Birdy GT or Birdy R20: Which is The Better Folding Bike?

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have rekindled their interest in cycling. Alongside this growing interest, people are also becoming increasingly fond of folding bicycles. Here at Mighty Velo, we carry a wide range of performance foldable bikes. Through the interactions with our customers, we constantly receive interesting questions. One of the commonly asked questions is; Is the Birdy GT or the Birdy R20 a better bike?

Both the Birdy GT and Birdy R20 belong to the Birdy Generation 3 performance foldable bicycle series. This means that both models are built with a sturdy single-piece monocoque aluminium frame. The difference between the Birdy GT and Birdy R20 lies entirely in the components that these two performance foldable bikes are equipped with.

Different Tyres the Birdy Models Uses

The most prominent difference between the Birdy GT and Birdy R20 is the type of tyres used. The Birdy GT uses the Schwalbe Black Jack 18 x 1.9” tyres. These wide knobby tyres give the Birdy GT more contact with the ground, increasing the amount of friction and traction in all terrains.

The Birdy R20 uses Panaracer Minits Tough 20 x 1.25” tyres. These tyres are sleek and tall. The Panaracer Minits Tough delivers one of the best tractions in its class on flat roads and park connectors despite its narrow tyres. However, these sleek tyres are not ideal for rough and rugged terrains.

Different Brakes the Birdy Models Uses

The type of brakes that these two performance folding bikes use also makes a huge difference in the overall durability and riding experience. The Birdy GT uses Juin Tech GG-R1 Cable Actuated Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

Hydraulic disc brakes use fluid to transfer the force from the brake lever to the brake calliper. This pushes the brake pads against the disc rotor giving it a smooth braking experience. Since actuated hydraulic disc brakes are very similar to hydraulic disc brakes, the Birdy GT also boasts a more efficient and seamless braking system. Being a sealed braking system, no contamination can affect the braking performance allowing the performance foldable bike to enjoy a longer lifespan.

On the other hand, the Birdy R20 uses TRP Spyre SLC Disc Brakes. This cable operated braking system is equipped with a high-end dual piston braking technology. Unlike the regular single-piston braking system, the Birdy R20 shifts two pistons equally against the rotor when its brakes are engaged. As a result, lesser pressure is required to achieve a high level of braking power. The dual piston braking system also allows cyclists to be more flexible with the amount of clamp force they wish to achieve.

Different Derailleurs the Birdy Models Uses

Derailleurs play a huge role in the overall effectiveness of a bike’s gear shifting. The Birdy GT uses a Sram X5-A1 10-Speed derailleur, which is known to be a derailleur that has lighter effort shifting. This Sram derailleur is superior in its design and accurate in its gear shifting. The actuation stays precise even when conquering rough and rugged terrains. The Birdy GT is dependable and tolerant with the usage of this remarkable derailleur.

As a racing performance foldable bicycle, the Birdy R20 is equipped with the latest Shimano 105 R7000 series 11-speed derailleur. The Shimano derailleur embraces quick and smooth gear changing. It features a compact design that protects the derailleur in crashes as it does not protrude far out of the Birdy R20 frame. The Birdy R20 can easily be compared with regular road bikes as it uses such a stable shifting performance derailleur.

Unique Features about Birdy Performance Foldable Bikes

One of the most notable features of Birdy performance folding bicycles is the fact that the height of both the handlebar and seat post can be adjusted to suit cyclists of all categories. Whether you are a speedster looking for the thrill of speed or an adventurous cyclist looking to conquer off-road trails, there is a Birdy performance foldable bicycle for everyone.

Another distinctive feature of Birdy performance foldable bikes is that it is built with full-suspension. All Birdy bikes come with Birdy Spring Suspension Fork and Birdy Elastomer 90D rear suspension. Full-suspension bikes absorb a lot of road vibrations that you may encounter when cycling. With the Birdy performance folding bicycle, cyclists can now aim to ride faster and further, with an unprecedented amount of comfort.

Ride Quality of The Birdy GT

The Birdy GT is known to be a durable and rugged performance folding bike. It can conquer slight technical terrains and dirt trails as it has an unparalleled level of traction. With greater control, handling steep climbs and descents are much easier than before. As an adaptable foldable bicycle, the Birdy GT is designed to retain its grip regardless of the surface it is on. For adventurous cyclists, you may even be keen to explore some stunts with such a versatile bike.

Ride Quality of The Birdy R20

The Birdy R20 has always been a popular choice amongst speedsters. It is known for being lightweight and agile. The performance folding bike boasts a great amount of endurance for cyclists, allowing them to cycle further and faster. As a performance folding bicycle that emphasizes speed and aggression, it reduces cycling drag to a bare minimum because of the sleek tyres. The Birdy R20 can achieve maximum speed with minimum effort while riding across a wide range of terrains.

Terrains Suitable for The Birdy GT

Park connectors and neighbourhood parks are comfortable routes where you can take the Birdy GT. If you are an adventurous cyclist, you can try out some slight off-road trails in Singapore. You can visit Coney Island, a beautiful hidden gem that encompasses a plethora of scenic views. You can also cycle the Birdy GT along Singapore’s Rail Corridor. Cycling down this rich heritage trail would give you a glimpse into what Singapore is like at the beginning of the 20th century.

Terrains Suitable for The Birdy R20

With speed and aggression, the Birdy R20 can transport you to places around Singapore with great ease. You can bring the Birdy R20 to visit Bay East Garden, Gardens by The Bay and Marina Bay Sands all at one go. The Birdy R20 can also handle road cycling routes such as the Old Jurong Rail Bridge Loop, the Marine Cove Loop or the Crown Bakery Loop. Do remember to put on your helmet and turn on your bicycle lights before you head off!

Owning a Performance Folding Bike from Mighty Velo

Mighty Velo is the sole distributor of Pacific Cycles’ Bicycles in South East Asia. We aim to deliver the best customer service experience by sharing insightful knowledge of our performance foldable bicycles.

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Birdy GT or Birdy R20: Which is The Better Folding Bike?
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