Sam Hussain and His Speedy Reach GT

The Reach GT is the fastest packable Mini Velo in the market. It is built like a road bike, with a similar geometry and riding position. Being a packable bike, the Reach GT can be packed to a compact size in less than three minutes. This helps to make the bike more space efficient as you can store it neatly in a smaller area. The Reach GT is perfect for people looking to get a bike with a smaller footprint and a similar riding experience to a road bike.

We got to interview Sam Hussain, who is an adventurous and humble man, working as an Oil Spill Specialist. He has always actively participated in various sports over the years, including soccer and rock climbing, just to name a few. In June 2020, he began cycling with his brother. Over time, they quickly formed a small cycling group, consisting of close friends and family members. This is his story on how he uses cycling to keep fit and to bond with his loved ones.

Sam and his Bike Progression

Sam has owned a few bikes before settling down with his first Birdy City, in July 2020. He wanted to push himself to start cycling to work as his nature of work can be unpredictable. Whenever Sam gets activated, he may have to take a cab to work. By cycling to work, he can exercise on a regular basis and allow him to spend more time with his family. Hence, he bought a foldable bike since it is small and easy to keep.

As Sam and his cycling group got into serious cycling, they upgraded to a faster bike with bigger wheels. He and his brother decided to get a Reach GT of their own. In the beginning, Sam was a little hesitant about its folding style. However, after trying one out for himself, he immediately fell in love with the Reach GT.

“This is one of the best bicycles that I have personally cycled,” said Sam.

Here’s a fun fact: Many of his friends also owned a Birdy and has since upgraded to a Reach GT!

A Local Explorer

Sam usually cycles with his group around three or four times a week. They tend to begin their trip at 8.30pm and aim to end around midnight. Depending on who they are cycling with, the places they go, and the intensity of the ride will vary.

One of Sam’s favourite routes is along the eastern side of Singapore. This is because it is relatively well connected by a park connector network. He believes that the most important factor is safety.

Sam has ventured to many different places around Singapore, including to Marina Bay Sands. His cycling group has plans to test their endurance by going to Lamp Post 1 before trying the Round Island Route.

Being Responsible for his Family

“We want to come back to our family safe and to see our kids.”

Sam loves his family a lot and will make time for them. He makes sure to always have time on days where he would be home with his wife and kids. On other days, Sam will only go cycle after his three-year-old daughter has fallen asleep.

Sam hopes to be able to cycle with his family to the western side of Singapore to visit their relatives. As a succession plan, he has decided to pass on the Birdy City to his wife. His son has also recently learned how to cycle and now owns a LitePro bike of his own! Sam’s daughter is learning how to cycle as well.

Juggling between Commitment and Hobby

Having a work that is unpredictable in nature, knowing how to manage his time is of the utmost importance to him.

“It is always said that time is the most important factor in a man’s life.”

Sam recommends riders to plan out their week so they can better manage their time. He says that we have to be fair to the people around us and our commitments, allocating appropriate time for each activity.

In each cycling trip, you should plan the route, traffic, and check the weather forecast. This way, you can avoid tough situations that will disrupt the riding experience like park connector closures or unfavourable weather.

Sam tries to not let each cycling trip go beyond three to four hours, unless they intend to go far. In most cases, he would come back around midnight if he were to leave his house at 8.30pm. This ensures that he will have enough rest for work the next day.

Advice for New Cyclists

Sam emphasises on the need to follow safety measures as he is a family man himself. Ultimately, he would want to return to his wife and children safely. Sam never leaves for a cycling trip without his helmet and lights. His cycling group will also try to cycle on park connectors instead of on the roads.

Sam also recommends not to cycle alone and try to always be with a cycling buddy. This is so that they can support and help one another throughout the ride, ensuring safety along the way. Having said so, Sam and his cycling group have always been responsible and respected the safe distancing measures while cycling.

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Sam Hussain and His Speedy Reach GT
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Sam is the fourth customer to be featured in our new series, MV Chats. He ventures to various places around Singapore with his fast and speedy Reach GT!
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