Being a Digital Marketing Content Intern here at Mighty Velo

“Ok, so Darryl will be hosting the new City Unboxing Video”…

… these words will be etched in my mind for years to come. It was only the FIRST DAY of my digital marketing internship at Mighty Velo, and I was tasked to host a video already! Looking back, this journey of mine proved fruitful as I honed several soft skills such as teamwork, communication, adaptability, and time management. This instilled patience in me and I found great camaraderie with the peers I worked with. But before we carry on with my marketing experience at Mighty Velo, allow me to introduce myself.

I am Darryl, a Nanyang Technological University undergraduate from the School of Business, and I am here to share my experience as a Digital Marketing Content Intern at Mighty Velo (MV).


What attracted me to Mighty Velo

What drew me to MV was their high activity levels on social media platforms, reflecting the level of engagement this organisation has with its clients and the public audience. By doing so, MV can stay relevant in the industry and keep its audience up to date with its latest news and products. MV also produces quality digital content on its social media daily, differentiating them from many other firms that I applied for, which were less consistent in their content and engagement levels. We have 3 different social media profiles for the different target audiences. Our main profile – Mighty Velo, serves as a lifestyle page where you can find attractive snapshots and short videos of the interns coupled with the bikes that we carry. On the other hand, BirdyBicycle and PacificCarryMe are more technical and showcase only the bikes in full view.

Mighty Velo - Digital Marketing Content Intern, Darryl

My Internship Experience Here

Without further ado, let me dive into my experience as a Digital Marketing Content Intern in Mighty Velo. I was selected to host an unboxing video of the Birdy City right off the bat. This first task proved challenging for me, as I had little to no knowledge about bicycles and their various components before my tenure with MV. Not only did this unboxing video broaden my knowledge of the Birdy City and its diverse range of accessories, but it also allowed me to break out of my comfort zone. Venturing out of your sanctuary might be a daunting task to most, but what makes us continue to do so? Personally, it is the thrill and excitement of learning something new that keeps me moving forward each time.

Just shortly after, I was given the opportunity to host a Facebook LIVE! This experience was a real eye-opener as I had never done one of these LIVE videos before my time here at MV. In fact, the closest I have ever been to this experience was a normal face-to-face class presentation that many of us would have experienced in school. I can confidently say that there aren’t many internships out there that provide such opportunities for their interns. Mighty Velo takes care of its interns and provides us with countless opportunities to grow and gain experience unavailable elsewhere.

Mighty Velo - Digital Content Marketing Intern, Social Media, New Experience, Darryl


My Favourite Part Of MV Internship

You should know by now that Mighty Velo is not an ordinary bicycle shop, nor a traditional marketing firm. Its workplace culture instills an abundance of energy and fun in our daily activities. My job scope is not desk-bound, as I would make day trips for bicycle photoshoots and film sessions with my fellow interns. For instance, our content creation team came up with several ideas for our YouTube channel. We spearheaded a new YouTube series, “Seeing SG on 2 Wheels”, showcasing our adventures. For each video, the content team and I devised several challenges to embark on as a pair, and we had a lot of FUN carrying out these activities. The pairings are always changing to ensure a good mix of content and character in each team. Despite our diverse mix of age groups and personalities, we established a sense of camaraderie together.


Other Responsibilities as an Intern

In addition to the outdoor activities and filming sessions, I also designed several posts for the company’s social media page. I utilised software such as Canva and WordPress to craft innovative content for the company. We are given free reign to design and generate digital content for the company’s social media. This provides us with the freedom to explore various styles and get creative. This way, we interns can learn from one another and adopt a style that best suits us. This is also beneficial for Mighty Velo as it brings fresh and modern ideas to the company.


What Are We Looking For?

Here are some qualities that we look out for in aspiring interns and full-timers in Mighty Velo.

  1. Leadership
  2. Resilience
  3. Responsibility
  4. Boldness
  5. Support

Leadership – We encourage everyone to take the initiative to lead, and have a voice of their own in the company.

Resilience – Like any organisation, we face adversity regularly and work out solutions together as a team.

Responsibility – We hold ourselves accountable for our tasks as we strive to deliver results to our best effort.

Boldness – One must have the courage to explore and try new ideas, adapting and staying ahead of the curve.

Support – Our recipe for success is to bolster the camaraderie among interns and have them rely on one another.

You might be thinking, “what if I do not possess all of these traits?”. Fret not, for this is what the internship/work experience is for. MV is supportive of every individual’s ideas and provides ample opportunities for everyone to grow. The co-founders will delegate tasks of increasing difficulty as they nurture and equip you with relevant skills for the workforce. 

Mighty Velo - Darryl

A word of advice? Don’t be afraid to try new things, because you wouldn’t know until you try.


Why Does MV Want Interns?

Having interns would mean an endless pursuit of sourcing for hardworking and talented individuals to be a part of the Mighty Velo family. So why are they still looking out for interns? Co-founder Ms Vivian values the presence of young and energetic interns that would transform the workplace into a chirpier and goofier one. Ms Vivian believes that she too can stand to gain by learning about the latest trends and lingos that are popular among the younger generation. This is why I would describe the MV office to be a classroom where everyone can contribute ideas freely. We experiment and provide constructive feedback with an open mind. This enables us to learn from everyone’s mistakes and methods to succeed.

Ms Vivian describes each journey with her batch of interns as rewarding, especially when her interns apply whatever they learned here in their future careers. Some of the previous interns have become entrepreneurs on their own, and it is gratifying to see her efforts pay off. I appreciate the earnest teachings of MV co-founders Ms Vivian and Mr Steven. They truly believe that we can surpass our limits and will give credit where credit is due.

Moving forward, Mighty Velo will continue to adopt this approach and source for the right mix of interns and full-timers. Candidates who are fresh out of tertiary education or studying are welcomed to apply at [email protected]. Do not miss out on this opportunity to learn something new every day!


About Us

Mighty Velo is more than just a simple bicycle company. We provide our employees with endless opportunities to grow, try new things and gain new experiences with our family. It is also the perfect place for you to discover your talents and maximise your potential!

This extends to our customer service as well as Mighty Velo does not sell bicycles only. We take pride in maintaining good relationships with our valued customers along the way. Kindly follow us on our social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram for our latest updates and content!

Being a Digital Marketing Content Intern here at Mighty Velo
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Being a Digital Marketing Content Intern here at Mighty Velo
I am Darryl, a Nanyang Technological University undergraduate interning as a Digital Marketing Content Intern at Mighty Velo to gain experience.
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