Adrian and his story with the Birdy R20


Meet Adrian, a Regional Marketing Director at an EduTech Company. He has been passionately cycling for 15 years. What drives him is his love for exploring different places for good food and an outlet to wind down from work. His first foldable bike was a gift from his wife three years ago. Since then, he saw the incredible amount of convenience a foldable bike can bring to a cyclist. This led him to consider getting a new performance folding bike when he was in search of a new bike. That is when he came across Birdy. Since then he has been to a lot of places with his new Birdy R20 and this is his story. 

Why he chose the Birdy R20?

When looking for a new bike to invest in, Adrian chanced upon the Birdy R20. 

“And that kind of tick all the boxes I was looking for”. 

The Birdy R20 is a racing model built for performance and speed. It is the lightest and fastest performance folding bicycle among all other Birdy models. Equipped with the latest Shimano 105 R7000 11-speeds derailleur, the Birdy R20 can change gear swiftly and smoothly. 

“One thing about the R20 in general (is that) you can kind of configure it into a high performance, high speed folding racing bike.”

With the Birdy R20 being highly versatile, you can get thicker tyres and it can be used as a trail bike. One of the good thing about a performance foldable bike is how it is very portable, you can fold and bring the bike along with you anywhere easily.  

On top of the benefits mentioned above, Adrian also gave his insights about the riding experience of the Birdy R20.

“The (R20 has) 3 ‘S’, it has style, speed and substance. So I really enjoy the benefits of having this bike.”

His overall experience with the Birdy R20

Many people have the misconception that they will not be able to explore many places with the Birdy R20 because of how thin the tyres are. When Adrian first got the bike, he was apprehensive about the places he can go to as well. 

Contrary to that, Adrian shared about a trip he did recently to Tuas and how well the bike adapts to different terrains and weather conditions.

“Interestingly, the tyres grip really well. I even did a trip just before my recent birthday where I rode all the way to Tuas and it was just amazing how the bike is able to cope with the different types of terrains. ”

The Birdy R20 comes with Panaracer Minits Tough 20 x 1.25” tyres. Although it is sleek, the tyres are able to grip onto flat roads and path exceptionally well. In addition, the Birdy R20 uses TRP Spyre SLC Mechanical Disc brakes. This high-grade dual-piston disc brake allows cyclists to have more control over their cycling experience.

Recommended routes for new cyclists

There are many scenic routes that you can explore while being stuck in Singapore especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the routes Adrian recommends is the path that runs from East Coast Park to Marina Bay Sands. Along this scenic route, you can drop by Gardens by the Bay and the new Apple Store to get pleasant pictures taken. At the end of the trip, you can indulge in a scrumptious meal at Satay by the Bay with your group of friends!

How to keep your bike in the tip-top condition 

The maintenance for Birdy bikes is similar to all other bikes.  To retain a longer lifespan for your bike, inflating tyres and lubricating the chain plays an important role. The general rule of thumb is to check and pump the tyres regularly to the respective PSI. For a smoother ride and to prevent tension in the chain, lubricate your chain at least once every month. 

“I would like to say that abide by the 3 rules, wash your bike, dry your bike and lubricate your bike.” 

Maintaining your bike well gives you a better overall riding experience and maximise the performance of your performance folding bicycle. Sending your bikes for regular checks and tuning also helps to enhance the performance of your bike. This is because the brake cables might loosen slightly after a few rides. Here at Mighty Velo, we offer 1 year free checks and tuning services for our valued customers.

Memorable experiences with his Birdy R20

With the unique and sleek monocoque frame, the Birdy range of foldable bikes attracts a lot of attention when you travel with it. Adrian shared with us that he was surprised to receive so much attention for his new performance foldable bike. 

“There will always be someone who will just come up to me and ask me about the bike.” 

As staffs here at Mighty Velo, we get a lot of attention too. When we bring the performance folding bike out for photoshoots,  people will walk up to us to ask about the price and the unique design of the bike. 

He recounted another memorable experience where he rode to Tanah Merah Coast Road. Halfway into the journey, he encountered a heavy thunderstorm and it was pouring heavily throughout the rest of the ride. Although the weather condition was terrible, Adrian managed to get out of the rain quickly and safely. He was impressed by the grip of the Panaracer Minits Tough tyres and found that he could rely on the bike regardless of the conditions he faces.

“That was when it really gave me a lot of confidence to say that this is the bike that can actually explore across certain condition.”

With that, Adrian ended by sharing his hope for more Birdy riders in Paris Ris to gather together and form a bigger Birdy community. He wants to explore different places and share unique experiences with more passionate cyclists!

About MV Chats

We started this series: MV Chats in light of getting our customers to share their bikes story and how their bikes represent them. In this series, we talked to many of our cyclists from different backgrounds and get their interesting perspective as a customer. Many of them also addressed their concerns and shared genuine advice for new riders who are looking to start cycling as a hobby. Stay tuned for more upcoming chats with our riders!



Adrian and his story with the Birdy R20
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Adrian and his story with the Birdy R20
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