Mr Chua: Story of a bus owner with a CarryMe foldable bike

The CarryMe foldable bike is the world’s lightest aluminum foldable bike. The CarryMe foldable bike weighs 8.4kg and has a small carbon footprint, making it ideal to bring it up to public transport. In today’s episode of MV Chats, we will be interviewing Mr. Chua with his Orange colour CarryMe foldable bike. He has been a proud owner of the CarryMe foldable bike for 2 years and it has really traveled the world with him. Mr. Chua is a happy-go-lucky person who really likes to live his life to the fullest and always brings joy to the people around him. Find out more about Mr. Chua as he shares his story with his CarryMe foldable bike.

“Next station, Punggol”. I was feeling very jittery about my very first attempt at hosting an interview session as I didn’t know what to expect from my first interviewee, Mr Chua Lai Huat. I interviewed Mr Chua about his experience with the CarryMe folding bike and how convenient it is to bring a foldable bike up public transport. Mr Chua is a bus driver in his 40s at a Singapore’s public bus company and also a customer of Mighty Velo. Being a bus captain of a Singapore bus company, he knows the ins and outs of the industry and what are the norms when bringing a foldable bike into public transport.

Mr. Chua and his CarryMe beginnings

Mr. Chua did not ride a CarryMe from the start. Back then, he rode a Personal Mobility Device (PMD) to and fro from work. However, when the Land Transport Authority banned the usage of PMDs, like many, Mr. Chua’s mode of transport was affected. He needed a new mode of transportation. That was when he found out about the CarryMe through Mighty Velo’s Facebook page and also through a friend’s recommendation. He then came down to Mighty Velo and had a test ride. The whole process was very smooth, prompting Mr. Chua to get the CarryMe immediately.

“The CarryMe tagged along with me no matter where I go, be it going home or going to work. It takes me 10-15 minutes to reach my destination.” 

To Mr. Chua, the CarryMe has become his reliable buddy that enables him to reach home safely. Mr. Chua CarryMe comes in a shade of energetic and vibrant orange. The reason why he chose orange was that Orange is a very bright colour that reminded him of the traffic cones on the road. Being a bus driver himself, he knew the importance of having bright colours on the road to help allow drivers to notice him, especially at night when it is dark.

Why did he choose cycling as his mode of transport?

“When riding a bicycle to go home, (there is) no need to wait for a bus. Sometimes you have to wait up to 15 min. By that time, I (would have) reached home already”. 

With a bicycle, he could get home much faster than a bus could. 

Another reason why Mr. Chua prefers cycling home because of his job. As a bus driver, there are days where they have to drive for long hours. Mr. Chua explained to us that he is very health conscious and thus, he uses cycling as a form of exercise. Due to the long and odd hours of his job, which makes it difficult for him to find time to exercise. He invested in a foldable bicycle which allowed him to cycle home after work as a form of exercise.

How easy is it for him to carry his CarryMe foldable bike into public transport?

“It is quite convenient! I just have to fold it down and I can board (the public transports) without any MRT or Bus staff stopping me.” 

Being a bus captain himself, Mr. Chua knows the size requirements to bring a foldable bike up public transport. The CarryMe certainly fits the size requirement. He told us that the CarryMe was so compact and way below the size requirement that the possibility of other bus captains stopping you from boarding is close to zero.

“I usually store my CarryMe behind the driver seat when I am driving. When I’m not driving, I stand together with it in the standing deck. Sometimes if I’m tired, I would sit together with the CarryMe, in-between my legs.” 

Since the CarryMe is so light, compact, and convenient, Mr. Chua can sit together with it and not affect the person sitting beside him.

Where does he normally bring his CarryMe foldable bike to? 

“Usually, for short distances 3km and below, I will consider bringing the CarryMe along. I can even use it to enter malls and shops like McDonald’s and nobody would stop me.” 

CarryMe is the perfect leisure commuting bicycle. Since it can be folded down very compactly, nobody ever stops him as the size would not cause any hindrance to anyone.

For Mr. Chua, he mentioned that he often only needs to plan for a one-way trip with his CarryMe. Since his CarryMe is so small, light, and convenient, he only needs to cycle to the destination and for return trips, he can simply use public transport like bus, MRT or taxi to travel home when he is tired. This is how Mr. Chua uses his CarryMe to rediscover Singapore.

A buying tip from Mr Chua 

“If you are looking for something small, light, convenient, and can carry around, I would highly recommend the CarryMe to you. Go on and buy it now!”. 

Indeed, the CarryMe is the world’s lightest and most compact foldable bike.

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Mr Chua: Story of a bus owner with a CarryMe foldable bike
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Mr Chua: Story of a bus owner with a CarryMe foldable bike
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