The Limited Edition Birdy P40 versus Birdy Gen3 Models

This year marks a significant milestone in Pacific Cycles performance folding bicycle manufacturing legacy. In celebration of their 40th anniversary, Pacific Cycles is challenging their limits by manufacturing the limited edition Birdy P40. They embarked on this journey to showcase their engineering prowess and skills which are honed over decades of innovative bike building.

With the addition of a new Birdy bike model, it is not surprising that cyclists will have a harder time deciding which performance folding bike to buy. As far as the performance folding bike industry is concerned, both models undoubtedly have the best designs and components. Even so, we must still ask ourselves, which is a better buy – the limited edition Birdy P40 or other Birdy Gen3 bikes.

About the Limited Edition Birdy P40

The Birdy P40 is designed with the purpose of exciting Birdy fans all over the world. This stunning performance folding bike is created with the utmost precision. Pacific Cycles also insisted on having a sustainable manufacturing process for the Birdy P40. This is in line with their core belief of being environmentally friendly while producing quality bikes.

Pacific Cycles is always dedicated to creating exciting bicycles. That is why they manufacture the limited edition Birdy P40 using the advanced hydroform technology. This makes the construction of the Birdy P40 technically very challenging. As a result, Pacific Cycles decided to produce only 1000 units of this performance folding bicycle.

Similarities between The Birdy P40 and Birdy Gen3 bikes

First, both Birdy bike models weigh between 10 to 12 kilogrammes. They also boast full suspension and has at least an 8-speed derailleur. Birdy bikes can be considered to be the lightest performance folding bike in its class.

Secondly, both Birdy bike models are manufactured using 7005 and 6061 Aluminium Alloy. These aluminium alloys enhance the overall bike frame integrity. This allows Birdy bikes to retain its core structure over time. The aluminium alloy also makes the folding bike incredibly strong.

Last but not least, they both embrace a one-piece monocoque frame design. The one-piece monocoque frame design makes the bike more durable and sturdy as compared to other folding bikes. The design is further supplemented with adjustable handlebar and seat post. These features help boost cyclists overall riding experience tremendously.

World’s First Fully-Hydroformed Performance Folding Bicycle

Pacific cycles use an aircraft standard hydroform technology to form the Birdy P40 aerodynamic shape. This technically challenging process removes most welding lines on the bike’s frame. The hydroform technology also ensures a uniform thickness throughout the Birdy P40. As a result, the Birdy P40 is aesthetically more pleasing.

Apart from the design, the performance foldable bike is also sturdier than before. The Birdy P40 sways less under pressure, accelerates faster and corners easier. The frame evenly distributes the vibration from the ground. Therefore, cyclists can now challenge hilly terrains and tackle more challenging routes.

This fully-hydroformed Birdy P40 frame is highly valuable as it requires a lot of resources to construct. The Birdy P40’s frame architecture is truly a cutting edge design. It is entirely different as compared to other Birdy Gen3 models.

Italian-Made Architectural Grade Powder Coating

The Birdy P40 uses a high-performance architectural grade powder coating that is made in Italy. This powder coating makes the performance folding bike’s frame especially corrosion-resistant. The industrial-grade powder coating also gives the Birdy P40 a rough and rugged matte finish.

The dirt and weather resistant coating is also fingerprint-resistant. This makes bike maintenance twice as easy and fuss-free. All in all, this Italian-made powder coating is one of its kind in the bike industry.

A Birdy Bike made for Speed

The Birdy P40 is the first-ever Birdy bike that is made with the absence of a double chainguard. It is made with a 52T 7075 CNC narrow-wide chainring. Without the double chainguards, the Birdy P40 is now more lightweight. It can accelerate off a stationary position swiftly with minimal drag.

Apart from the light chainring, the Birdy P40 also uses the Schwalbe Marathon Racer tyres. The tyres have SpeedGrip compound, RaceGuard puncture protection and Liteskin sidewalls. These qualities make the tyres the lightest and most durable member of the Marathon family of tyres.

Be A Part of Pacific Cycles 40th Anniversary

Mighty Velo is the sole authorised distributor of Pacific Cycles’ Bicycles in South East Asia. We work closely with Pacific Cycles to deliver the best cycling experience through our performance folding bikes. Our partnership allows us to bring futuristic and innovative bicycles to cyclists around the world.

If you want to get a feel of the Birdy P40 architectural grade powder coating, head down to our experience store at 30 Tai Seng Street, Breadtalk IHQ, #02-14, S534013 to take a look. We are open from Monday to Saturday, 10am – 7pm. You do not need to make an appointment to visit our experience store. We hope to see you soon!

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The Limited Edition Birdy P40 versus Birdy Gen3 Models
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The Limited Edition Birdy P40 versus Birdy Gen3 Models
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