The Limited Edition Birdy P40

In November 2020, Pacific Cycles unveiled the Limited Edition Birdy P40 to commemorate its 40 years of precise craftsmanship and bike manufacturing. This is not a Generation 4 frame but a stand-alone design specially made for their 40th anniversary. The Birdy P40 is a limited edition bike and there are only 1000 units of this special edition bike worldwide. Despite a challenging year, Pacific Cycles has overcome various supply chain obstacles and produced the world’s first fully hydroformed bicycle in Taiwan – The esteemed Birdy P40.

Limited Edition Birdy P40 

The Birdy P40 has a refined and futuristic design. Crisp angle lines with bold edges run along the rigid and robust hydroformed frame. As the saying goes “Form follows Function”, the Birdy P40 utilises leading-edge hydroformed technology.  This refined design offers a seamless and optimal mainframe appearance because flat welding is used to create the mainframe, eliminating welding marks. The lighter Birdy P40 frame has increased stiffness and a higher precision structure due to its uniform thickness. 

There have been speculations that the Birdy P40’s frame will be the next Generation 4 frame and this statement is incorrect.  The Generation 4 frame is only expected to be released in 2025, 1 decade after the release of the current Generation 3 frames. The front and back forks installed on the Birdy P40 are the same as the current Generation 3 Birdy Bike models and riders get to enjoy the same flexibility of folding the bike in less than 15 seconds.

World’s First Fully Hydroformed Frame

Conventional bike frames are manufactured through stamping or welding different parts together.  However, these welding marks create weak points undetectable by the human eye.

Hydroforming Technology allows the main frame of the Birdy P40 to be created using a single aluminium tube instead of welding two halves of the frame together. This eliminates long stretches of robotic welding joints on the top and bottom of frame and forms an evenly molded aluminium frame. In addition, hydroforming eliminates weak spots and forms an evenly molded aluminium frame making the unibody mainframe structurally stronger, stiffer, and rigid. 

Tube hydroforming optimises the best features of an aluminium bike frame, and more consumers are looking into this process. Precision components manufactured in the automotive and aerospace industry use this same hydroforming process.

Flat Welding

The Birdy P40’s frame has no welding seams along the centre of the mainframe. By eliminating this welding process, the Birdy P40’s frame is not only stronger but also sway less under pressure. The resulting frame is lighter, allowing riders to accelerate faster and climb steep slopes easier. 


Birdy P40’s Specifications 


The Birdy P40 weighs only 10.8 kilograms without pedals and is capable of supporting a maximum load of up to 110 kilograms with a recommended height of 145 – 185 centimetres. In the event of wet weather, riders can easily fold the bike under 15 seconds and roll it onto public transports. Riders enjoy a great balance between ride performance, easy mobility, and low maintenance. 


The Limited Edition Birdy comes with an Alex Rim DA16 featuring good width, medium depth, and double-wall construction. Kitted with Schwalbe Marathon Racer tyres, the Alex Rim DA16 is comparatively lightweight, strong, and stiff.

The Birdy P40’s Marathon Racer tyres have a SpeedGrip compound, RaceGuard puncture protection, and Liteskin sidewalls. These features make the Marathon Racer tyres one of the lightest and fastest tyres available among the Birdy models.

Brakes: TRP Mechanical Road Disc Brake w/160mm rotor

This special edition bike comes with a TRP Mechanical Road Disc Brakes w/160mm rotor. These brakes are responsive and provide a reliable braking option which is vital when cycling. Safety on the robust and durable Birdy P40 is ensured, providing riders with a peace of mind when riding. 



The Birdy P40’s frameset is kitted with the Birdy 52T 7075 CNC narrow-wide chainring, with a 170 millimetre crank arm. The Birdy P40 is the only Birdy model without double chain guards, significantly reducing the bike’s weight while providing a cleaner exterior look. 

Shifters and Derailleur: 

The Birdy P40’s Shimano Tiagra GS 10 speed derailleur has a revised cable pitch that offers smooth, precise, and long lasting shifting performance. Made to complement the 18″ Schwalbe tyres, the derailleur shifts quickly through the 11-32T cassette when riding at high speeds. The combination of this groupset is perfect for fast-paced riding across long distances. 

Colours Available

Stucco White and Granite Black are the two stunning colours available for the Birdy P40. The frame of Birdy P40 consists of a High-Performance Architectural Powder Coating, sustainably produced in Italy. This eco-friendly paint reduces carbon emissions whilst making the bike look visually stunning. 

The Birdy P40 is very easy to clean and maintain because the powder coating provides a unique rough matte textured finish.  In addition, the Birdy P40 is dirt and fingerprint resistant. It is also corrosion-resistant and extra durable in harsh weather conditions. 

Mighty Velo – The Folding Bike Specialist

Mighty Velo is the official distributor of Pacific Cycles in South-East Asia. Join us as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Pacific Cycles with the Birdy P40! 

To pre-order the Birdy P40, please email us at [email protected]. Indicate your interest in the Birdy P40, your full name, contact details, email address and frame colour. Due to the high demand for the Birdy P40, do give us some time to get back to you with an invoice! Full payment by cash, PayNow, or bank transfer is required within three days of receiving the invoice. The limited-edition Birdy P40 bike collection will commence in January 2021.  

We will only be selling the Birdy P40 locally in Singapore. For our overseas customers who wish to get a Birdy P40, you will have to engage your own freight forwarder to deliver the bike. Thus, the freight forwarder would have to collect the bike from our Experience Store in January 2021. 

Our address is 30 Tai Seng Street, BreadTalk IHQ #02-14, S(534013). We are open from Mondays to Saturdays, 10am – 7pm, and closed on Sundays and public holidays.

The Limited Edition Birdy P40
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The Limited Edition Birdy P40
The Birdy P40 is a special edition bike, limited to 1000 units worldwide. It is the world's first fully hydroformed bike, eliminating visible welding marks.
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