Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Principal Visits Mighty Velo

On 14th October 2020, Mighty Velo welcomed a special guest, Mr Clarence Ti, the Principal of Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP). The principal was accompanied by Ms Teo Hui Leng, Director of Business and Accountancy and Ms Tan Ching Ching, Director of Sandbox (NP’s entrepreneurship centre). The principal paid a visit as Mighty Velo has taken in six third year students as interns in the middle of this pandemic. The interns, one from School of Film and Media Studies (FMS) and five from School of Business and Accountancy (BA), are currently being exposed to digital and social media marketing.

With only five weeks into the internship, the interns were honoured and thrilled to be given the opportunity to meet Mr Ti in person. The interns were involved in the whole planning process from preparing the itinerary to showcasing what MV is about. During this short visit, they managed to share all of the things they have learnt the past month.

Bike building

The session started in Mighty Velo’s warehouse. Sized at 5,000 square feet, our guests got to experience the backend of a bicycle company. They got to see live demonstrations of a bicycle being built by our mechanics and interns.

Here at Mighty Velo, the interns got the chance to learn how to build a bicycle from scratch. At the start, they took six hours to build their first bicycle. Over time, some of them got used to it and are now able to build a bicycle in four hours. Hence, two interns were chosen to demonstrate building a bicycle to our guests. The principal and lecturers were pleasantly surprised by the new skill the interns learned.

Through patience, perseverance and confidence, our interns have overcome the challenges faced building a bicycle. Now, they understand and are able to show others the process of building a bicycle. Furthermore, none of the interns had expected to build bicycles during their internship. It is certainly a rare opportunity to witness a bike that is worth a few thousand dollars being built from scratch, especially coming from your own students.

We also introduced our brand story and most importantly, our Birdy bicycles to our guests. They got to fold and unfold the Birdy and learnt more about the different range of bicycles we carry. We also shared how the company has progressed through the years.

Introducing our Experience Store

Afterwards, we invited Mr Ti, Ms Teo and Ms Tan to our experience store. We relocated from 259 Lavender Street to 18 Tai Seng Street. In the store, they had a chance to view all the different bicycle models we carry such as the CarryMe, CarryAll, Reach GT and IFMove.

Mighty Velo’s new 1,000 square feet experience store showcases the 17 different frame colours for Birdy on a frame wall. At our experience store, the interns have also prepared a series of photos and videos taken to show our guests.

For the past month, the interns have been curating their own content by taking photos and filming short videos. Prior to this internship, most of the interns have not been a model in front of a camera. Through this internship, they started being more comfortable in front of cameras. Go through our social media platforms and you will see the faces of our six fresh interns.

The interns have been curating content for the various social media platforms managed by Mighty Velo. They manage a total of 10 channels. Mighty Velo, Birdy Bicycle and Pacific Carry Me’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Recently, they opened a Telegram channel, Tiktok and LinkedIn page for the company. They have been diligently working hard to curate content for all of these channels. 

Also, they showcased a video compilation of a typical week of an intern. The video proves the liveliness of our interns and also gave a sneak peak of what goes on behind the cameras. The first video project our interns embarked on is a short film introducing the Birdy TouringPLUS. As most of the interns are from BA, it was an interesting challenge for them to produce a short film.


Next, we could not pass the opportunity to introduce our new live streaming equipment. We only recently started using state-of-the-art equipment like the ATEM Mini Pro production switcher, Black Magic 6K camera and Saramonic Mics for our weekly Facebook live sessions. The interns shared how they had to familiarise themselves by having multiple test runs before the actual live.

The interns learnt that conducting a Facebook live is not as easy as it seems. The concept was new to them. Especially with the new equipment, it took time for them to get used to it. They also got the chance to explain more about the equipment and software used to conduct a successful Facebook live. Surely our interns know how important it is to conduct these lives. It is to connect better with our audience as well as to provide them the best viewing experience.

The principal visit ended after showcasing the various content that were curated by the interns for the past month.

More than a bicycle shop

Mighty Velo is not just a bicycle shop. In Mighty Velo, we care about our customers and our staff. Given the size, scale and operations of our company, Mighty Velo is the perfect place for us to find our voice and harness our strengths. The interns here have certainly found new strengths in just a month into the internship.

Mighty Velo also connects deeply with our valued customers, assisting them in any of their queries about our products. Our response rates on our social media platforms are fairly fast as compared to other bicycle shops. This is because we want to give the best service to our customers.

Having read a few insights of the company, we hope it gave you an idea of what we do as a bicycle shop. Mighty Velo does not only sell bicycles. We also try to connect with our customers at a deeper level. Follow us on our social media pages at Mighty Velo’s Facebook and Instagram page for various content and latest updates. Do join our Telegram channel too for discount, promotions and new product launch. For some light-hearted and fun content, you can head over to our TikTok channel.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Principal Visits Mighty Velo
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Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Principal Visits Mighty Velo
Ngee Ann Polytechnic's principal and 2 other lecturers visited Mighty Velo. Mighty Velo hired 6 interns in the middle of this pandemic.
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