 

It comes in 5 colours – Petrol Black, Yellow Black, Ultramarine Black, Orange Black and Red Black and retails at $180. 

Saddle Bag

Ortlieb Saddle Bag  

The Ortlieb Saddle Bag is a minimal and ultra-lightweight bag. It is perfect for tours where every gram matters. Despite its compact size, the saddlebag comes in an adequate capacity of either 1.6L or 4.1L, which is enough to store your valuables and essential items for your bike journey. 

The Ortlieb Saddle Bag can be easily mounted on the bike by attaching the mounting bracket. It can be detachable with the snap buckle. The good thing about it being small and compact is how space-saving and lightweight it is. It fits perfectly under the seat, making it unobtrusive to the rider. The bag is waterproof because of the polyurethane-coated nylon fabric. On top of that, the saddlebag doubles up as a guard to keep sprayed water off your back. 

The Ortlieb Saddle Bag comes in two sizes medium and large, with a capacity of 1.6L  and 4.1L respectively. It comes in 4 colours – Blue Black, Lime Black, Signal Red Black and Slate Black. The saddlebag retails at $80 for medium size and $90 for the large size.

Easy Wheels

Birdy Gen 3 Multi-S Easy Wheel Roller 

The Multi-S easy wheel roller is made in Taiwan. It helps with easy manoeuvring of the Birdy bikes. If you want to have more stability when rolling your Birdy bike, this roller is for you. With more support from the easy wheels, you can roll your Birdy bike anywhere and everywhere with ease. 

The easy wheel roller comes in black only and retails at $165. You can get it with your Birdy bike and enjoy the free installation at our store. 

Mighty Velo

With your new Birdy Bicycle, you might be excited to add on new bike accessories. You can now head down to our new experience store at 30 Tai Seng Street, Breadtalk IHQ, #02-14 S534013. Alternatively, visit our website for more information and if you have any enquires, you can email us at [email protected]

Bike Accessories for Birdy Performance Foldable Bike
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