Your Exceptional Long-Distance Birdy Foldable Bikes!

As an avid cyclist myself, I cycle frequently during my free time. Recently, I had the opportunity to test ride two Birdy bikes renowned for long-distance riding at Mighty Velo – the 14-speed Birdy Rohloff and 24-speed Birdy TouringPLUS. I was intrigued by the 17 Birdy frame colours that they carry at their experience store and the Polished Silver frame colour stood out to me. It reminded me of the traditional steel frame bikes used back in the days – classy yet modern. Though both models are renowned for their long-distance riding feature, both rides felt really different. Find out the difference between both models as I share about their specifications and my experience riding the Birdy Rohloff and Birdy TouringPLUS.

Depending on external factors like the weather forecast for the day, the duration of my trip varies. On short rides, I would usually push my limits by cycling at higher cadence (pedalling rate) and maintaining a speed of at least 30km/h. For long-distance riding, I would prefer pacing myself so as to not burn out my energy at the start of the ride.

I believe that the equipment that you ride definitely plays a role in how long and how far you can go. When choosing equipment for your ride, you must also take into consideration the criteria of your ride, such as the paths that you will be riding on and how long your ride is. For example, knobbly tyres on mountain bikes allow for travelling on trails while tyres on road bikes are usually thinner and have less groves to allow for faster speeds when travelling on smoother roads.

Test riding the Birdy TouringPLUS and Birdy Rohloff

Recently, I had the chance to test ride two Birdy bike models, the Birdy TouringPLUS and the Birdy Rohloff, that are renowned for their long-distance riding feature. Both bikes possess a fascinating internal hub system that allows for shifting of gears within the rear wheel’s hub.

One Piece Aluminium Monocoque Frame

All Birdy Bikes come with a monocoque frame. This means that the frame is only one-piece and a lot more stable than other foldable bicycles. Furthermore, I was told there are 17 frame colours for the Birdy Bikes that the customers can choose from. The Birdy Bikes frames come in three categories – Standard Gloss category that carries no additional cost, the Premium Matte category that costs an additional S$100 and Premium Gloss category that costs an additional S$250.

When I managed to try the Birdy TouringPLUS in Polished Silver, I must say I understand why the Polished Silver, which falls under the Premium Gloss category, is worth the extra cash. This frame colour is one of the most popular among customers because of the aesthetic and practical aspects of this bike. The Polished Silver frame colour resembles the colour of the traditional steel frame bikes in the olden days. It looks classy yet sporty due to the Generation 3 Birdy Frame. At the same time, the Polished Silver frame requires less maintenance as there is no paint coating on the frame.  Scratches on the Polished Silver frame are also less obvious since there are no paint chips.

Specifications of Birdy TouringPLUS

The Birdy TouringPLUS is the latest addition to the Birdy range. It has 24-speeds in total – 8 external and 3 internal hub gears.

One may think: Why would I ever need so many different gear ratios for my bike? Well, here is the short answer, variety. When you are travelling long distances, chances are that you will encounter different kinds of terrains. These range from flat roads to high gradient slopes and more. Having more choices of gear ratios makes the long-distance ride much more enjoyable. You can change to a more suitable gear ratio depending on the circumstances. This will be extremely useful in situations such as being tired on the ride or encountering slopes.

The most updated JuinTech Brake System in the Birdy TouringPLUS

The Birdy TouringPLUS is equipped with the latest Juin Tech GG-R1 Cable-Actuated Hydraulic Disc Brake. This is an upgrade from the previous alteration of the Birdy Touring. With the new Juin Tech disc brakes, it provides the users with a better braking option!

Specifications of the Birdy Rohloff

Renowned as the King of Birdy, the Birdy Rohloff It features a 14-speed full internal gear hub system. With all the gears within the rear hub, the gears have no exposure to water, mud and dust. This greatly reduces the chances of rusting and jamming of the gears as they are all protected within the shell of the rear hub. This is an excellent investment for the long run as very minimal maintenance is needed. All it needs is an occasional one or two drops of oil to maintain this mammoth of a bike! How convenient is that!

In terms of riding experience, the full internal gear hub system is extremely smooth from the Revo Twist shifters to the changing of the gears within the hub. The Revo shifters comes with a majestic bird insignia to signify which of the 14 gears you are on. This gave me a sense of plush and luxury as I test rode the Birdy Rohloff. I was also told that the more I ride the Birdy Rohloff, the smoother the shifting will get. The demo model that I tried belonged to the owner of Mighty Velo. He has been riding it for a long time. I must agree that it was extremely smooth to the touch! This is one of the best model for long-distance riding as it requires little maintenance and is comfortable to ride!

My test ride of the Birdy TouringPLUS and the Birdy Rohloff with Mighty Velo have been pleasant and delightful. These bikes offer components that are great for long-distance trips. I am now more motivated to do long-distance riding with the Birdy Bikes.

Mighty Velo – The Folding Bike Specialist

If you are looking for an authorised distributor for Birdy Bicycles or Pacific Cycles’ Bicycles, Mighty Velo is the place to go! They offer up to 17 vivid frame colours for the Birdy models and 9 colours for the CarryMe model.

Mighty Velo provide excellent after sales service. They can be easily found on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Carousell. If you would like to head down to see the Birdy bike models for yourself, you can visit them at 30 Tai Seng Street, Breadtalk IHQ, #02-14, S534013. They are open from 10am to 7pm.

Your Exceptional Long-Distance Birdy Foldable Bikes!
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Your Exceptional Long-Distance Birdy Foldable Bikes!
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